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7 Best Social Media Hacks To Increase Traffic In 2024!

published on: 18.01.2024 last updated on: 29.05.2024

Let’s be honest here – everyone wants a shortcut for success. Everyone wants hacks, whether by using cheat codes or learning high-level tactics earlier in video games. Therefore, understanding and using social media hacks to beat the competition is necessary to survive the fierce competition.

However, when we say hacks, we don’t mean using literal hacks and cheats like buying Twitter followers. Here, we refer to hacks as advanced tactics that the best use to reach the top.

Therefore, what do you think will happen if you have the key to Pandora’s box right from the start?

That’s why we have decided to follow the best social media experts and influencers in 2024 and learn the strategies and hacks they use for success. So, do you wish to know them too? If your answer is yes, read this post till the end!

The 7 Best Social Media Hacks For 2024 By Experts

After following famous special media influencers and some SEO masterminds (like Neil Patel), here are the best social media hacks you should incorporate in your social media strategy early on to quickly gain traffic!

Social Media Hack #1: Focus On The Platform First

Focus On The Platform First

The number of active social media users globally is increasing daily. Moreover, out of 8 billion humans, approximately six billion are active on social media daily.

However, most new wannabe influencers make the same mistake – have the same strategy for all platforms. Therefore, you must correct this since the users of each platform have different needs and preferences. 

For example, short-form content like Stories might work in TikTok and Instagram. However, you cannot say the same for YouTube. You can tell the same for learning how to go viral on TikTok by learning the best practices for social media.

Therefore, you must create different social media content strategies for each platform. In addition, you must align with the interests of your followers on that specific platform. 

Therefore, use the TikTok Creative Center and the TikTok Creator Marketplace to get the best TikTok Content Ideas

Moreover, if you are on Snapchat, use social media hacks like Snapchat Memories to engage your audience in 2024. Additionally, use Snapchat Spectacles for the best results!

Social Media Hack #2: Social Media Analytics Are Your New Best Friend

Social Media Analytics Are Your New Best Friend

Are you generating traffic from the content you post? Are they actively engaging the audience, helping you gain new followers? If the answer is no, then you need one social media hack to save you – analytics.

Social media analytics are important because they help you understand whether your Instagram influencer marketing or your TikTok influencer campaign yields any results or not. If they aren’t, you must first understand your audience better and strategize differently.

To start with such social media hacks, you must use social media management tools to understand the effectiveness of your content. Therefore, use tools like SocialBee and Vista Social. 

In addition, you must use Facebook analytics tools and invest in Twitter Analytics.

Social Media Hack #3: User-Generated Content Is Trendy Now

User-Generated Content Is Trendy Now

Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have a new trend – using User-Generated Content (UGC).  This type of content refers to creating content from feedback your followers share. 

But why is this one of the best social media hacks in 2024? It’s because you can directly refer to your followers or feature them here. 

Therefore, when your followers see themselves being featured in your content, they will appreciate you more and engage more.

Social Media Hack #4: Your Followers Love Personalized Daily Updates

Your Followers Love Personalized Daily Updates

Most experts say the same thing – love your followers, and they will love you back. 

Therefore, think of your followers as people you are supposed to love. Think of them like your family. 

Why? Because, just like your family, they want daily updates about your life behind the reels. 

Therefore, post content about yourself in your stories and reels. Since you are addressing them directly here, they will find a sense of belonging on your channel. Social media hacks like this prepare you to create a bustling online community!

Social Media Hack #5: Use A Content Calendar To Schedule Posts

Use A Content Calendar To Schedule Posts

Most new influencers on social media must follow one of the best social media hacks – a social media calendar. A content calendar, as the term says, is a calendar that outlines when what posts will get posted. In addition, it should also state why they must be posted.

Following a content calendar will give you an outline of what you must do and when. It makes strategizing easier. 

Therefore, all your team members must follow a content calendar if you run or are part of a digital marketing business. It makes them aware of their responsibilities and deadlines, making them more productive.

Social Media Hack #6: Focus On Video Content

Focus On Video Content

Unless you live under a rock, you must know that TikTok is one of the best influencer marketing platforms now. 

Therefore, its rise only means one thing – that people are more interested in short videos rather than long-form content. This is why Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and YouTube Reels are on the rise now!

Therefore, hire a good video editor and make exciting and appealing one-minute videos. Moreover, you can start using AI tools like Synthesia here to make it easier. 

Whatever you do – ensure that your brand values come across prominently through it. This is why you must moderate content on social media.

Social Media Hack #7: Don’t Forget Your Competitors

Don’t Forget Your Competitors

You must identify and follow your competitors since you are competing with them in the Instagram algorithm. You must ensure that you do so by making your content and brand unique. 

Therefore, use social media hacks like FeedHive to analyze your competitor’s content analytically. Then, follow it up by making unique content and ranking for keywords and hashtags!

Bonus Hack: Follow Influencers And Experts

Here is an interesting question for you: where do you think we got to learn about all of these social media hacks? 

The answer is very simple – we follow many influencers and social media experts. Why? It’s because influencers always follow trending social media hacks for success. Moreover, social media experts make posts about Suich’s strategic evolution. 

Just like us, you should do the same. Therefore, follow your favorite influencers and content creators. Moreover, see what kind of posts they post and understand why they are successful.


There you go, influencers! These are the best social media hacks that we guarantee will work in 2024. Whether you create a new channel or are one step away from being an official influencer, these social media hacks will significantly help you!

If you have any points to add, please comment below! Thank you for reading!

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