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4 SEO Facts All Businesses Should Know



SEO should be an integral component of every brand’s digital marketing campaign. From small businesses to large corporations, it is the only way to ensure you come out on top.

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, search engine optimization can be a mystery. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about SEO and how it can boost your business today.

1. Voice-Activated Searches Are Increasing

As technological advancements continue to expand, voice-activated commands are increasing in popularity. The number of devices and apps offering voice-enabled functions has exploded in recent years.

Investing in this type of software could increase your SEO and boost overall brand awareness. Smart speakers are controlled by voice commands. They allow homeowners the opportunity to perform a web search without the need for manual input.

By ensuring your site offers voice-activated functionality, you can expand your reach to a wider range of potential customers.

2. Paid Ads Are Usually Ignored

Users tend to ignore paid advertisements and focus on organic results. Ads generated as a result of your personal browsing history are more likely to correspond with your current hobbies and interests.

Paid ads can be a waste of valuable time and money otherwise better spent on a digital marketing campaign more likely to increase SEO and generate sales. Oversaturation and sensory overload can lead users to unintentionally ignore the never-ending list of ads that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

By adjusting your content marketing and cleverly redesigning your ads, you can increase site traffic and improve brand loyalty. A digital marketing company offering SEO Manchester based or elsewhere can deliver exceptional results guaranteed to expand your business.

3. Social Media Is One Of The Best Forms Of Digital Marketing

While social media presence does not directly impact SEO, links shared across various social media channels can increase brand exposure. Social media pages also tend to rank highly in search engines.

Links shared across various social media channels have the potential to drive traffic to your site and generate a profit. Creating engaging content that draws your customers in also helps you form lasting relationships with your clients. Competition is fierce on social media.

A social presence is no longer enough to ensure you come out on top. A high-quality digital marketing campaign with consistently engaging content delivered by a reputable SEO Agency can build brand awareness and boost SEO.

4. Google Dominates The Search Engine Market

In order to rank highly amongst search engine results, you must dominate the highest-performing search engines. Google has consistently dominated the search engine market for decades and is projected to continue to do so.

Knowing how to land on the first page of search engine results can be the difference between your brand floating to the top of the pile and falling behind the curve. There is no foolproof way to boost your SEO but improving your Google rankings can be a good place to start.

SEO can be a slow process. By knowing the facts, you can speed up the process and boost brand awareness.

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