how to see who blocked you on Twitter

How To See Who Blocked You On Twitter? Want To Know? Check Here!

Getting blocked on Twitter can be an irritating experience since it is the most engaging as well as popular social networking platform of all time.

Thus, if you are wondering how to see who blocked you on Twitter, you have arrived at the right destination. In this article, we will explore all the possibilities for you to find out whether you have been blocked by someone or not!

So without wasting any further time, let’s just dive in!

What Does Blocking On Twitter Mean?

What Does Blocking On Twitter Mean

Now that you know how to see who has you blocked on Twitter, it’s time to understand what blocking even means on the platform. When someone chooses to block you on Twitter, it’s like you have been put inside a penalty jail in the visual world. So naturally, when you have already blocked someone on the platform, the blocked account can no longer check your account or even initiate communication with you.

Thus, when you find out how to see who blocked you on Twitter, you will also realize that you can’t see anything on their feed – their tweets, responses, tags, or anything else. And it’s not just restricted to seeing, you will not be allowed to engage with them in any way as well. All their tweets will not even appear on your timeline or search results.

All this leads up to one solid conclusion – you are going to be blocked out of this person’s account entirely. Now, if you want to block someone on Twitter, you can simply do so by following a few steps. Scroll down to find out more!

How To Block Someone On Twitter?

How To Block Someone On Twitter

Here’s how to see who you blocked on Twitter or rather how to block someone on the platform. Follow the steps mentioned below!

  1. First, visit the account of the person on Twitter you want to block.
  2. Check out and find the three dots right beside the Follow/Following buttons.
  3. Find the block button for the username and then tap on it.

Thus, you will be successfully able to block someone’s account on Twitter.

What Happens After Blocking?

What Happens After Blocking

The next natural question is what happens after you have blocked someone on Twitter.

  1. When you choose to tweet to the blocked person, they will get notified about a pending tweet received from you.
  2. You will never come across their tweets on your timeline or feed.
  3. You will never find their tweets under any related hashtags, even though they might choose to depend on hashtags extensively.
  4. Also, you will not be allowed to view your past conversations with the blocked person. 
  5. The people you have blocked will not be allowed to check out any retweets to your tweets.
  6. Also, in no way you and the blocked person will be allowed to communicate via direct messages.

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Does Twitter Alert You If Someone Chooses To Block You?

Does Twitter Alert You If Someone Chooses To Block You

Twitter, for some weird random reason, has made blocking a sneaky thing. After all, the whole function of blocking has a lot to do with stopping unwanted communication between two or more profiles. Perhaps why Twitter wants to keep things stealthy.

This is the best reason why the social networking site does not notify or alert you when someone chooses to block you.

Similarly, when you choose to block anyone on the platform, even that person is never notified or alerted about the same. Until and unless you check whose account has been explicitly blocked, you will technically not find out about how you got blocked.

While you may not want to manually find out how to see who you’ve blocked on Twitter, you can always consider taking the help of any third-party applications. These apps will help you find out exactly which person has opted to block you. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Twitter has been pretty discreet through and through about revealing any such list. The social networking site only tells you the number of accounts that have blocked you but not who has chosen to block you! This shows the platform values the security of all its users – perhaps why you will not be allowed to get a list of people who have blocked you.

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How To See Who Blocked You On Twitter?

How To See Who Blocked You On Twitter

First things first, there is no such procedure to know who has opted to block you on a platform like Twitter. But if still, you want to know how to see who has blocked you on Twitter, you have to check out individual profiles on the social networking site.

This, follow the steps mentioned below to find out if you have been blocked on Twitter:

  1. Open the Twitter web browser or access the platform from the app version on your smartphone.
  2. Look for the account that might have blocked you.
  3. If that profile has already blocked you, then naturally, you will not be allowed to visit that particular account. Twitter will tell you clearly that you have been blocked.

The main problem, in this case, is how you will not technically get any notification or even an alert after getting blocked by someone. The only process by which you can find out is through the above-mentioned methods.

Thus, all you gotta do is dig around into the accounts of other people to find out who has finally blocked you and who has not! Twitter does not provide any blocked lists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Can You Soft Block On Twitter?

This feature is one of the recent updates of the platform whereby users are allowed to remove a follower without blocking them, a process known as a soft block. Thus, Twitter allows you to soft block people.

2. Is It Better To Mute Or Block On Twitter?

To be honest, when you mute someone, you are kind of blocking them but politely. Thus, if you want to know what the other person is up to, you can keep them on mute. But if you don’t want any association, it is better to block them.

3. When I Block Someone On Twitter, What Do They See?

No, blocked profiles on Twitter will not receive any notification alerting them how they have been blocked. But if the blocked person tries to find you on Twitter, it will become obvious that they won’t be allowed to find you randomly.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to see who blocked you on Twitter, you can show your superiority over everyone. But, keeping all jokes aside, the platform’s sheer security makes one wonder just how much Twitter values the privacy of its users. This is because apart from manually finding out from every person, there is no way to get the answer you were looking for!

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