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Monkey Holding A Box – Is It A Mistake By Google Or Something Else?

published on: 03.02.2023 last updated on: 07.07.2023

I know that you know that google is smart. But if you want to make a fool out of google, search for this – “monkey holding a box.” Now go to the image search results, and you will see a black youngster holding a box.

Wait, wait, wait. Google has rectified that mistake. Now it is a man, even a woman, in one of the search results.

When did Google start to give you such stupid results? Indeed, it is an error of the Google crawler. But, this error makes a sad joke on those who appear on the search results for this particular keyword. Why is it happening? What’s the story?

Let’s find out in this article.

What Is The Video Of “A Monkey Holding A Box”?  

If you have come across a video containing a “black monkey holding a box” or a box created in the shape of a monkey, you might have heard that it is a sad joke.

This is the funniest as well as the ironic part. Many people on the Internet will consider this video a sad joke. On the other hand, there shall be others who will dismiss the video as an error on the part of Google.The truth is that a human uploaded this video, and the video is mainly about another human. Didn’t get it? Read along…

Search Engines & Google  

monkey holding a box

When I searched ‘monkey holding a box’ on Google, I saw a thumbnail of a YouTube video on the SERP. The thumbnail had Dwayne the Rock Johnson. But, other answers to this query are saying that google used to show a video in the search result for this keyword.

Instead of showing a monkey doing what monkeys do, Google shows you irrelevant videos and pictures of people holding boxes.

Most people around the world use Google, Yahoo, Bing, and similar other search engines because the bots behind them are trustworthy and they show relevant search results. Also, these search engines are more accurate than individuals sometimes. But, the recent sad joke or fun search (whatever you may call it) has jeopardized that trust.

Google does not know the difference between a monkey and a boy holding a box (gosh, Google will see this).

A funny part is that all the search engines apart from Google are following the lead of the latter. Earlier, only Google used to show the video in its search engine.

However, if you are looking to find an image of “a monkey doing monkey things,” you will not get this image on the search engine. On the contrary, the query that you are searching on Google will tempt or enable you to click on a video or image that is not relevant to what you are searching for. You will find a YouTube video containing a box in the shape of a monkey.

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Errors Regarding Monkey Holding A Box  

monkey holding a box

So, why did this keyword become such a fuss? And why are people making fun of Google for not understanding a keyword? Well, the reason is – google has shown wrong (irrelevant) results for this keyword. The video is irrelevant as per the search query posted by the users, and this is one of the major factors that is making the video a bit controversial, and of course, viral.

When you search on google using the term – monkey holding a box, what do you expect to see? Most people will answer – with the picture of a monkey holding a box. Or a video of a monkey holding or playing with a box.

When you ask google, this is the common response you are expecting. However, for this keyword, the result is quite different and sad (or should I say funny?). Instead of seeing a monkey doing a monkey thing, you see a black boy holding a box; or Dwayne Johnson for me.

While people have their reasons to judge, we should also know that google bots don’t work using common sense. They have their algorithms to judge a search and show results accordingly. Google has only one relevance correct, which is showing the boy carrying a box. But, it was supposed to be a monkey.

Not Provoking Google, But This Needs Work   

monkey holding a box

The search engine works to understand the needs of the people and provide them with what they are looking for. The search engines (Google and others) keep finding different ways to understand the relevance between the searches and the search results.

For this effort, Google has to use different methods. Some of these methods use keywords, tags, and social signals. In most cases, these elements (keywords, tags, and other similar indicators) create the right signal for the web crawlers. But, sadly, for ‘Monkey Carrying a box,” the optimizer have failed– miserably.

What Are The Real Reasons Behind This Error?   

So, when you search for a monkey holding a box, you see a boy holding a box instead of a monkey. Why did such a mistake occur? Well, here are the reasons for that –

It was probably because of a wrong picture published with that keyword or tag. To the person who posted the picture, the analogy might have seemed funny. Another reason could be that he was trying to see if he could rank his video on top with that keyword. He wanted the web crawler or the google algorithm to see how he could rank his content on google.

Yet another question that comes to the fore that how search engines are failing to recognize that it was a boy holding a box in the shape of a monkey, and it is not about a “monkey holding a box.” The main reason behind this is that the video is named “Monkey holding a box,” as the person who posted the video named it that way.

Why is it so? – Well, the person might have thought that the analogy behind this video is funny. On the other hand, the person might also be checking the web-crawling algorithm of the Google Search Engine to check whether the video ranks on top of search results or not.

But things did not go that way, as the search results got weird, as the search query became more popular as per the Google algorithm. However, nowadays, people are typing search queries specifically to check whether the video is really there and whether the video is really about a boy or not.

What Is The Worst Part?

Well, here is the worst part. This video was recorded because the You tuber was looking for an image with that keyword, and they found this picture with a black boy carrying a box. The worst part of it was that the image of the boy holding a box was titled with that funny wrong keyword, “ monkey holding a box.”

The YouTuber unveiled the racism that was the main reason behind this incident. He wanted to show the racism behind this by making a video on it. The wrongdoing was to categorize the boy’s picture with the keyword “monkey holding a box.”

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Final Words   

The video of Monkey Holding a box is ranking on the top page of google. Soon, other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also caught up with the trend and are showing the same video on the top.

The main reason behind this might be for going to the top of the search engine. However, it is inappropriate to dub a human a monkey. I hope you have found the proper explanation for your queries. However, if you have any further queries, you can ask them in the comment section.

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