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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Download Instagram Stories on PC or Phone



Instagram stories are interesting ways of sharing your best videos and photos with social media peers.

You can post amazing content in these short combinations to entertain and attract followers. Likewise, you must have found many stunning stories on the platform.

Instagram, however, automatically removes the uploaded stories after 24 hours. But wait! How about saving them forever on your device?

You may be delighted to know that there is a diversity of apps, tools, and services that can download Instagram stories within an eye wink. IGStoryDownload is one such utility. Stay tuned to know more!

Download Instagram Stories: All You Need to Know

Saving Instagram stories is a quick and easy process, thanks to the host of downloader services. These utilities allow you to save and view the stories of fellow Instagram users in your comfort. You can download your own Instagram story as well, using the app’s inbuilt feature.

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It is further welcoming to know that downloading Instagram stories is not a device-specific process. You can save and access the stories on any preferred utility. Let us check out the different possibilities in the upcoming sections of this article:

How To Download Instagram Stories From Your Profile?

Here are a few quick steps to download Instagram stories from your profile to a PC or smartphone:

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  •  Log in to your Instagram account and open the profile page.
  • Navigate to and click on the ‘Your Story’ icon in the top left corner. The stories you have uploaded will appear on the screen.
  • Head to the ‘More’ icon on the bottom-right corner and tap the 3 dots beside it. Choose the ‘Save…’ option from the menu that appears next. This will save your story to the local media gallery of your device.
  • You can also save all your currently visible stories as a single video. To do this, tap the last story, followed by hitting ‘More’. Click on ‘Save…’ in the list of options that pops down. Now select ‘Save Story’ from the ‘Save…’ menu.

How to Download Instagram Stories from Someone Else’s Profile?

Downloading someone else’s Instagram story requires the help of a third-party tool or service. There is a wide range of options to choose from.

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Likewise, IGStoryDownload is a reliable service to work through the concern. The latter is an excellent web-based tool to save the stories of fellow Instagram users on computers and smartphones.

Downloading Instagram Stories on Computer

The IGStoryDownload service can quickly download Instagram stories on your Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs, regardless of the operating system version. Here’s how you can save Instagram stories on your computer using IGStoryDownload:

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Step 1:

Launch Instagram on your system and open the profile from where you want to download the story.

Step 2:

Copy the selected account’s URL or username on your system’s clipboard.

Step 3:

Open your favorite web browser and enter ‘IGStoryDownload’ in the search box. Press ‘Enter’ to load the service.

Step 4:

Navigate to the ‘Input Line’ on the welcome page and paste the username copied in Step 2. 

Step 5:

Tap the ‘Download’ button to see all the uploaded stories of the selected profile appear on the screen as you scroll down.

Step 6:

Select the stories you want to keep and hit the ‘Download’ button to save them to your system’s local storage.

Downloading Instagram Stories on Smartphone

IGStoryDownload also allows you to download Instagram stories on your smartphone. Here’s how to proceed with the process: 

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Step 1:

Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone. 

Step 2:

Open the profile from where you wish to download the stories and copy its username.

Step 3:

Open IGStoryDownload in your preferred web browser. 

Step 4:

Head to the ‘Input Box’ in the service’s welcome page, followed by pasting the username copied in Step 2. 

Step 5:

Hit the ‘Download’ button to save the stories in the local media gallery of your smartphone.

Using Application to Download Instagram Stories On Your Phone

Here I am going to share some applications that you can download on your android smartphone to download Instagram content which can be images, reels, videos, or any other. 

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Fast Save

A recent report shows that ‘Fast Save’ is the most installed application to download Instagram stories and all the stuff.  If you use an android set, then it can be the best option. 

  • 10 million users have installed this application. 
  • The interesting thing about this application is the interface, it looks like Instagram. 
  • It offers you the opportunity to prepare a professional presentation and Instagram story download 1080p quality.  
  • You can download it from the Google Play store.


It is similar to other Instagram Video and image download applications. It is easy to access and download private Instagram stories. 

  • Using this application, you are able to download videos, and images, from other Instagram profiles. 
  • Your downloaded files can easily be readable in your gallery. 
  • The best part of this, it has editing features, you can add your signature or another eye-catching feature to create an amazing image. 

Story Saver

The name of the application refers to an Instagram video downloader where you can download Instagram videos, images, and stories. Let’s take look below-

  • Download the app from the Google play store. 
  • Copy the link from the Instagram that you want to download and paste the link on the Program’s materials. 
  • You can download original Instagram Posts.  

Final Words

You should, however, keep in mind that IGStoryDownload can save stories from Instagram stories that are public to you. There’s no way out to download Instagram stories from private accounts.

Every Instagram user is a fan of the stunning stories uploaded on the platform. But why restrict yourself to admiring when you can download them to your device?

Now, it becomes easy for you. Then why are you waiting? Let’s try this process and download amazing Instagram videos and images. 


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