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How TO Build & Cultivate A Strong & Cohesive Company Culture

published on: 18.05.2023 last updated on: 23.05.2023

Whether you run a small, local business with several trusted and loyal members of staff or else a larger company with hundreds of employees, their emotional health and well-being at work should be of the highest priority. So, with this in mind, here is how to build and cultivate a strong and cohesive company culture.

Conduct A Thorough Evaluation

First and foremost, to improve your company culture, you need to be aware of the current strengths, and, conversely, present weaknesses. The best way to begin is to check that your core company values are reflected in how you run your business.

Consider whether employees across each department seem and feel energized and valued by their immediate managers and whether they are aware of the goals they are currently working towards and the company’s overall objectives.

Moreover, once you identify how the business can improve the general company culture, a shrewd manager should use a section of their employees’ one-to-one meetings as sounding boards to try new ways of driving the company forward.

Offer Bespoke & Engaging Incentive Programs

Engaging Incentive Programs

Offering bespoke and engaging incentive programs for employees is one of the most common and effective methods of cultivating a strong culture within your business. Moreover, it will positively affect employee retention rates across the proverbial board.

Examples of proven-to-be effective incentive programs include:

  • A Points-Based Recognition Program
  • Referral Programs
  • Tuition Reimbursements
  • Optional Lectures from Guest Speakers
  • Entertaining Gifts
  • Internal Hiring Opportunities

Introduce In-House Internal Hiring Opportunities

The next time a position becomes vacant, or indeed soon-to-be vacant, within your business, instead of automatically encouraging your human resources department to advertise for an external hire, trust your team and hire internally instead.

Not only will hiring internally instill a level of confidence and trust in your current workforce, which will, in turn, earn their respect and loyalty back to you, but it will also save you money and valuable time by not wasting time hiring candidates you know nothing about.

Additionally, internal hiring will allow your current employees the opportunity to grow and improve their skills, even assisting them in climbing the ladder of command within the company.


Consider Job Enlargement

Job Enlargement

Finally, another popular and truly effective method of drastically improving the culture within your company is to consider initiating the process of job enlargement.

Expanding the number and intricate responsibilities of several or more individual roles within the business will broaden the knowledge base of employees and make them more valuable to the company.

It would also be more than pertinent to point out that, having successfully launched the myriad new opportunities for employees to progress and help contribute to a more positive working culture, you must ensure such development opportunities are known.

If your business has a cohesive intranet that is accessible to all, promoting said opportunities through the intranet would ensure that every single staff member has access to what you are offering, once again strengthening cohesion.

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