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Snapchat Ghost Mode: How Do I Activate It, How Is It Helpful



Location sharing is a common feature on so many social media platforms nowadays! Some messaging apps even allow users to share their location with other users; they are mostly used for navigation. Did you know that Snapchat ghost mode is one such feature?

If you are one of the users who wonder how to turn on ghost mode on snapchat, we’re here with an answer! The following guide will take you through a step-by-step process of activating the ghost mode on Snapchat and getting ghostin’!

You may wonder about its safety and if at all it should be used. This article will share everything about this feature. Read till the end to know if there is a risk of using snapchat ghost mode.

What Is Snapchat Ghost Mode? 

What Is Snapchat Ghost Mode

If you are wondering what the ghost mode on Snap is, let me explain it to you. The ghost mode on Snap helps hide your Location on the Snap Map – another one of its many features. The latter is how your friends and often strangers can see where you are only when you upload a public story.   

Ghost mode may come from the urban term ghosting when people abandon someone else without warning. The Snapchat ghost mode is a great feature for hiding the Location from your friends and anyone else using Snap Map. 

With the help of this feature, you can avoid the unwanted attention that may come your way. This is similar to people ghosting in real life, where you cut ties when the vibe is off because sharing how you feel can seem awkward. You turn on the snapchat ghost mode when you no longer want to share your Location with those in your account. 

You could remove them from your list, but how will the snap score increase? A common dilemma we Genz’s find ourselves in. Some people may realize later that they no longer want to share the Location with others. 

Who Finds It Useful? 

Who Finds It Useful

The Snap Map feature was introduced in 2017. The feature was well-received by Snapchat users as it allowed them to see what was happening around them, inspiring them to go on adventures. 

The snapchat user may not be comfortable sharing their exact Location (which is justified.) If you have watched enough crime shows and read news about the wrong use of such features, you would know that it is not the best option to share one’s live Location all the time with everyone. 

Remember that using Snap Map is a great feature when you want to explore nearby places. The feature also helps you make Snap friends outside your circle and even your country! 

You can also enjoy sightseeing through your phone, which can be fun on boring days when you are done with all the mundane tasks of your daily life. 

The Snapchat ghost mode is a great feature, but due to the increase in cybercrimes, it is also an area of concern. With smart use of the feature, you can find effective ways to use it and connect better with people worldwide. 

Are you curious about how to turn on ghost mode on snapchat? Let’s look at all the steps that can help you successfully set up ghost mode.  

Enabling Ghost Mode: How Do You Turn On Ghost Mode On Snapchat?

Enabling Ghost Mode

Snapchat ghost mode is easy to turn on when you follow our simple steps below: 

  • Open the app on your mobile device. 
  • You will find the camera screen when the app launches successfully. 
  • Next, swipe right twice from the camera screen to open Snap Map. Alternatively, you can find a location tag or a pushpin icon on your left side. 
  • You will see the Snap Map on your screen now. It will resemble a map with your friends’ avatars on display. 
  • You will also find different icons on the screen. Find the gear icon that implies the Snap Map settings. 

You’ll find the first option to be in Snapchat ghost mode. This option will help in turning the Ghost mode on for your account.

Voila! Your Location is now not visible to your friends or anyone using the Snap Map. 

When you toggle the button, you will find three options that let you choose the duration for which this mode will be turned on. 

You can either be in Ghost mode for 3 hours, 24 hours or until you turn it off manually. 

These options give you the specific time you will stay off the grid.

These are the steps to help you turn snapchat ghost mode on your mobile device or PC. 

Additional Steps To Guard Your Safety: Other Privacy Settings on Snap Map

Additional Steps To Guard Your Safety

There are also other privacy settings that you can choose from. For example, you can choose who you share your Location with. 

You can share your Location with all your Snapchat friends or with any future friends. However, this will not make your stories or Location visible to people you did not add to the account. 

One more option is to share the Location with friends, but you can restrict some, barring them from viewing your Location. You can also exclude some of your Snapchat friends so that only specific friends can see your Location. 

This ensures that your Location is safe and that your privacy is prioritized. The feature allows only the information you select to be shared with people you choose to share it with. Thus, there isn’t any specific place to be scared about the risk.  

Live Location Feature: What Else Can I Do? 

Live Location Feature

The live location feature allows you to let your friends know about your whereabouts, especially if you are at a cool place! Gives you a few brownie points in your group, but it is not always safe to do that. 

It can go wrong in many ways, and I do not need to list them for you in this article. The live location feature allows you to share your real-time Location with friends. Hopefully, that bit will be clear by now. 

But if you still don’t see the i you. This puts the user (you) at risk as you share your Location openly. However, there is a way to control that as well. 

You can further take the snapchat ghost mode by turning on the Hide My Live Location. This is present under the Ghost mode option in the Snap Map settings. 

The Hide My Live Location setting hides it from all your friends. However, your last Location on the map will still be visible. This will help you take care of the real-time risk of sharing your live Location. 

To share your live Location with selected people while the ghost mode is on can be done in the following ways: 

  • While on the Snap Map screen, tap on the gear icon.
  • You will see the location settings on your screen. 
  • Toggle off the Hide My Live Location. 
  • Next, you can see the share my live location option come to life.
  • Then, either use the “Quick share” option or manually select the friends you want to share the Location with. 

Risks of Location Sharing on Snap Map

There are a few risks you can anticipate with the snapchat ghost mode if you choose to share your Location with selected people. These are some common risks: 

The potential risk of sharing your Location with everyone on Snap Map. 

You should know how to protect your privacy by thoroughly reading the article. 

Bonus: Don’t Want Your Location To Be Shared Anyhow? 

You can check out these steps if you don’t like social media apps tracking your every move. Here’s how you can stop Snapchat, including almost any other app, from accessing your Location: 

Android users, listen up! 

  • Open the settings on your device menu. Scroll down and tap on Apps. Alternatively, you can tap the search button and look up “Apps.” It will show you the required option.  
  • Scroll down and find Snapchat on the list. Tap on it, and you will see the “App info.”
  • Tap on Permissions and find Location from the menu in front of you. 
  • Check the settings and change it to Don’t allow. 
  • Don’t worry, iOS Users. Here’s the instruction for you
  • Open Settings and tap on Snapchat 
  • Tap on Location, and you’ll see different options in front of you 
  • Tap on Never and close the settings.

Et Voila! Your Location is now saved from the prying eyes of creeps on the internet! 

Wrapping It Up! 

In conclusion, snapchat ghost mode is an easy feature to find and use. The feature is something that can be fun when used correctly. Your privacy concerns are valid, and you can take advantage of Snapchat’s privacy options. 

So, whether you are a snapchat plus (Snapchat +) user or not, you can exploit the ghost mode on your device. So, if you are a user who prioritizes privacy, ghost mode on snapchat is for you! 

Be aware of the privacy settings in this article to protect your location information.

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