7 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Contractor Business In 2023

You may think you are already outstanding at your business, but there is a huge gap between being the best contractor in your city and being in charge of a successful contracting business.

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive and structured guideline of an organization’s promotional efforts through various channels and platforms. A marketing strategy generally includes creating profiles of a target audience, objectives, major performance indicators, steps to content creation, and many other components.

Expecting customers to show up on their own is not a reliable marketing strategy, as you have to put in the necessary efforts and implement the essential marketing skills. To grow your contractor business in 2023, this article contains the marketing strategies you should employ.

Details About 7 Marketing Strategies

Develop A Strong Digital Marketing Tactic

Develop A Strong Digital Marketing Tactic

Many contractors go after digital marketing without having a concrete plan. Consequently, they irregularly send out social media posts and make one-shot modifications to their website. With unsustained efforts as such, it will be hard to have favorable results.

Rather, start by writing out a solid digital marketing strategy that will conform with your business goals. Furthermore, keep a constant message through various marketing platforms to be a representative of your brand.

Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

According to a report, a large percentage of the combined data traffic in the world has its source from mobile devices. Hence, if your website only functions on desktops, the majority of your audience will abandon it.

Several website development tools are available in the market to allow the creation of responsive websites.

Commence Contractor SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective means to attain accumulated returns from marketing. The cost for each lead compared with other channels is very affordable. Therefore, immediately you create a website and put together a sound SEO tactic.

A lot of contracting businesses have quite dabbled with SEO. As a result, it is advisable that you start with an audit.

Conduct an SEO Audit

Conduct an SEO Audit

You should always start your client engagements with a free contractor search engine optimization audit. It involves comparing your website against top competitors ranking for profitable money keywords in your organization.

The idea is to develop a custom SEO tactic depending on your weaknesses in order to compete with your competitors successfully. The following are a couple of details associated with it:

Link Gap Analysis

The number of domains being referred to your website is a crucial determinant of your search rankings. The gap between you and the competitors can be evaluated, after which you can draw out a plan to create links that will match their authority.

Content Gap Analysis

If your competitors happen to have many more pages that are indexed, then there is a possibility that they have many more relevant keywords which they rank for. This can grant them more clients and leads.

You can have the competitor’s latest tactic dissected through the evaluation of the currently ranked pages by a tool such as Ahrefs. You can then target their keywords through new website pages before you expand what is termed the “topical authority” of your contractor’s website.

Make Use of PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a marketing strategy whereby a brand places advertisements on a digital platform like Google or Facebook. It works by you, being the advertiser, paying the forum each time your potential client clicks on your advertisement.

Although Google Ads are quite expensive, you can deliver the highest quality leads for your brand. They are vital to getting to the top of search results.

Convince Your Clients to Give Reviews About Your Services

Give Reviews About Your Services

Consumers pay close attention to reviews for service-oriented local brands such as contractor businesses. Reviews are also very essential to your local rankings. So, do not hesitate to request reviews from your clients. However, be careful, as Google’s review principle states that businesses should not give incentives to get reviews.

The following are the various methods you can get reviews as a part of your contractor marketing strategy:

In-Person Reviews

Requesting for feedback is ideally done after offering a service to a client. Some brands request that customers complete a satisfaction survey. So, if you have the capacity, you can have a tablet so that customers will always give their reviews on the spot.

In another way, you can provide a link to the survey or a QR code so that customers will be able to do it at their convenient time.

Email Reviews

Asking for feedback should be associated with your email marketing. However, you should exhibit courtesy by thanking your customers for their time after every review.

Phone Reviews

Talking to your customers on the phone to ask for their reviews gives an additional personal touch to your brand. If you think you may stutter or get confused regarding what to say, you could create a script or template that will include what to always say to your customers on the phone.

On another note, some customers would rather get a text or SMS. So, you cannot rule out the method of sending text messages.

Keep in mind to always respond to both positive and negative reviews promptly, as it will improve your online reputation despite receiving negative reviews. Nevertheless, you could maintain receiving positive reviews by noting the top complaints of clients and getting how to fix them.

Social Media Marketing

You should reinforce your online presence with a specific and regular social media marketing tactic. Social media platforms can contribute significantly to helping you reach your target market and generate leads.

Your posts on social media should always popularize your contracting business. The ways you can achieve that include sharing your latest project, posting before and after pictures of your projects, sharing your most recent blog posts, and so on.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is fast rising, and more organizations are incorporating it into their marketing strategy in order to reach their target audience. Video marketing adds personality to your contractor business, and it does not need to cost you hundreds of dollars. Your smartphone is enough to enable you to create engaging videos for your contractor business.

Measure Results

Measure Results

An effective contractor marketing technique is expected to target the right audience on the proper channels. In the same way, you should have a way to measure and analyze essential metrics from your contractor marketing operations, as measuring results will keep you abreast of your rate of improvement.

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