5 Best Practices For Implementing Text-To-Give Fundraising Campaign



It’s one thing to know about text-to-give and another to make the most of it. Fundraisers who have been successful with its use take heed of specific details.

You can also be in the same category as those fundraisers, as there is no magic about it. All you just have to do is to implement the best strategies for the text-to-give mechanism.

Here Are Five Best Practices For Implementing A Text-To-Give Fundraising Campaign:

You don’t have to look any further if you wish to know about these practices. Therefore, we urge you to spare a few minutes to read this write-up. You will discover the path to success as you look to raise funds using text-to-give. 


1. Simplicity Is Never Outdated

There is really nothing complicated about text-to-give. It is one of the most accessible means of fundraising to set up. However, the need for simplicity mainly concerns your keywords.

You should use keywords that people can easily relate to and maybe slot in some unique hashtags. Going by the latter has to do with the social media part – this will be subsequently discussed.

The message should be as brief as possible, with the keywords being catchy. This will be a good way of keeping your fundraising campaign in the minds of donors. In other words, simplicity shouldn’t suppress creativity as you subscribe to a text-to-give account.

2. Regularly Send Out Buzz About It

If you’ve got text-to-give in place, then you have to talk about it. In light of this, you should spread the news of its availability across all social media channels associated with the campaign. But that’s not all; you should also tell people about it through word-of-mouth. And if you have a fundraising team, you should encourage members to let their peers know about it.

The thing about this awareness drive is that donors will get inspired to give once convenience is guaranteed. All they need to do is pick up their mobile phone and donate. By the way, reports have it that text-to-give makes impulse giving more feasible.

While creating the buzz, you should remember to provide donors with a guide on how to use it. This part should not be neglected just because text-to-give is easy to use. Ignoring it can limit the result you will get from your text-to-give account. So, you must walk prospective donors through the whole process. You can even help them see how seamless it is to donate with text-to-give.

3. Consider Recurring Donations

Your fundraising campaign will thrive even better with recurring donations. This is, however, more than just the fundraiser alone, as donors have to align. That said, it is never advisable to try and desperately push it ‘down the throat’ of donors to give recurrently. But you don’t have to leave things to chance; there are specific steps you can take.

For one, you will need to be particular about your fundraising communications. This can begin with choosing an appealing keyword or hashtag – as earlier emphasized. Secondly, you should learn to have your text-to-give fundraising campaign where people will see it. In effect, using a creative keyword has to complement your social media communications.

Again, an inspiring or exciting story should be built around your fundraising campaign. The more people know about your story, the more likely they will commit to your cause. This will ultimately open the avenue for long-term and recurring donations.   

4. Follow-up Is Highly Important

A grateful heart draws goodwill from people to some extent. One may not really be able to tell what a simple “Thank You” triggers in the receiver’s heart, but the magic is undeniable. And you, as a fundraiser, cannot help but take advantage of that. Though many text-to-give platforms do not leave room for effective follow-up, there are ways you can manage it.

A message of gratitude can be inserted right at the end of the insert text-to-give SMS. Better still, you can send a “Thank You” message through your social media channel and campaign website. Again, you can look out for text-to-give service providers with follow-up features. Such features will improve the level of engagement you will have with donors.

Besides all that has been said here, post-donation communications should also hint at the progress of your project. You can achieve this by regularly doing a broadcast on your fundraising campaign. A good follow-up strategy will put you in good instead to raise more funds – not just from loyal donors.

5. Carry Out Routine Evaluation

Your fundraising activities shouldn’t just be left to roll by without some checks. It is in light of this that you have to do evaluations routinely. This helps you to have an insight into the actual state of things. That said, you will only be able to do a proper assessment if you have an estimated target from the get-go. So, you should plan your text-to-give fundraising campaign well from the start.

Afterward, you must monitor the activities to see how the campaign is doing. If it is doing okay, then you have to move to consolidate the effort – by staying in the face of prospects. If the result you’re getting is not so impressive, it may be time to re-strategize.

Try a different keyword and increase the buzz around the fundraising campaign. You can also go with the idea of using text-to-give along with other fundraising methods. Viewing it from a rather extreme angle, you may drop the method entirely – since it is not working for you.   


Text-to-give remains one of the most effective fundraising methods today. Most fundraisers will attest that it is rare to see it fail. But then, one may be setting up a recipe for failure if the best practices are not embraced.

This is why you must invest some time in understanding and applying the concept to your situation. Seek assistance from knowledgeable if need be – in case you’re stuck on how best to use it. Your fundraising campaign will be set on a rollercoaster with the groundwork adequately done.

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