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5 Potential Problems You Can Encounter With Your Internet



Although modern technology has equipped users with advanced functionalities, maintenance of almost everything from software to computer hardware devices has become a norm. Sudden internet slowdowns are frustrating.

Not only does it hamper your smooth workflow, but you need to be involved in the chore of identifying what’s causing the issue.

Before moving forward to understand the type of network problems and workaround methods, let’s first understand what it is all about.

What Are Network Problems?

What Are Network Problems?

Have you ever experienced slow application performance, interrupted videos, buffering downloads, or unstable internet connection.

When you are not able to perform day-to-day tasks for which you need access to the internet, the chances are that the network is at fault.

In most cases, users find difficulty downloading apps, accessing ERP applications, attending VoIP calls, and having similar issues. Sometimes, it is the result of broken hardware devices such as switches, routers, and modems.

In addition to this, issues like firewall malfunctioning, inappropriate app configuration, and unexpected bandwidth patterns are causing potential problems.

Let’s now move to the common network-related potential problems that you face frequently to understand why they happen.

Thankfully, sites like test my speed allow you to conduct an internet speed test, which is the definitive way to test the speed and quality of your internet connection from your current internet service provider.

1. Poor Wi-Fi Signal

And keep in mind that it is not just a poor Wi-Fi signal. You could end up in a situation when your device is not connecting to the internet, period.

The problem may occur due to faulty network devices. Bad configuration can be one among many reasons that prevent the network from working properly.

This is one of the most common network issues that sometimes have nothing to do with the network. Well, it is the modem or the router that is creating the potential problems, so try resetting them to resolve the issue. Unplug both the devices, turn them off for 30 seconds, restart and plug them back in to check if they work. If the problem persists, you may need to shop around for a new internet connection, and make use of resources like www.bestsatelliteoptions.com to help you find the best option possible so that you can use the internet confidently. 

2. Duplicate IP Address

Duplicate IP Address

When two or more devices are trying to use a single IP address, you may notice an error message on the screen indicating that the specified address is already in use.

When the error message appears, access to the internet is not granted. To prevent IP conflicts, it is recommended to access the router configuration and modify the same.

The DHCP might be trying to assign the address in the initial part of the subnet while it must assign a DHCP address towards the end of the subnet.

Setting up the right configuration can be way too technical for you if you are not a pro user. In this case, contact your ISP to discuss the problem and the method to fix it.

3. High CPU Usage

Your network may have bogged down with a huge volume of traffic which resulted in maximizing the CPU usage. It usually happens when large network packets are in transmission or the CPU processes take more time to execute. Retrieving information on accurate usage of the CPU is sometimes challenging.

In this case, it is recommended to limit the CPU processes to prevent any network jeopardy. Several automated CPU monitoring tools can help detect the traffic loads, which can further prevent the network from overburdening.

Well, this is usually common in organizations, and home users may not experience it often.

4. DNS Potential Problems

DNS configuration issues are common and appear suddenly to interrupt the internet performance. In this case, you face error messages such as “DNS name does not exist”, “IP address could not be found”, and “the network path cannot be found”. To view the DNS settings, you may try nslookup, the command-line utility.

It usually happens when the local router is configured to work as a DNS Server. This results in overloading the network handling capabilities of routers and leads to network slowdown. To resolve this, modify the DHCP settings to access the DNS Server straightaway.

5. Unstable Network

Unstable Network

Wireless interference is common, particularly when you are trying to surf the web from a distance from the router.

If you are someone involved in professional areas such as a backend developer, graphic designer, programmer, or writer, you will need uninterrupted access to the internet. You can move the router near to the work desk to improve the network speed.

It may sound weird, but household items like a microwave, refrigerator, cordless landline phones, or other gadgets can weaken the network, interrupting it abruptly.

So, make sure you do not have any such equipment around when you are working and try to set up your workplace away from these devices.

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The Conclusion

Sometimes you can’t afford to waste your valuable time in identifying and resolving network errors. In most cases, it’s the loss of time, productivity, resources, and sometimes reputation, particularly when you are working on an urgent project.

Make sure to take a tour of your computer and optimize it often, as this may help avoid such errors. When the problem is with the network devices, you should contact your internet service provider for immediate resolution.

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