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Twitter is considered one of many microblogging platforms used by millions of active global users. This platform is a real deal and is mainly used for breaking and sharing news. The maximum number of characters to create a whole story on Twitter is 280. On Twitter, you can post, like, and retweet tweets.

What Do You Mean By Retweet?

In simple words, retweeting means re-posting a tweet. There are chances of retweeting something against a tweet by mistake; if you have done that, deleting it from your timeline is very simple.

There is no specific delete button that can be used for deleting your retweet. Instead, you can remove your retweet by pressing the undo option. The beauty of retweets is that it looks like a normal tweet along with the author’s name and username, but it is distinguished by the retweet icon, and the name will be the person who retweeted it.

In this article, we will talk about how to delete a retweet in simple ways by following steps for PC and mobile. We will also add some other information that we have gathered in deleting or removing retweets.

How To Delete A Retweet?

How To Delete A Retweet

If you use Twitter, then there will be plenty of opportunities where you can delete your accidentally retweeted statement. Every version of Twitter allows you to do that, such as mobile, desk as well as the applications of the social network.

There is another thing that Twitter provides. You can hide other people’s retweets. Therefore we are going to be talking a lot about how Twitter does this by removing and deleting retweets and stuff.

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The Browser Version – How To Delete A Retweet?

The PC version of Twitter remains the incarnation, so let’s see how we can delete retweets on the desktop.

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click on the avatar icon that is on the upper right corner of the Twitter page, and now choose the first item from the drop-down list- “show profile”.
  4. Search for the retweet you have been thinking of deleting; you find them under “you have retweeted”.
  5. Now to delete it, you have to click on the icon that has two green arrows outlining a circle at the end of the tweet.
  6. You will no longer see the retweet in your news feed and in the follower’s as well. But the message will be there with the user who posted the tweet.

The Mobile Version – How To Delete A Retweet?

There is no change in the mobile version to delete a retweet. You will have to almost repeat the same process. Therefore let’s see what tiny little changes the mobile version has.

  1. When you launch the application, we generally click our profile icon that happens to be in the upper left corner and then jump to the side menu.
  2. We select the first thing that says “profile”.
  3. Like I said, in the desktop version of Twitter, we look for the retweets to delete by clicking on the green icon, but in the mobile version, the retweet in question gets removed from the post list.
  4. The removal of retweets on both PC and mobile devices is actually a single action: repeat the same steps for it to function.

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How To Hide Retweets?

How To Hide Retweets

Deleting anything from anywhere is easy and no risk, but hiding something is fun. Like you know its existence, but people do not, and you can surprise them with it when they get over it.

This option can be used when the Twitter profile is shared frequently with people outside the company.

  1. To disable retweets of a person you really feel annoyed with, you have to go to the person’s profile.
  2. Look for the three vertical dots right next to the “read read” button, and click on it as soon as you find it.
  3. Choose “deactivate retweets” from the drop-down menu.

How To Do Bulk Delete With Twitter Archive ?

How To Do Bulk Delete With Twitter Archive

If you are thinking of deleting all the retweets that you have posted all this while, then download the Twitter archive and upload it on Circlebloom. Circleboom’s Twitter can erase all the retweets together. Follow the steps to master the process:

  1. Login to the circle boom, and go to the dashboard with the help of your authenticated Twitter account.
  2. From there, go to the circle room menu, select “my tweets,” then “delete old tweets”.
  3. You will be sent to the “Upload your archive” page, where you have to upload you previously downloaded Twitter archive.
  4. Once your archive gets uploaded, on the next page, you will have an option that asks you to select tweets, Retweets, or replies.
  5. If you are only interested in deleting your retweets box, then check it and uncheck the others.
  6. To add some additional features, you can add filters, such as dates or keywords.
  7. Click on “approve” in order to delete all the retweets as the filters suggest.

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How To Do Bulk Delete With Recent Retweets?

How To Do Bulk Delete With Recent Retweets

The above steps are to show what you should do if you want to delete all your retweets in one click. These steps will show you otherwise if you want to delete some of your retweets.

  1. Login to the circle boom dashboard with your authenticated Twitter handle.
  2. Go to the circle boom menu; on the left, click on the drop icon, which is next to “my tweets”.
  3. Then select “delete RTS” from the drop-down. The last 3,200 retweets will appear.
  4. If you want to delete selected retweets from a specific account or a person, then you will have to enter their Twitter handle, where you will see all the retweets that are filtered by circleboom.
  5. The grid power search can also let you filter retweets with the help of hashtags, dates, and keywords.
  6. Select all the retweets you want to delete. At the top left, click on the red icon “delete selected RTs”. It will delete all the selected retweets you have marked.

How To Delete The Copied Tweeter From Other Users?

Do you know what the difference is between a retweet and a copied tweet? What is the meaning of copied Twitter posts? You are ending up with your profile with written posts from the outside. You know how to delete a retweet on Twitter, but these two delete processes are the same.

This often happens when you copy and paste the texts from the others. And then publish it on your Twitter account. These types of tweets are not continuing as retweeting.  But If you like to delete these tweets, you can quickly delete these tweets from your reserves.

Here are the essential steps you need to follow to delete the copied tweets from the other users.

  1. First, go to your profile.
  2. Whatever devices you are using, you can find the profiles from anywhere.
  3. If you are using the mobile versions, first click on the tweeter symbol from the top right corner of your screens.
  4. Then click on the Tweeter’s handler’s name on the screen.
  5. You can find the option in the dropdown menu.
  6. Once you are accessing the profile, you can easily find the tweet option which you want to delete.
  7. First, go through all the history lists and then find the tweet option which you want to delete.
  8. Search the tweet from the search bar by typing the names in the search bar. You can find your desired tweet from the lists. This simple process can also apply for finding separate users.
  9. Then to delete the tweet, click on the three grey dots from the top right corner of the tweet. And then select the best-desired options from the lists.
  10.  To finish the task, click on the delete options and remove the Tweet from your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Tweets Were Deleted?

Twitter has its own erasing process. Now you are well aware of how to delete a retweet from your account. But Tweet deleter runs on an automatic tweet erasing process. Within 4 hours, the tweeter was running. They are erasing the operations. If you are setting the autoprocessing systems in the accounts, the automatic deletions process is going to run. But retweeting needs to be erased manually.

Q2: Can You See The Deleted Tweets?

Yes, if your account has default settings for an automatic deletions process. You can easily find the deleted tweets. How?

1: First, go to the Google search page. Then search for your Twitter page.

2:Then click on the down arrow which is next to the URL.

3: Open the cached options and see the deleted tweets which are available in the cached versions of your profile.

4: From here, you also can find the other user’s deleted tweets. So from these segments, you can easily find the other tweets and deleted tweets.

Q3: How To Turn Off The Retweet Button?

Tweeters have settings that allow you to disable the retweet buttons. How to do it? First, go to your account setting options. Then uncheck the retweet box, which is under the sharing preferences. That is, all your retweet options are turned off.

Q4: Can’t You Delete The Retweets?

The tweeter does not permit deleting the older retweets. You will find the retweets and Twitter buttons which are shining in the grey colors. You only have to click on it. If you cannot click on them, there are certain types of issues generated in the back end. And the back-end systems are running on a distributed cluster through decomposed services.

Wrapping It All Up

Here you go with How To Delete A Retweet. We have mentioned ways to delete retweets from the PC version and the mobile version. They are almost the same. The tiny changes will be easy for you to notice.

Other than this, we discussed other ways of deleting retweets. Leave a comment in the comment section and let us know how the article has helped you.

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