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Why Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – All You Need To Know



In this era of doing almost everything through digital marketing and spending almost 20 hours on social media can disturb your mental health if any one of your accounts get hacked or banned or simply not working.

We have become so addicted to all the social media profiles of ours, that living a day without it is like living a day in the reality show of fear factor. To us if there is no social media account that we can access then it is almost the end of our purpose in life.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and it offers a lot of exciting features to its users. One of the issues users might experience is the inability to refresh the feed.

In this article we will talk about the issue instagram couldn’t refresh feed, and will give the solutions to fix it and state the possible reasons for showing instagram couldn’t refresh feed. Lets jump in right away!

What Is Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed?

What Is Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

‘Instagram couldn’t refresh feed’ messages is one of the most non favourite errors to encounter by the community.

It is quite normal in this app to suddenly not be able to view new posts and stories. It is quite annoying i must say, but behind this error ‘instagram couldn’t refresh feed’.

Therefore we will discuss the reasons and solutions for this error in this section.

Possibilities To Get Notified

Possibilities To Get Notified

There are many possibilities and I have mentioned them all, by elaborating it as much as I can. Let’s see what they are.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – Internet Connection

One of the most obvious reasons for instagram to show this error is the connectivity issue. It happens because of the laggy internet connection. Some connections do not have the right speed all the time, therefore instagram fails to load the updates of the latest photos and stories.

The connection can also mess if it is overloaded from high traffic, like during a big game or New Year’s Eve.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – The App Isn’t Updated

Instagram will show you this error if your app is not updated to the new version that the google store shows.

If your instagram has the old version, you will definitely get this error notification and also will miss out on new features that have been added recently.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – Servers Not Working

Instagram can also show this error to you if the servers are weak and are absolutely not working well. Therefore it is quite obvious to get this notification on instagram that the feed cannot be refreshed.

Since it can happen to you anytime, also know that this issue is easy to resolve.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – Cache Is Full

Every modern phone has this feature in them that tells them to clear cache. There is a reason why they have built this feature, whenever our mobile is used for downloading things from different websites, our phone’s storage gathers some unwanted information which we call cache.

The same thing happens in all social media platforms, as they are filled with ads from different sites, they keep track of the pictures and stories you are uploading and at the end of it asks you to clear its cache. These temporary files are for speeding up the load time, but if it gets full, it will malfunction.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – Wrong Date And Time 

Did you know that keeping your date and time wrong on the phone can lead you to see ‘instagram couldn’t refresh feed’? Yes, I didn’t know that either, but it actually does.

The right time and date on your phone is important for instagram to work properly. If the date and time does not match instagram that you have selected, then the app will show problems to function.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed – Blocked

Let me tell you instagram monitors each and everyone’s behaviour on the app. The app has a system built that has the AI to understand some words that fall under the offensive list.

Though instagram asks you to report any misbehaviour or threat. If the app has detected your behaviour which is a menace to society, then it will immediately block you and warn you for the first time. Therefore you will see the error. If you do not behave after the warning then instagram will simply ban you forever.

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How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Now that we have talked about all the possibilities of this error to occur, we will talk about the solutions in how to fix all these issues.

Internet Connection

Whenever you are getting this error, check your internet connection. If you are using wifi check the signal to know how strong it is. If you are using cellular data make sure to know about its adequate reception and speed.

If you are experiencing the error at the end of the month, then it’s most probably because of the limited mobile data you are left with at the end of the month, it can also happen if you have exhausted the daily data. In that matter, recharge your cell.

Update The App

Make sure to update the app whenever it shows you to update it, because it has changed its algorithm and has put new features to be experienced by the users.

Most phones have the automatic update option enabled, therefore whenever the notification of updating it comes, it does it all but itself. Even after automatic update enabled if you miss it, then either your phone does not have enough storage or the option is disabled.

Reinstall The App

Sometimes when the app does not work, uninstalling and reinstalling helps. Not all the time maybe but yeah it does work to resolve the issue.

It happens because the entire app gets deleted along with the caches and therefore when reinstalled again, it starts working in a new way. But if your app has some serious issue then it might not work at all, relapse.

Monitor The Servers

Instagram servers can get overloaded and timed out. Although this problem can be resolved in minutes. You can always check through sources whether the server is coming between you and your instagram account.

You can visit Downdetector to check the outage report spikes, but if the instagram servers are down then you have to wait and let it get resolved by itself.

Force Quit Instagram App

If you force quit any app, it means that you’re stopping all the relative activities in the app. There are different ways to force quit an app on Android and iPhone.


  • Find the instagram app, tap and hold the icon until the drop down appears.
  • Get to ‘App Info’.
  • Hit the ‘force stop’ option and confirm it.


  • In the home screen swipe from the bottom directly to the middle of the screen.
  • Find the instagram app.
  • Swipe up to close the app.

Final Thoughts

There you go with Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed, along with it you have the possibilities why it happens and the solutions.

The issues are very manageable, it is not like you have lost your account forever. In case of getting blocked by instagram or maybe banned. You can always create a new email id and also create an instagram account with it.

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