LinkedIn Goes For Tests Of More Generative AI-Based In-Stream Learning Elements

LinkedIn Goes For Tests Of More Generative AI-Based In-Stream Learning Elements



LinkedIn is now working on a more integrated workflow so that people can share their qualifications and skills on the platform. In the process, it is now conducting experiments on the new generative AI-based learning elements. These tools are parts of the expansion of LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn has come up with experiments of a new “coaching element.” This coaching element will be an AI guide through your journey of learning. Further, the coaching element will help your learning based on your specific queries and the stage of the career you are in.

For example, if you are at the mid-management level of your career and you want to know how to manage a project, LinkedIn, thanks to its coaching element, will now share courses and guides based on the guidance you are looking for.

You will get responses and recommendations for courses from the library database of LinkedIn Learning and the suggestions of courses will be personalized. In addition, LinkedIn is now trying to add more LinkedIn Learning Modules. Thanks to these Modules, participants will now be able to attend courses at a time convenient for them.

Regarding this AI-assisted learning, LinkedIn says,

“One of the hardest parts about learning is finding the time to make it happen. We all want to learn every day, but work and life often get in the way. So, it shouldn’t be that you need to climb the entire mountain in a single journey (aka master the skill in one sitting… who has time for that?!)We are breaking up the journey for you, so you can fit learning into your schedule. Watch short, engaging videos in an immersive personalized feed, and learn the skills you care about from the instructors and experts you trust—without distraction. Along the way, we’ve built in quick knowledge checks to assess your progress and streaks to help stay motivated.”

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