Is The Huawei Watch GT The Most Stylish Smartwatch Yet?



From the time smartwatches were first launched, they have never been considered as full-on masculine timepieces. In fact, the small size, sleek designs, and silicone or plastic straps have not gone down well with traditional chronograph users.

There is criticism that it looks all too gimmicky and almost feminine. While that has not prevented smartwatch sales from skyrocketing, it has left a major section of wristwatch users wanting more. With Watch GT, Huawei tries to change that perception of a smartwatch.

Huawei has been brave enough to say that the Watch GT looks more like a ‘real watch’ and not a techy, gadgety kind of a thing. One look at the smartwatch and you immediately know where they are going with that.

In this article, we take a close look at huawei watch gt. We try to look at what this watch offers which is different from other competitors in the smartwatch niche. If you are currently in the process of researching Watch GT, this article will point you in the right direction.

Handsome Mature Looks and Amazing Build Quality

Handsome Mature Looks and Amazing Build Quality

Huawei Watch GT is a masculine-looking watch. The size of the dial will help tell you that. You get two offerings, a 42 mm and a 46 mm. Truth be told, if you have thin wrists, your hands might feel overwhelmed.

However, on the plus side, this is so much more of a watch than any other smartwatch out there. For a very long time, there is no denying the fact that Huawei has left its competitors behind as far as hardware and build quality is concerned.

With Watch GT, you get exactly that-

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ceramic case
  • Leather straps

From the moment you touch Watch GT, you immediately notice the finer details. Huawei has not taken any shortcuts in making this feel like a premium high-end smartwatch. That is a good thing. We believe that this chunky construction will go down and attract a relatively new target audience.

It is a purposeful watch in both looks and functionality. Its long list of features is a testament to the fact that you can do so much more with it. Not to mention the fact that the shift from Google’s Wear OS to Huawei’s own Lite OS and dual chipsets makes the watch run for more than 2 weeks on a single charge! Impressive, isn’t it?

Activity Tracking with Huawei Watch GT

Activity Tracking with Huawei Watch GT

At the end of the day, Watch GT is a smartwatch that doubles up as a fitness tracker. There is plenty of meat to support that claim. Let us look at some of the features that Watch GT seems to pack in-

  1. If you are into fitness routines, specifically running, Watch GT helps you out with several workout modes. You can calculate the steps you have run, the distance covered, as well as a calorie meter that tells you how much you have burned.
  2. With a 5 ATM water resistance certification, it would be safe to say that this is your preferred partner to go swimming. If you are using the leather strap, make sure that you change it for one that is more compatible and suited for water-related activities.
  3. All of us are conscious of our heart health and with Watch GT, you can monitor the same effortlessly. You also get an oxygen monitor to assess your blood oxygen levels. This is something that became popular during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  4. Apart from this, you get GPS that is pretty accurate and allows you to locate directions. You need to hook up the Watch GT to your smartphone. Both Android and iOS are compatible with Watch GT.
  5. The large AMOLED display makes all the difference in the world. Readings are crisp, colors are bright and we did not seem to find any glare even when using the smartwatch on bright sunny days. This is a great thing.

The Final Word

If you have for long turned a blind eye to smartwatches simply because they did not look cool enough, Huawei’s Watch GT will definitely change your perception. This is a great watch for individuals that are looking to move from traditional timepieces to smartwatches. If you have any queries on Watch GT that you would like us to address, please let us know in the comments below.

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