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7 Instagram Post Ideas You Can Apply To Your Business



Instagram business accounts are booming on the platform. There is a lot of competition among the brands to gain dominance on Instagram. One of the key aspects of running a successful Instagram account is to post good content.

There are many accounts out there that bore their Instagram followers by sticking to the same type of posts. You have to be creative and try out new post ideas for your business account.

Checkout 7 Instagram Post Ideas You Can Apply To Your Business:

1.   Follow a theme

We are starting with one of the methods which requires a lot of dedication. Following a single theme across all of your posts makes it look amazing on your profile.

To achieve this you will use the same filter for all of your posts and try to match the colors as well. This method requires you to ensure that all of your posts follow the same theme.

This makes this process a cumbersome one but it helps you to attract more Instagram followers. This also allows your audience to easily distinguish your posts from other creators. This gives your content a unique identity.

2.   Share memes

Who doesn’t like memes? Memes are one of the most creative post ideas that are out there. It helps you to use one of the most popular forms of media and apply it to your brand. You must remember to use memes that are related to your brand.

Making personalized memes that contain your brand will have a batter impact on your Instagram followers.

Everyone will love receiving some memes occasionally on their feed. It can also be used to showcase your brand as a fun-loving one among your Instagram followers.

3.   Post behind the scenes

Post behind the scenes

Behind the scenes type of content is a great post idea for brands. As a brand, you have to work hard to create content for your audience.

Generally, the majority of your Instagram followers will like to have an insight into your brand. You can make this possible behind the scenes.

The behind-the-scenes can be of many types. You can use this type of post to show the manufacturing of a product of yours.

You could also show them the behind-the-scenes of some content that you have made. Giving your Instagram followers an insight into your life helps them to connect with you and your brand much better.

4.   Post tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to boost engagement for Instagram. These are videos that help your audience perform some things better.

Tutorials can be of various types. You can use tutorials to show how to use or style the products that your brand sells.

Tutorials are educational as they teach your audience to correctly use some products. These are a great way to make your Instagram followers aware of how your products can be used.

5.   User-generated content

User-generated content helps you as well as your audience. This type of content saves you a lot of time. you just have to repost the content which is made by your Instagram followers.

These posts can be made when you are running short on time and need to come up with some posts. These posts could showcase your Instagram followers using your products.

This helps your Instagram followers as they also get exposure and reach through the post you make on your account.

6.   Create a carousel

Create a carousel

A carousel allows you to share more than 10 images in a single post. This is a great tool as it is shown to get better engagement by buying Instagram likes from the best sites listed at

You can use this method to post many photos of your products in a single post and drive up your engagement.

Your Instagram followers will like to see multiple pictures and it promises you a better chance of expanding your reach. Many creators use it in a slideshow format which is loved by their Instagram followers.

7.   Host giveaways

Giveaways allow your Instagram followers to participate in a contest through your Instagram post.

You have to set the prerequisite for being eligible for the content. You can ask them to follow your account, like your posts, comments, etc.

This helps you to use your post to gain more Instagram followers as well. This post idea should be used in a limited capacity. Doing too many giveaways or contests makes you look desperate for more Instagram followers.

This method has proven to be amazing at getting more Instagram followers from when used correctly.


Using these methods will allow you to bring some variation to your Instagram post. You should try to use as many of these ideas as you can for your Instagram posts. Trying out new ideas helps you keep things interesting for your IUnsatarm followers.

It also helps you to have fun while making content for them. Having some variety will do wonders for your business and can even help you gain more Instagram followers.

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