Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?



Does Instagram notify when you screenshot? A tempting question really, no? To be honest, Instagram doesn’t send any notifications of screenshots on posts, reels, or stories. But Instagram only notifies the users when a screenshot has been taken on disappearing messages in a direct message thread.

With almost 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the big shots among the social platforms.

Millions of people are sharing their thoughts, images, videos, opinions, arts, or whatever they want. It is not just an entertaining social channel anymore, but Instagram has become pretty useful nowadays. Not only sharing stories, but people also share important messages, tutorials, guides, etc. 

You can see your favorite person or celebrities posting something that made your day happy, or you might come across some wonderful cooking recipe that you would definitely love to try once. You might be a health freak and you might follow some world-class health trainer whose new exercise videos you want to keep on your playlist. 

Sometimes we all see some posts on Instagram and like them very much, but the drawback is that we cannot easily download or save them on our device as we can do on Facebook. So what’s the solution? How is it possible to save some good posts that we encounter on Instagram?

The screenshot is the answer. We can simply screenshot those posts, stories that we loved and keep it saved on our device. But is it that simple? Or Instagram tracks this activity and sends a notification to the other users about the screenshot on his posts?

In Feb 2018 Instagram came up with a new feature on screenshots. Instagram was testing a feature that used to send notifications to the users when someone else takes a screenshot of their story. But it is an obsolete practice now. This feature didn’t last longer than June 2018. 

Since then there is no such feature that can notify the users about the screenshots taken on their posts or stories. Instagram users are now free to save their favorite posts in just one click. 

But is it all? Or there is something that you should know about the Instagram screenshot notification feature. Instagram still has a feature that notifies a user about a screenshot. And that is related to the direct message thread. Instagram sends notifications to the users when someone screenshots a disappearing message in a personal message thread. 

Does Instagram Send Notification For Screenshots Of Posts?

Although you might hear it from somebody, there is no need to get stressed. Instagram doesn’t have such features. It never sends any notification to the user you have taken the screenshots of. 

If you are eager to know whether Instagram can send you a notification if somebody tries to take screenshots of your posts, photos, or videos, then the answer is a straight no. You cannot know it. 

The regular photos, videos that you see on the feed, it might be of someone from your following list or even might be outside of it. You can take a screenshot with zero botheration. 

The same thing goes for the screen recording as well. You can see a lot of videos on Instagram. They might be some funny one, or a serious topic, or even a tutorial, you might want to save that video to watch it later on. 

If your device supports the feature of screen recording, then you can easily use this feature to save your favorite videos from Instagram without getting caught.

When Does Instagram Notify A Screenshot?

Instagram usually doesn’t send any notification when you screenshot a post, story, or reel. But it does notify the users about the screenshots on disappearing messages in the direct message thread. 

When someone screenshot a disappearing message you have sent him/her, then Instagram will notify you with a small hatched circle beside it. 

In other ways, you can also see a notification in your main conversation list where you will see a “screenshot” written just below the conversation where the screenshot has been taken. 

This is the only sector where Instagram will notify you about the screenshot and nowhere else. So, keep on saving your favorite posts on Instagram with the screenshot facility, but make sure not to misuse someone’s private content. 

What Is A Disappearing Message On Instagram?

A disappearing message is the one that you send to another person using your camera roll. You can either send a photo or video to someone on Instagram which is already saved on your device. Or you can also send one from a direct camera roll in your chat. This is called a disappearing message.

These messages are called like this due to certain reasons. When you send someone a disappearing message, the receiver can only see it once or twice, if you have selected the replay option. After that these messages disappear and the user cannot see them anymore.

Conclusion –

So, if you were not aware of the matter if Instagram Notify When You Screenshot, now you know the answer. Instagram notifies the users when someone screenshots their disappearing messages.

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