Congratulation Jungkook

Congratulation Jungkook Trends: “3D” Album Wins Hearts & Charts

The BTS Army has gone gung-ho in making congratulation Jungkook a social media trend. The Army started taking over social media after the singer’s “3D” album bagged the numero uno spot on ‘M! Countdown.’

Mnet’s M! Countdown is a well-known show for K-music. Fans were thrilled when Jungkook’s 3D album, featuring Jack Harlow, bagged the title after just four days of its release. Also, fans see this as a huge achievement for the BTS singer.

This week, M! Countdown’s theme was based on “highlight special.” Further, there was a stiff tug-of-war between IVE and Jungkook. 

However, after a bit of adrenaline rush, Jungkook’s 3D won the competition. 

This win has added another feather to the laurel of Jungkook. He now has the record of the “highest number of music show wins in 2023.” He shares his “title of the second act” with (G)I-DLE. Each has 13 wins.

Anticipations were already high when Jungkook decided to perform his “3D” on popular Korean music shows. So, when the win came, fans were ecstatic and flooded the X platform with #congratulationsJungkook. 

The best thing about this latest K-music album from Jungkook is that it is a winner of hearts and charts at the same time. In the USA, a whopping 100,000 copies have been sold. This number just proves how the album has created a ripple globally.

So, what makes 3D unique musically? It is the perfect fusion of R&B and pop music. Also, it’s an impeccable blend of Jungkook’s soulful singing and the rap style of Jack Harlow. 

Visually, the album is very appealing, and it once again proves Jung Kook’s versatility. He danced in the rain, and especially his encounter with Jack Harlow in the game of chess grabbed everyone’s attention.

Jungkook’s win has become much beyond his personal achievement. With the congratulation Jungkook trend, It is like a celebration for the entire BTS army, which stands by the endeavors of its favorite singer.

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