Customer-Oriented Ways to Grow Your E-commerce Revenue

published on: 06.05.2019 last updated on: 26.09.2019

The main purpose of an e-commerce business is to generate revenues but with the increasing competition in every market and rising operating costs, e-commerce business owners need to grow revenue for stability by applying different tactics. In order to grow e-commerce revenue, your customers want to feel valued along with captivating website experience. Let’s discuss revenue-growth strategies for e-commerce business growth:

Customer-Oriented Ways to Grow Your E-commerce Revenue:

1. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing

In today’s age of e-commerce, the importance of content marketing cannot be overemphasized. It is the best form of organic marketing to attract potential customers and fans. Online buyers mostly tend to research first before making a buying decision, so investing in content marketing is a wise idea as they might pay attention to what people have to say regarding a particular brand.

2. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cheap and effective marketing technique to engage existing customers and increase revenue. There are numerous similar offers in one’s email but you need to stand out from the crowd by offering different deals on products or services every now and then.

Systematize your email marketing campaign whenever visitor signup for updates on the website or downloads something from the website to give a personalized message to the visitors. Personalization pays off real quick and it retains customers for a longer period of time. Make it a habit to keep your customers engaged by sending periodic emails reminding them that you still exist through catchy taglines and sending offers on every occasion.

3. Easy Checkout Process:

The easy and quick checkout process is key to get a customer to the finish line and complete their buying process. There are several ways to get a customer cross the finish line by:

  • Providing an easy form for shipment and billing information keep the customer tied up
  • Automatically logging in returning clients, determining least expensive shipping options and determining credit card type by first few numbers
  • Keep an option of ‘Guest Purchase’ as the majority of visitors leave their cart full without checking out upon asking for signup

4. Automate Personalized And Public Holidays And Occasions:

Availing a special personalized discount offer makes a customer loyalty towards your brand and they may purchase later as well. Offering a small token on occasions and milestones can help you better bond with your brand.

5. Catchy Name And Descriptions:

Create a catchy and appealing product/service name and add a product description that features all the benefits of the product/service that even a layman can understand. Don’t forget to add the personalized touch of the brand in the content.

6. Marketing From Various Channels:

Reaching out to your customers through different mediums keeps them engaged. Apart from an online medium like emails try targeting your customers through offline channels, for example, sending emails like postcards and SMS messages. Opt for a personalized SMS messaging service to your customers and increase their loyalty and engagement with the brand.

7. Giveaways And Contests On Social Media Platforms:

Social Media PlatformsPeople of all ages like a chance at free stuff. Make that the giveaways you are giving are relevant to the brand that attracts interested customers. Apart from occasional giveaways, running a contest on all your social media channels confirms rapid seizing of new leads and contact details.

8. Add Reviews And Appraisals For The Brand:

Negative reviews can help online businesses help achieve sales goals and customer attention in a short span of time. Negative reviews add authenticity as readers believe mix reviews and they are not hiding anything from the public. Use those negative reviews to showcase your customer service skills and handling their aggression and converting them into potential buyers. Answer a negative review in a calm and thoughtful manner and try to turn it into a satisfied customer.

9. Social Media Ad Campaign:

Social media is the best way to capture new clients and engage existing clients with your brand. Create highly targeted social media ad campaigns and try to convert new clients into frequent buyers. Use an automated tool to target customers like Vantage.

10. Easy to Understand Website Design:

Website Design

Make your online store design easy-to-understand with perfect navigation for the visitor so that you do not lose any customer. An online store that lacks design sense may lose customers. Even if you have rectified design mistakes there is still things remaining for you to look after like correct product segmentation and balance between visuals and font etc. it is important to look for the best e-commerce website design before finalizing one for your brand because a lack of design sense can cost you a lot. Logo Design Legend is a platform that provides e-commerce solutions for your brand. Their packages are cost-effective and they ensure services that not only stands out but also fulfills all the requirements.

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