StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar

StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar: Which Platform Should You Choose?



Do you want to make the best webinar for your audience? Then you need to choose a great automated webinar platform. And given the wide variety of choices out there, it can be hard to make the right decision.

To save you from the hassle of doing so, we’ve listed the features of Stealthseminar vs. EverWebinar — two of the best webinar platforms in the market.

What is Stealth Seminar?

What is Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar is a webinar software that allows you to put your efforts on autopilot. Apart from easing the tasks of uploading automated webinars and conducting a live webinar, it can also help you with event creation and just-in-time scheduling.

Stealth Seminar can also help you acquire leads with its registration pages, customized templates, email and SMS tools, and CTAs. With its social media tools, live chat, Q&A, and polls and surveys, you can boost your business even more.

If it’s your first time to make webinars, Stealth Seminar provides free resources and coaching to help you out. That way, you can create a webinar that helps you achieve your business goals.

As a bonus, this webinar platform can also help you optimize your results. Since it provides all the metrics you need, it can help you refine your business to make it more profitable.

What is EverWebinar?

What is EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a program that can help you earn more without working more.

As with most webinar platforms, it enables you to create presentations that convey a live webinar feel. The company makes this possible through the following features:

  • High-definition 30 FPS audio and video broadcasting
  • Flexible scheduling for automated webinars
  • On-demand webinars for immediate conversions
  • Live chat (with simulator feature) to answer questions ASAP
  • Polls and surveys to promote interactions with the audience
  • Split testing to determine the best-automated webinar for conversions
  • Active offers that draw immediate purchase and sign-ups
  • Email and SMS system for subscriber management
  • Analytics and metrics for your webinars

Stealth Seminar vs. EverWebinar: Which Should You Choose?

Now that you know more about these two webinar software programs, it’s time to see which is better in this EverWebinar vs. Stealth Seminar head-to-head:


Stealth Seminar offers a free trial for beginners, as well as monthly plans. Prices range from $69.95 (Starter) to $135 (Growth).

As for EverWebinar, plans are only available on a per-year basis. Prices range from $199 (Installment) to $799 for two years (Biennial). It also offers a free trial and 14-day access for only $1.

Winner: Stealth Seminar. EverWebinar might be cheaper in the long run, but if you don’t want to sign up for a year, then you’re better off with Stealth Seminar. Although the latter seems more expensive, the fees cover things you have to pay for in EverWebinar. These include streaming fees, professional encoding, and bandwidth detection, to name a few.


Both programs offer just-in-time scheduling, automated polls, and automated or live chat. But the similarities stop there.

The Stealth Seminar webinar software comes with built-in Facebook and social media reminders, registration pages, and call-to-action windows. It also offers attendee help and unlimited file sharing for live webinars, helping convert more attendees during your automated webinar session.

Winner: Stealth Seminar. If you want to boost your conversions, it’s best to get this comprehensive automated webinar software.

Webinar Software Customization:

When it comes to customization, EverWebinar lags behind the competition. That’s because Stealth Seminar comes with more features, like a marketing webhook, timer and date widgets, custom CSS, and worldwide language support.

Winner: Stealth Seminar. If you want to create an automated webinar unlike any other, you need to set up this platform on your PC. With its long list of customization features, your webinars are sure to be distinct compared to others.


It’s essential to measure the statistics of your automated webinars as they can help improve your content. Both webinar platforms make this possible with the same webinar dollar stats.

Stealth Seminar, however, goes the extra mile with its UTM parameter tracking, automated and replay stats, active attendee metrics, and tracking-friendly URLs.

Winner: Stealth Seminar. While webinar dollar stats are the way to go, you need more. With Stealth Seminar, you can learn everything so that you can refine your webinars further.

The Verdict for Stealth Seminar vs. EverWebinar:

When it comes to your webinar needs, Stealth Seminar is the best platform to use. For one, it offers many features that help you convert more leads, such as registration pages, CTAs, and social media reminders.

It also comes with various customization features and several other metrics that can finetune your webinar and business performance. And while it appears more expensive at first, it covers more services vs. EverWebinar.

In conclusion, it is the program that provides the best value for your hard-earned money.

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