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6 Ways Custom Shirt Printing Can Benefit Your Business



Many businesses utilized printed shirts some decades ago, long before digital marketing came into play. Printed shirts held efficacy and power in brand awareness, advertisements, and customer loyalty.

They were often used as giveaways and promotional tools. They still serve the same purpose today, but they now come with more value and are used in diverse and creative ways.

Whether you’re a startup, a medium-sized company, or a large corporation, using custom printed shirts can do wonders for your business. It’s a surefire way to carry and raise awareness of your brand.

Here are some ways that custom shirt printing can yield positive results for your business:

1. Effective Form Of Marketing

Having a company like Mato & Hash print your brand logo on T-shirts still works as one of the most critical marketing strategies. This isn’t a new form of marketing. In fact, it’s one of the old but gold marketing strategies that doesn’t break the bank.

Having people wearing your custom shirt is as powerful as using printed ads, billboards, and TV advertisements, as it’s a creative way to increase exposure.

A printed shirt carries your company logo or brand message, so it’s best to avoid vague symbols and ensure accurate information about your business.

You can create your own design or avail of T-shirt printing services available at websites like

When coming up with a design, make sure that the text is readable and bold to capture the attention of your audience.

But don’t make it too big since it might affect the wearer’s comfort. Large text can make a lightweight shirt less breathable.

You can play with fonts, images, and colors too. Be sure to choose the font wisely, as it conveys a message about your company.

For instance, if you want to achieve a professional look, stay away from Comic Sans. See to it that the image you include on the shirt is of high print quality. Feel free to pick any color, but be careful with it.

Adding more than one color may cost more, so you’ll have to consider your budget when deciding on a color. You can go with a solid shade like blue or black.

2. Celebration Of Business Events

Celebration Of Business Events

Team shirts are an excellent way to honor the achievements or celebrate your team’s events. For instance, your staff might be holding a team-building event or hosting your company’s founding anniversary.

A custom shirt can be a great way to commemorate a special day like this. It’s also perfect for any event where the entire team participates, such as fundraisers and charities.

Even after the event is over, your employees can continue wearing the shirt, spreading your message and company value.

3. Cost-Effective Way To Publicize

There are pillars of marketing that can transform your business. And creating your company’s brand profile or products through custom shirt printing is believed to be an effective method of building customer awareness.

Logos and company information should be printed on shirts to enhance publicity. This is a more cost-effective way of promoting than other means of marketing and advertisement avenues and mediums, such as TV ads.

With less to spend, you can successfully spread your company’s message and increase brand exposure.

4. Company Uniforms

Uniform T-shirts worn by employees can have a positive effect on a company. Many organizations use T-shirts as casual uniforms for their employees.

Whether you intend to have dress down or casual days, a uniform shirt is a perfect workwear to promote teamwork and unity.

When your employees wear your company shirts as uniform, they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Besides, T-shirts are ideal for everyday wear and suitable for warm seasons like summer. Their sleeves are short and made of cotton material. They come in different sizes as well, such as plus size and petite.

People, like customers, vendors, and business partners, will be able to recognize your staff wearing custom shirts. They will think of your brand and what it stands for.

5. Recognition

One way to keep your brand more recognizable than your competitors is through custom shirts.

Many companies attend trade shows or industry events, but many of them may offer similar products or services.

So, to stand out and attract customers, have your staff wear custom shirts or give away shirts to customers.

The people who wear them will spread the word about your brand and help bring in new business opportunities in the future.

6. Merchandise Products

Merchandise Products

Creating your own T-shirt is a great way to express your creativity. And in a business sense, it can be an effective strategy to generate profits.

If you come up with a beautiful and unique shirt as a merchandise item, many people will want to buy and wear it.

It’s common for people to purchase T-shirts from companies that they respect and adore.

With something as simple as a custom shirt, you can create a positive lasting relationship with your customers and get people to remember your brand.

To make a custom shirt that will sell, ensure that the design considers key aspects, such as print size, font, color, composition, and contrast. Composition refers to the arrangement of elements.

Without composition, you won’t be able to develop an impressive design. One common mistake people make when designing a shirt is having elements that are gathered too close to each other or spaced apart. Another mistake is a design that lacks balance, making people look at the wrong place.

Contrast is related to color. It pertains to the way shades of colors are compatible with each other.

For instance, high-contrast designs, such as custom shirts with bright colors on a dark background, are more appealing since they’re easier to read.

But if you want something subtle, you can go for low-contrast designs. Make sure to avoid common contrast mistakes, such as light gray ink on sport gray shirts, ice gray ink on white shirts, and navy on black shirts.

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Custom shirt printing is a strong marketing strategy that you can use when you’re starting a new business or expanding one.

A custom shirt isn’t just an opportunity to express your creativity but also an economical and smart approach to boost your company’s brand awareness and grow your customer base.

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