how do you know if someone blocked you on Snapchat

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?



Snapchat became so popular among young people because unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t have public profiles. On Snapchat, you are able to send messages and pictures privately. None of the content can be made public. 

Blocking someone or unfriending someone is very common for this generation, in the blink of an eye, you can unfriend someone at any point. 

There are a lot of reasons why you unfriend someone or even block someone. 

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Snapchat?

It’s quite normal to get blocked by someone on Snapchat. Due to the anonymity of social media, certain actions like these are not something unnatural. Just because you got blocked doesn’t mean you need to worry about anything. 

But if the person who blocked is not someone random, rather a friend or family member, then that’s an issue for another time. 

But how do u know if someone blocked you on Snapchat, you are on your own, Snapchat is not gonna tell you. 

Keep in mind, that a deleted account and the one blocking you would look the same, and behave the same way. There is always a way to determine whether an account is just deleted or not visible to you only. 

Let’s scroll down and find out how do you know if someone blocked u on Snapchat.

1. Check Your Contact List On Snapchat

Check Your Contact List On Snapchat

One of the easiest ways to know whether you got blocked by someone or not is to check your friend’s list. If they were on the list before, but you cannot see that person anymore, then maybe they blocked you. 

Or maybe you somehow got removed from the list, so make sure to check properly. Search them again on Snapchat if you see them, then add them again to your list. 

The easiest way is to ask them directly about it if you know them well. If not a good friend, then who cares whether they are on your list or not. It’s easier to part ways.

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2. Check The Stories

Check The Stories

Another way to see whether someone blocked you or not is to check the stories. If you are supposed to see their stories but are not able to, then definitely something is wrong. 

Though this is not concrete proof, there is a chance of that person blocking you. For more solid proof, keep on digging. 

3. Search Their Name

Search Their Name

This is yet another easy indicator that they have blocked you. Go to the search option and search for their name. If their name is not showing, then this could mean either of the two things. Either they block you or they left Snapchat. 

Once you typed their name on the search bar, tap on the plus that appears next to it. If it shows a message saying, “Sorry, couldn’t find that username.” Then I am sorry this is not normal, that person has blocked you.

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4. Try Sending Them A Message

Try Sending Them A Message

If you are still not convinced and have “faith” in your friendship, then try sending them a message. If you have chatted with that person before, then message them again.

Is it sending? Or is it showing “Failed” then it means you have been blocked. Even if you see a pending sign along with a grey colored icon other than pink or blue, then you are deleted from their friend list.

5. Snoop On Them Using A Different Account

Snoop On Them Using A Different Account

If you are still not convinced, even though you should, then this last trick is a way to know. Also, if you are typing on Google, “how do you know if someone blocked you on Snapchat,” then this will show.

If you are blocked from Snapchat, then if you are snoopy, then create another Snapchat account. Keep the new account incognito, that is your snooping account. Search that person’s name through this new account. 

If their name is showing then it’s clear that they have blocked you on Snapchat, and you should move on. It’s better to part ways than keep on dragging things on.

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Check Before You React

Check Before You React

If you think someone blocked you on Snapchat, before jumping to a conclusion, double-check it first. There could be other reasons why you can’t see them. Cross out those reasons first before overreacting. 

A plausible reason may be that they have left Snapchat, as it is not uncommon to leave certain social media platforms. Another reason can be that your Snapchat account got hacked or there is some kind of a bug. 

You should cross out these reasons first before taking any other step to check anything else. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Does Snapchat Tell You If Someone Blocked You?

Not at all. Neither Snapchat nor anything other social media platform alerts you when someone blocks you. You only verify this query is to follow the above-mentioned steps. 

2. Can I Block Someone Who Already Blocked Me On Snapchat?

No, you won’t be able to do that either. We can understand the urge to take revenge and block the person who blocked you.

But you have to be able to see that person’s account to block them. But if they already blocked you, you won’t be able to see their profile in the first place. 

3. Can I Still Report Someone Who Already Blocked Me?

Yes, you can report an account. You can visit the Snapchat support website and state a very good reason for your report. To support your complaint, it is better to have screenshots as evidence. 

Ending Streak!

So that is the answer to your question,“how do you know if someone blocked you on Snapchat.” Now what you are going to do with that information is totally up to you.

Whether you are gonna go on a revenge rampage or peacefully part ways is totally up to you. But we would say the latter is the better option.

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