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published on: 06.09.2021 last updated on: 08.09.2021

Starting your fitness journey is life-changing and for all great reasons! Furthermore, sharing it publicly with viewers is brave but cannot be an easy feat. While there’s no doubt your fitness channel is all the rave, quality content comes second when it comes to grabbing passive viewers’ attention.


A catchy YouTube banner template reels in viewers long enough to check out your awesome fitness channel’s content. It gives viewers a visual sense of what your channel is all about and why they should subscribe to it. So it’s only reasonable that your channel’s banner is as kickass as your videos! We promise you, with the right tool, it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do to stand out from other YouTube fitness channels!

How to make a YouTube banner template:

There is only one step in creating a YouTube banner template if you opt for premade templates: create an account with a design solutions tool or app like Venngage! It’s a web-based design solution that offers different pre-made templates and customizable designs for virtually any industry, brand, or niche. So when putting together your fitness channel’s banner, all you have to do is incorporate your branding! 


Want the one-step process? You can head on to their website by clicking here

On the other hand, we’ve compiled easy-to-follow guidelines that you can use, whether you’re making your banner from scratch or from a premade template:

1. Size matters:

To maximize the audience’s viewing experience, there’s a dimension requirement to fulfil before designing your YouTube banner. Your Youtube banner template size should be at least 2048 x 1152 pixels (wide x tall) with 6MB as its minimum size. It is recommended to go with the best dimension size, 2560 x 1440 pixels, although it is not a requirement as long as you don’t go below the minimum standard. 

2. Incorporate branding:

It’s almost instinctual to have a theme color, icon, or tagline to go along with your fitness channel. These, my friends, are part of your branding, even if you think you don’t have one. Your specific brand elements allow viewers to recognize and recall your brand among the others visually. 

Take, for example, McDonald’s. When you see yellow and red together, doesn’t it remind you of the biggest fast-food chain in the world? The same applies to your YouTube banner. So incorporate clear branding – your logo, background color, font type, and color.

TIP: If using Venngage, simply click on the “My Brand Kit” feature. This tool allows for seamless incorporation of your branding in just one click. You won’t have to customize each element or component of your banner design one by one! Neat, huh?

3. Choose the main image:

Since it is your fitness channel, after all, it just makes sense to put a face behind the fitness — your face, to be specific. Viewers tend to interact or engage with a channel more if they find a relatable element: a human element. Now, it doesn’t have to be an actual photo of yourself. Instead, it can be an animated or cartoon representation of yourself or your tagline that resonates with individuals at all levels of their fitness journey.




The above samples appeal to different audiences but they all have one thing in common: being relatable.

Whether you decide to put your image or a representation of yourself on your banner, one thing needs to be sure: that you are putting out a high-resolution, high-quality image. You want to avoid having a great YouTube banner design with pixelated images. 

If you choose to use stock photos on your banner, Unsplash or Pexels have pretty good high-resolution images that you can use for free! Just give the proper credit to the owner of the photos.

4. Focus on quality over quantity:

Less is really more, and that applies to your YouTube banner, too! So while you may be tempted to do a creative dump on your banner, don’t. You only need to focus on these essential components: 

  1. Brand logo or channel name
  2. Feature / main image
  3. Website or social media information
  4. Call to action or Subscribe icon

TIP: Your banner can also double as a marketing or promotional flyer that you can change as needed. However, the quality-over-quantity principle still applies. When using your YouTube banner to promote a new workout routine, for example, treat it as a teaser, not a full-blown marketing flyer. 

5. Don’t forget your CTA:

An abbreviation for Call To Action, it’s not just for big businesses or brands. A CTA can turn a passive viewer into an invested subscriber, so put effort into including this in your YouTube banner!


When creating a CTA, make sure it’s clear and leads your viewers straight to where they need to be. Click baits or creating an extra step or two will cause viewers not to complete the action you have set them out to do. So, keep your CTA simple, straightforward, and, most of all, valuable to your potential subscriber. 

Here are a few CTA for your fitness banner:

  1. Let’s get fit! Subscribe now! 
  2. Follow me! 
  3. Learn more.
  4. Sign-up for a free session! 

Now you’re more than equipped to build your kickin’ YouTube banner! Whether you’re creating it from scratch or with a premade template, nothing says “legit” more than personalizing your channel with your very own banner!

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