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12 Best Modules of Social Media Optimization



In this modern-day where technology is used on almost everything, if you intend to grow or even enhance your company’s online presence, social media optimization is one of the things you need to keep close to you.

As they say, social media optimization in enhancing a company’s online presence is like salt on fries and hence has to be considered with a lot of seriousness.

Whether you intend to strengthen your brand, increase or generate leads or even connect with your audience, in some cases, the success of all these endeavors depends on how well you can optimize the use of social media.

Social media optimization comes with so many benefits that range from increased internet search rankings to many others. 

Many people believe that the use of social media optimization is such a complicated thing to carry out, so many avoid it. However, this is not the case.

Even though some processes might appear to make the process somehow complicated, it is not entirely complicated, you only need to start with what you have, and you will make this entire process a success. 

We can talk about social media optimization so much that first, let’s begin by looking at what social media optimization is. We are doing this to help you understand social media optimization from the onset before moving to other things of the essence in this same regard.

What is Social Media Optimization?

What is Social Media OptimizationIt will not be right to say that social media only has one definition, that is not correct. The definition of this phrase depends on so many things and people.

However, in this case, we only will look at the best and most ideal definition that best suits this phrase, or at least for this discussion.

According to Techopedia, social media optimization is creating content that is then shared through social media networks. Many people consider it to be an art form as opposed to being super technical.

In the simplest terms, social media optimization refers to the art of optimizing a website’s content with the view of encouraging the sharing of links across all the social networking platforms we have around.

Without social media optimization, your brand will have poor or, in some cases, no online visibility at all. With a situation for your brand, the repercussions will be catastrophic.

First, your chances of converting leads and later on making money will be so low, which is something that many people will be looking to avoid at all costs.

Therefore, with this in mind, it is right to say that any business that is focused and committed to making conversions and increasing its revenue should consider the issue of social media optimization seriously.

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Importance of Taking Care of Social Media Optimization

Importance of Taking Care of Social Media OptimizationMany of you will ask this question, is it really essential to give any care to social media optimization.

Well, even though it might seem like a less ideal move for many small businesses, it is one that has to be considered for those that firmly believe that their success will largely depend on their activities on social media.

Well, just in case you doubt the significance and value of social media optimization to your business and brand, then you need to listen to this.

According to research that was carried out on social media trends, it was found that up to 75% of the people purchased a good or even went for service because they saw it on social media.

That is not all; the research went ahead to reveal that another 57% of the people are likely to purchase a product from the brand they follow.

Therefore, this explains the essence of social media optimization and why brands need to consider it seriously.

However, it is also important that you be reminded of how to go about this process. It is not just any other posting that will work for you, but only the best will do.

1. Choosing the Best Channels

Choosing the Best ChannelsAccording to another research on the same issue carried out by Adweek, it was found that up to 61% of consumers will opt for unfollowing those brands whose content they believe or consider to be irrelevant.

Another percentage of about 20% will also unfollow those businesses who share content that appears to be boring and repetitive in some ways. 

These revelations serve as a perfect call to action and a challenge to most businesses to not just come up with any content but do so with that which will resonate perfectly well with the target audience.

With such content, you will not just be able to command a following on social media. Still, you will also be able to make conversions out of the same, thanks to this social media optimization tactic.

Depending on the kind of business you intend to promote through social media marketing, it is essential for you to seriously consider the kinds of platforms you intend to use for this course.

Always consider working with those channels that will work well for your business and deliver the most ROI to your company. 

We firmly believe that with adherence to these modules, you will be able to make the most out of any social media optimization plans and make the most money out of them.

2. Ensure Your Content are Video Friendly

Ensure Your Content are Video FriendlyVideos form the present and the future of the online world. Many people prefer watching new fresh, and eye-catching visual content that offers a proper social media optimization strategy.

Because of this, many businesses are focused on the success of video marketing so much these days.

One thing about videos is that they are so good at marketing brands and engaging the online followers we have on the many social media platforms.

However, to come with a video that wins people’s hearts, you need to be very careful and creative and make sure that whatever video you come up with is the best. 

3. Take Part in Group Participations

Many people make the mistake of thinking that social media is all about posting content and offers; that is not the case if you think those are the best social media optimization tips.

It goes way more and beyond that to bonding and also being able to interact with the community in the right way. If you are not doing this in the right way, then we have chances that you will end being hurt in the long run.

Group participation can help you establish a rapport between you and the community and, more particularly, the local businesses.

The bottom line in this case is or should be the more you participate or engage with your audience, the better you are likely to make your social media optimization campaign.

4. Consider Influencing Marketing

Consider Influencing MarketingIf you have no idea or, by some chance, you have not had anything about influencer marketing; you need to keep a very close eye on the current social media trends.

If you are looking for a powerful way that you can use to create a buzz around your brand and also establish trust, then influencer marketing is something you need to consider seriously. 

The logic around this issue is elementary when a company talks about marketing, but it is very believable when a pear talks about it.

This, therefore, makes it wise to consider the issue of influencer marketing seriously, especially for those brands or people who are asking what is smo in digital marketing.

5. Prove to People That You Know Your Stuff So Well 

People are naturally going to consider following a company that they consider an authority in that area or niche. The trick here is to show people that you are an expert and come for more from your company.

The best way to go about this is by starting with a blog and then focus on how to relate content about your industry even as you go about full form.

One perfect example that best gives a picture of this is when you are a moving company and major in producing content related to the packing of stuff.

The worst mistake that you can ever think of or even make is coming up with a blog that only talks about your business but is not informative in any way. 

6. Do Not Ignore the Power of Hashtags

Do Not Ignore the Power of HashtagsAs said above, do not make the mistake of ignoring the power of hashtags. Hashtags make it much easier for your targeted demographic to find you.

The greatest contribution of hashtags in social media optimization is that they create such a proper engagement and a buzz around your brand.

However, much as this is the case with hashtags, you need to look for those hashtags that perfectly work for your industry and your business profile as a social media optimization company.

One way that you can use to come up with the best hashtags is by adding those hashtags that are most relevant to your industry.

The idea or the trick here is to make sure that the right people see you. In this business, it is not just about being seen by many people, but rather about being seen by the right people.

This is why you need to consider coming up with hashtags that suit your business profile and make you see the most out of smo in digital marketing.

7. Have the Right Knowledge About What to Post and How to do so

If you want to have your posts more engaging, then at least have an apparent view of the content you intend to post and, more particularly, that resonates well with your audience.

Therefore, before putting your teams together and trying to develop ideas, take time to research what people hope or want to see from you. 

We have so much uncontrolled information around about the frequency of posting content on social media platforms and social media optimization techniques in general.

Some insist that posting should be done daily, while others interpret frequency to mean now and then.

For many businesses, posting daily is what you need to do if you need to see a proper impact on your posting.

Below that might mean that your online presence will be reduced, and you might not benefit as per the plan or projection. 

8. Make Use of Very Powerful Call to Actions 

Very Powerful Call to Actions It is not a very bad idea to direct your users on what to do after an online engagement with them; after all, this is one of SMO marketing roles.

The calls to action can vary in so many ways, from writing a comment to following your brand on many other social media platforms, among others.

The Facebook new call to action feature urges or encourages the audiences to interact with the other businesses.

For the best digital marketing platform mention, this is one of the best places where you can place your call-to-action button. 

9. Update Your Profiles Constantly

Update Your Profiles ConstantlyNothing is going to be detrimental to your social media optimization efforts other than outdated social media profiles. What such a profile does is that they create doubt amongst your potential clients who tend to doubt if your business still exists or not.

As a business person and more so that who seeks to make the most out of social media optimization, you do not want people to question your business’s existence. Thus, you need to avoid having outdated profiles on your profile now and then. 

10. Giving Incentives Is Not A Very Bad Idea

If we have any key to social media optimization, then growing your follower base and offering incentives is the best way to go about this. Consider issuing a giveaway or even offering a discount code for just liking and also sharing a post.

When people share your post with others, your social page stands the best chance of getting more viewers. This, for the longest period of time, has been one of the surest ways of bringing attention to the social pages. 

11. Try Being Keyword Friendly 

There is a minimal difference between social media optimization and search engine optimization. Hence, it would help if you used some relevant keywords that give the best description and definition of your business that people can find with ease.

You can choose to put these keywords into profiles, your bio, and sections in any of the posts you make. However, even as you do or go about this, you need to go about this process in a much organic way. 

12. Consider Having Quality Keyword Visual Content 

You definitely will not have people tune in to your content if all it has is poor content. Any content you post has to be of the highest quality possible with the best visuals as well. Many people look at the graphics before reading a post, which is why you need not ignore the issue of visuals. 

According to HubSpot, when visual content is paired with written content, most readers retain 65% of the information up to three days later. It is, therefore, essential to consider having the best visual content for your social media engagements. 


If you choose to deal with social media optimization, you need to consider the best practices in this regard. We have so many shabby optimization techniques in this business that might not get you so far, which you need to stay away from.

In the article above, we have tried our best to offer you some of the best practices that you can use to thrive with social media optimization.

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