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Every business carries lots of information and data that has to be found out and can be maintained on a regular basis. As we know technology only continues to become more important to the success of a business, some businesses have struggled to find efficient ways to make all of their employees remain up to date on critical tasks.

If you are searching for new ways to improve your business management, you may be interested in learning about Odoo. Odoo is an ERP or enterprise resource planning program that can help you and your business go to the next level by automating and integrating a number of crucial tasks that you need to get taken care of in order to operate at the peak of your business’ performance.

If you are interested in learning about the top benefits of using Odoo ERP, continue reading to learn more!

1. Avail Important Data in Real-Time

If your company is not fully integrated, you can end up dealing with lots of complications down the line. If your employees are completing orders or purchases not having the recently updated information regarding a product or need, it could end up costing your company lots of time and finance.

The completely incorporated CRM and ERP framework will consistently let your representatives get quick admittance to data. These are the data that gets refreshed promptly to guarantee that you won’t run into any issues that could affect expectations, solicitations, installments to representatives, and significantly more.

2. Reduce IT Cost to Save Some Money

When you are using multiple systems instead of one fully integrated system, you may run the risk of spending much more simply to have a less dependable and less efficient program in place.

Integrated ERP and CRM allows you to create one platform that all important information regarding your company runs on. This will allow you to take care of important tasks faster, easier, and cheaper.

3. Don’t have to Do Unimportant Data Entry

Combining an ERP like Odoo and a CRM into one integrated system will allow you to eliminate lots of data entry needs which will save you both time and energy.

Having your integrated system means that you will be able to assign different tasks to your employees as they are not wasting time making sure that multiple different programs that run dependently of one another both have identical information.

This also ensures that if you delete data for any reason because it is out of date, you will not have to worry about employees working off that data in some other program if you have forgotten to delete it there as well.

4. Your Team Becomes More Useful

Your CRM framework is centered around deals and giving client assistance and ERP is for transportation and charging data, stock information, stockroom, and the sky is the limit from there. The two frameworks rely vigorously upon one another to abstain from committing any errors, which can hinder your workers’ efficiency when they need to twofold check each data before affirming a buy.

It is particularly a problem for your staff when they are in a significant deal measure that must be done as fast as could reasonably be expected. By coordinating the two frameworks you will improve the client’s involvement in your organization by making it simpler for your representatives to work together through the stage and enabling them to follow all activities.

The Best ERP Software for your Company

Now that you know about what ERPs offer companies, chances are good you are probably interested in what kinds of companies are out there that offer the best Odoo options.

After all, you are going to want to know that you are using a great ERP to mix all of your business’ dealings and responsibilities into. Otherwise, you may eventually fall victim to a faulty program that cannot handle a load of information you need to input, or cannot integrate as quickly as you want.

Choosing the correct ERP system is actually very difficult and at times very overwhelming. The group of ERP systems over here will help you to find the right place and platform for all your business.


Captivea is an Odoo accomplice that centers around helping organizations improve by utilizing ERP programming. Captivea vows to improve the organization’s profitability and increment its benefit by arranging your information.

This company is an especially best option for companies and businesses that are fairly new to ERP software. The reason why is because you can quickly add one or remove modules as needed. It is all open source for changing your ERP to fit your specific needs is quick and easy.

Sage X3

It is another ERP software that is perfect for companies that range all the way from medium and regional sized to massive global corporations. Sage X3 has ERP software that is compatible with many different industries and equipment such as equipment, chemical, food and beverage, and others.

It prides itself on being multi-functional and easy to use.


NetSuite is known as one of the most popular ERP systems because it runs all of its programs on the cloud. That means that it is easily accessible across the world and is also able to update in real-time.

NetSuite can be used for all types of businesses of all sizes.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica is a cloud ERP programming that works best with little or medium measured organizations and charitable associations. The cloud ERP can undoubtedly incorporate the organization’s frameworks to make a cloud stage that shares information whenever.

Acumatica gives a Cloud ERP and Cloud Accounting programming that is useful, easy to use, and improves the development of organizations.


Without a doubt, there are a number of fantastic ERP programs that businesses can use to improve the way their business operates. No matter the size, there is an ERP company out there that can help you. It’s just your job to figure out which one it is!

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