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What Is Pinterest Marketing? How To Do Pinterest Marketing?

Every time I tap on the Pinterest app on my phone, I am lost in its aesthetic world of colorful content and end up wondering about the subtle yet definitive benefits of Pinterest marketing. The application has over 250 million users, and 90% of those users have also claimed that they make buying decisions on Pinterest regularly.

In this context, it becomes challenging for marketers to avoid Pinterest, and why should they when so many users spend hours on Pinterest? Moreover, with the introduction of Pinterest affiliate marketing, marketers have more reason to figure out a strategy for creating relevant content and advertising on this platform.

What Is Pinterest Marketing?

What Is Pinterest Marketing

Not many people know this, but Pinterest is a social media platform but a little different from regular social media platforms. However, Pinterest marketing is not that different from marketing on other platforms. More than an engagement-driven approach, Pinterest banks heavily on visually appealing content.

When you open the app, instead of interacting with other users, you will spend all your time exploring content, and sometimes you might like something so much that you will be tempted to buy from the app. Thus, it is clear that Pinterest has one of a kind approach that’s a good mix of psychology and a unique business model.

Even though the platform has many users, most have no idea how to use Pinterest for marketing and probably had no clue that affiliate marketing on Pinterest exists. But, again, the app is designed to pull you with its plethora of content and not via engagements or interactions.

How To Do Pinterest Marketing?

How To Do Pinterest Marketing

The idea of Pinterest marketing is not a difficult feat to achieve. It is uncommon but not impossible because once you crack the Pinterest algorithm, you will understand the sheer potential of the platform. Think about it – a platform known just for visually appealing content convincing people to buy and that too without any interaction.

Follow the steps below to understand how to do Pinterest marketing successfully.

1. Content Distribution

Most of us visit Pinterest for its visual content, which makes the platform a great place for distributing your content, even if your content is a simple blog. In addition, users can click on the link function to visit the site, a feature that Instagram questionably lacks to date.

Pinterest also allows users to create boards for saving and distributing your content. Moreover, you can have several boards and even categorize them according to themes, ideas, inspirations, and the like. This makes it easy for your audience to find your content on the platform and helps you even invite users to join the boards.

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2. Community Building

Without building a strong community on Pinterest, you will not be able to optimize your Pinterest marketing techniques. In addition, your Pinterest community can easily keep a count of your followers who interact with your pins, and in turn, visit your website – this helps you keep track of who is visiting your website as well.

Every month nearly 335 million users visit Pinterest. Instead of using the platform like a billboard and engaging in one-way communication, the trick is to convert your Pinterest feed into a two-way communication space for users to come across your content and interact with it.

3. Boost Website Traffic And Sales

It is interesting to note that Pinterest allows users to link your content with a different website. As a result, you can distribute both visual and written content conveniently for you to link with other websites and drive traffic consequently. This is such a fresh change from Instagram – cross-promotion across channels is extremely useful, and Pinterest is helpful in that aspect.

Naturally, when website traffic is boosted, online sales are also enhanced. This is very true for Pinterest because users come across products, click on the link, and then many impulse buyers end up purchasing the product. It’s a psychological approach, and Pinterest marketing is not very far from this approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Do You Mean By Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing refers to a marketing strategy that plans and implements measures to include the Pinterest platform in improving the brand presence of your business online. Although not as popular as Instagram and Facebook, a good Pinterest marketing strategy is vital for overall social media success.

2. What Is Pinterest, And How Does It Work?

The best way to explain the Pinterest app to anyone is by explaining how it acts as a source of inspiration. Designed as a visually appealing application with pins on anything and everything, the platform lets users create pins, save or download pins and take as much inspiration as they want.

3. How Do I Create A Pinterest Strategy?

Create a powerful Pinterest strategy by following the steps mentioned below,

  • Use top-quality photos and videos.
  • Be consistent with posting your pins.
  • Your content must be relevant.
  • Use Pinterest analytics to analyze pins daily and boost your Pinterest marketing Techniques.

4. What Are The Basic Steps In Creating A Pinterest Marketing Campaign?

The basic steps behind creating a successful Pinterest marketing campaign are as follows,

  • Install the app on your smartphone and log into your Pinterest business account.
  • Select the ‘Ads’ option and click on the ‘create ad’ button.
  • Choose a goal under the ‘choose campaign objective button.’
  • In the previous step, you can also choose to set the budget.
  • Lastly, tap on the ‘continue’ button and create the campaign before creating the ad groups.


Now that you know that Pinterest is much more than an aesthetic source for inspiration learning the basics of Pinterest marketing can only help you understand the platform more efficiently. Think about it. Since it’s still relatively new, if you get on board now, it can only prove to be beneficial for you!

For instance, if you love affiliate marketing but do not know how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing, it is high time you figure out the affiliate marketing on the platform. So what are you waiting for? With the help of Pinterest marketing, transform your scrolling disease and impulse buying habits into something productive today!

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