Facebook Helped A Multilingual Vacation Website Reach Six Figures In Year 1

published on: 14.06.2018 last updated on: 30.11.2021

Most people have not fully understood the ability that Facebook has when it comes to boosting your income. Did you know that this is the most powerful social media marketing tool irrespective of your Industry? In this article, we will be looking at how Facebook helped a multi-lingual vacation website reach six figures within one year.

This is a true-life story that you can learn from. The experience will be able to help you to make good use of your Facebook page to make six figures.

Kabin used multi-language social media competitions to bring in US$165,000 in its first year of running as a vacation rental business.

This is a success story from a vacation rental company targeting the multilingual market of Canada. Kabin is a vacation company offering cabins to rent for short or long term stays in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada where both French and English are prevalent. Once the company designed its website using the Lodgify vacation rental software, they had a challenge. That challenge was how to reach out to their target market in which Social Media played a big part.

One of the laws in Quebec is that all websites or businesses must include the French language on the website’s services. This meant that any social media campaign needed to target both French and English-speaking citizens. Using a Lodgify website was the obvious answer. The company analyzed all the options that it had before deciding to go for Lodgify.

Lodgify vacation rental software integrates multi-lingual website options as well as the option to add social media icons that lead to social media web pages relevant to the language on the page the user is reading. Therefore, the French social media page was accessible from the French language pages, and the English version of the social media page accessible from the English page.

Facebook Helped a Multilingual Vacation Website Reach Six Figures in Year 1

This was just the first step in using social media to bringing success to Kabin:

The owners of the cabin knew that they had a prime location to attract potential visitors to their cabin offerings. It is situated in Mount Sutton; a place well-known for its skiing and sublime nature. The company already had a website from Lodgify that could handle bookings, multiple calendars syncing from other places they had listed their cabins such as Airbnb. The brand took advantage of its strategic position in the market to get to its target audience.

Now the challenge was to get the word out there. This came in the form of a Facebook competition in two languages. Thanks to Facebook because it supports multiple languages. Very few people have been taking this opportunity to get to a broad range of people.

Using Social Media to get their first booking and build on this:

Due to the fact that the Cabin staff was all well acquainted with Facebook as habitual users themselves, the decision was to create a social buzz using Facebook as their platform.

The Kabin team created a social media campaign on Facebook using the location of Mount Sutton and skiing to gain people’s interest – this location is always going to sell itself, it is just getting people to know that Kabin is an option to stay. The strategy was quite ideal in marketing the business on the market.

Now the only challenge was to get people to want to interact with Kabin. This was done by creating a competition that meant people could “Win a dream vacation in the Kabin situated in the popular ski destination of Mount Sutton

Using paid ads and specific target markets, the goal was to not only stir buzz but to get people to also like their Facebook page so future posts would appear for free on these people’s timelines. Going for these ads is very important because it will always give you the value for your investment.

The results speak for themselves:

As the competition was so successful and the buzz created via social media was incredible, the company netted US$165,000 in their first year of operation. Two years on and there are now 17,000+ Facebook fans and over 40,000 participants.

With so many people seeing the posts that Kabin is creating on their Facebook timelines, the company is always busy with new bookings. Plus, the added bonus is that many of these people share the posts created, which encourages an increase in likes. These likes and shares are free – although initially, the company had to make an investment into Facebook ads, for the most part, those that have already liked the page and those sharing the posts are effectively free advertising.

The Facebook campaign is well managed and well planned. Anniversary events, news announcements, and the more interesting information are always circulated on the social media page to keep the social media buzz alive and to keep reminding people that the Kabin brand is always there should they be planning a vacation trip away any time soon or in the future.

With the combination of Lodgify’s excellent vacation rental website software as well as great banding and social media campaigning, Kabin is now a success story in Canada building a name for itself that is there to stay. This is an excellent strategy that all entrepreneurs can learn from. However, be keen to choose a strategy that will work for your industry.


From this story, you may have discovered that you have been sleeping on your potential. Facebook is one of the platforms that will help you take your brand to the next level. It has the largest number of followers and your duty is to attract as many as possible. You can segment your target audience so as to narrow down to certain demographic attributes.

This will make sure that you attract the following that will be interested in your products. Your primary responsibility will be to create a user-friendly interface that will increase the conversion rate to even hit six figures. You also need to link the Facebook page to your homepage. The potential of Facebook fully lies in your hands.


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