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7 Quick Tips for Improving Your Facebook Ads

published on: 27.06.2018 last updated on: 21.08.2021

For many marketing leaders, Facebook ads are as much a staple as search ads are. This is because Facebook Ads work so well when it comes to representing your brand to the target audience. Facebook has enough data about its audience to make the whole staff at Nielsen jealous. There is a good saying that you should always keep in mind – if a product (Facebook in this case) is offered for free, then you are probably the product. So, why are your brand’s Facebook Ads not working? The reasons for these could be many, but here are 7 quick tips for improving your Facebook Ads.

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 1. Testing :


“Set and Forget” is the approach that many marketers take when it comes to Facebook Ads and this is a great mistake. You always have to be in the picture of what is taking place on your pages. Just like Display Network and PPC ads, marketers are required to treat their campaigns like a continuous science experiment. If you continually test and refine your ad campaigns, the performance of your ads will keep on improving as you will continue gathering valuable information from your effort. For instance, perhaps an app achieves downloads at 2 dollars for every conversion when targeting males between ages 25 and 44 but can cut the cost per acquisition in half by targeting males between ages 25 and 44 that see the ad in their newsfeed rather than on the side. There is no better way to gain such insights other than constant testing of your ads.

2. Getting More Specific :

getting more

Facebook recently unveiled the “and-or” feature, which is known as Flex Targeting, in the Power Editor tool. Flex Targeting now allows you to be even more specific with the audience that you are targeting. Assume that you are running ads for a healthy snack. Instead of targeting females between ages 22 and 45 with an interest in fitness, marketing leaders can now target females ages 22 to 45 that have an interest in fitness and like a particular grocery chain that carries the snack – therefore providing a more valuable and specific audience. This is one of the best additions that Facebook has added to their platform. Market leaders are properly served to collect as much data as possible from the CRM systems and the sales department to improve their Facebook Ads ROI.

 3.Rethinking the Ask:


Marketing leaders often have enough sense to realize when a landing page is not working and will quickly have their teams make the changes required in an effort to improve the performance of the page. But what happens isn’t the copy or colors but rather they ask that your brand makes once a person clicks on an ad? Somebody would obviously like to win a $100 gift card to your store. However, they might not be ready to provide too many of their personal details. Marketers need to consider testing asks and requirements of different sets to determine whether that makes the incentive more appealing overall. This will make sure that the ask contributes positively to the performance of your page.

4. Implementing Video Ads :

                                Video Ads

According to ATOM Audience Builder, this is one of the most effective tips for improving your Facebook Ads. The power of video is impossible to understate on Facebook. You can think about it as buying a big-budget TV commercial with the only difference being that you only pay if a person stops what he/she is doing and calls the number provided on the screen or in your case, clicks through to your website.

A few tips to keep in mind when producing Video Ads – they don’t necessarily have to be high-budget but rather they should be of high quality. Just as you love laughing off poorly done TV commercials with friends, your audience is unlikely to take poorly produced video from a smartphone seriously. Spend the money and time to hire professionals and shoot quality video and record quality accompanying audio and then pay the production company to edit your video in post-production. The performance of your Facebook Ads is likely to benefit.

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5. Leveraging Retargeting :


Retargeting Ads are shown to the people who have already visited your site. Retargeting provides the perfect opportunity for customizing your copy and landing pages to an audience that you are sure has already checked put your brand before. When used the right way, Retargeting Ads can give your brand an opportunity to close the deal and are one of the most popular tactics for many online retail clients.

If you have a dental practice, you might want to use this specific feature to get customers to book appointments. Retargeting is a great way for small profession-based businesses to sign more customers. For example, running dental ads on facebook can help you reach your desired target audiences. In recent years, the algorithms and targeting mechanism of Facebook of evolved in a major way. If you run an optimum campaign, you will be able to reduce your CPC (Cost Per Click) to even below the $2 mark!

6. Making Use of the Exclusion Field :


One of the most under-utilized features in the Facebook Power Editor is the exclusion field. Marketers are expected to take advantage of this feature by determining the groups that they are sure they don’t want to reach with a particular ad campaign. The most popular use of this feature is excluding people that are already connected to the brand since marketers already have other ways to reach them and should thus not have to continue paying a premium serving them with the same Facebook ads. It is a great feature that marketers need to take care of in their marketing efforts.

 7. Getting Creative with Carousel Ads :


Carousel Ads are a favorite Facebook Ad feature to come along for many marketers. The possibilities are limitless. You can convey a single message using all 5 boxes with picture collages. It is also possible to drive traffic to content by featuring 5 different blogs within one ad. Carousel Ads are a no-brainer for retail clients, restaurants, and even residential properties or rent or sale.

Conclusion :

Given these tips, you now have all it takes to improve your Facebook Ads. The most important thing is to make sure that any strategy you undertake is working towards the overall success of your brand. There is no need to pay for a service that does not give you a high return on investment. These tips will make sure that you get the best value from your Facebook Ads.



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