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The popularity of remote work had been on a constant increase for a while now and for a lot of reasons. But in the times of COVID-19, remote work has become less of a privilege and more a necessity. Companies that never introduced remote work now have to make the switch and make it happen fast. Without any prior preparation, it can be truly difficult.

Fortunately, there are many existing software programs out there that have got the work-from-home transition covered already, and there are plenty of options to choose from. The only thing to do now is to make the right decision. Here we present everything that you need to succeed in adapting to the new conditions.

The advantages of remote work software

When using remote work software, the process of working on a project or task can be controlled in a way that has never been possible before. Though it may seem that the idea of employees working from home can be risky from the perspective of an employer, having the right remote work software helps keep all employees on track. What is more, proper and reliable software, coupled with strong, reliable internet thanks to something like these Spectrum internet plans, will make your team’s remote work more time-efficient and effective. How?

Google Drive – a cloud-based storage solution

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows companies to transfer all the operations of the company to the online sector. Google Drive offers a wide, powerful set of office tools. One can upload files and create spreadsheets, slides, and other documents – everything while connected to the online platform. The team manager has the power, among other things, to track the edits in real-time, accept and reject suggestions made in the documents, and tag team members when and where necessary.

LiveWebinar – cloud-based webinar platform

The best platform for hosting webinars is without a doubt Live Webinar. LiveWebinar is not a simple webinar platform – it offers a lot more. It is a cloud-based solution that has many capabilities and is not limited only to hosting webinars, but also is great for organizing a meeting or training for your team. On the Live Webinar platform, you can analyze attendants’ engagement during the meeting and view reports regarding that topic, share documents and presentations, broadcast to social media (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and so on), record the meetings, easily integrate the webinar with your own website and more. The LiveWebinar system is also useful when it comes to creating e-mail marketing lists. With the premium subscription, you have full, unlimited customization – letting you add and remove features as needed and brand your webinars with your company’s visuals and colors. LiveWebinar guarantees clear HD quality.

One of the best things about LiveWebinar is that it is easy to access. It is a software that works without requiring any downloads or installations. It works on a wide range of devices, browsers, and operation systems – from Windows through Android, Apple, and Linux. It can be launched on your computer, tablet, smartphone, and even on your Smart TV. When it comes to browsers, you can use Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Yandex.

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