5 Surprising Businesses That Can Benefit From Using The Cloud

published on: 22.11.2023 last updated on: 23.02.2024

When you think of the types of businesses that utilize the cloud, you probably think of IT companies and other technologically driven organizations. You might think of healthcare clinics and even schools, especially if you have kids who are completing assignments online.

It’s true that these kinds of companies utilize the cloud with great success, but there are plenty of benefits to using the cloud, especially for types of businesses you may not expect like:

  • The Automotive Industry
  • Insurance Services
  • Real Estate
  • Attorneys
  • Nonprofit Organizations

The Automotive Industry

A lot more goes on in automotive shops than just fixing cars. That’s especially true for dealerships that rely on data that is constantly available. The cloud makes it all easier for those who work in the automotive industry.

The cloud enables automakers to monitor vehicle performance and predict maintenance needs, as well as analyze large chunks of data to enhance performance, safety, and fuel economy. Dealerships are able to search inventories instantly and access additional information about vehicles in real time, increasing the odds of making a sale. Repair shops can utilize the cloud to store important vehicle information and even customer information.

Not to mention, the cloud is what is inching us closer and closer to a world of self-driving cars.

Insurance Services

Insurance companies are increasingly turning to the cloud for a number of reasons including the ability to offer a better customer experience. Insurance companies are able to process claims much more quickly when utilizing cloud-based analytics and machine learning tools. Underwriting policies and assessing risks is easier too, which leads to faster and more accurate decisions. Call centers can utilize the cloud with chatbots and self-service options can be accessed so customers can get their questions answered without having to wait on hold.

Of course, the insurance industry also benefits from the increased security the cloud offers. Insurers can also take advantage of the ability to scale quickly, especially after a natural disaster occurs, which means claims can be processed more quickly.

Real Estate

Real estate agents need access to a lot of information. It’s important to keep an eye on personal listings while also keeping tabs on new listings in your area. Not to mention, real estate agents do a lot of marketing.

The cloud can help with that! It enables real estate agents to map customer journeys and keep communication consistent, which is great for marketing purposes and closing deals. It offers instant accessibility anywhere in the world, as well as giving real estate agents the ability to analyze data to help clients make more informed buying decisions.


There’s no doubt that attorneys have a lot of information to keep track of. Most of it is confidential, but that’s no reason not to use the cloud. It turns out that with all of the security features available with cloud computing, it can be the ideal solution for attorneys.

Confidential computing is offered by some cloud providers. While most providers offer encryption services that keep data at rest and in transit safe, confidential computing eliminates the vulnerabilities that are associated with data that is in use. Sensitive information is protected, even if you’re in the midst of accessing it.

That means attorneys and other legal professionals can store and retrieve large amounts of data without having to worry about any of that data being compromised.

Nonprofit Organizations

When you think of nonprofits, you probably think of strappy organizations that figure out how to do the most good with the least resources. Although this can be true of a nonprofit that’s just getting started, most realize pretty quickly that they need some help. The cloud can provide them with the help they need.

Some cloud providers offer special options, especially for nonprofits that offer the services they need at a price point they can afford.

The biggest benefit of using the cloud is the fact that it enables nonprofits to keep up with the latest technology. They can use the cloud to keep on top of their volunteer management rotas and hours, attract and retain donors, engage audiences, and coordinate the ability to deliver powerful programs securely without the costs and hassle associated with updating IT equipment every few years.

The cloud isn’t just for technology-based companies anymore! It has the ability to help a wide range of companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on serving customers, you need access to large amounts of information in an instant, or you’re worried about security; these companies prove that there’s a cloud computing solution that’s right for everyone.

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