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The agreement and terms of use of Social Media Magazine are between Social Media Magazine and you the “user” or “you.” This document has the terms and conditions that will govern usability of this website. These terms of use will apply when you communicate with this site, so you need to read them with care. There will be different terms of use and you need to go through this page carefully to understand what will be expected of you so as to avoid any form of violation.

Commenting Policy

We encourage users of this site to stick to the topic. We support thoughtful, focused comments, and discussions that relate or respond to a particular subject, an upcoming event, or a new initiative. Comments which derail our conversations and those which do not relate to our content may be removed.

You need to be respectful by not misleading anybody regarding the origination of your content and identity, or claim to represent an organization or individual falsely. You should not transmit or post any content, message, or link that you do not own or have no right to post. Do not post a message which violates any rule, regulation, or law, or a third-party right which promotes illegal conduct or activity which would contravene any statute, rule, or law or a third party right.

Do not transmit content which is hateful, abusive, discriminatory, homophobic, aggressive, malicious, violent, threatening, harassing, sexist, indecent, inflammatory, defamatory, tortious, misleading, knowing false, vulgar, deceptive, obscene, scandalous, offensive, profane, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable.

Do not post messages which incite racism, hatred, physical harm or bigotry of any kind. The message should not also be unauthorized or unsolicited, such as unauthorized advertising, junk mail, chain letters, spam, promotional material, or any other solicitation form. It should not be in breach of confidence. You should not also include personal information about other people. Do not post any message which will make us liable or any other person under the law of intellectual property.

We might not respond to posts that violate the above guidelines, but we will notify your social media provider of this violation. In the event we suffer damages or costs resulting from your activity, you will have to cover these losses. The views other people express on our site are personal, and we do not endorse them. We do not also approve any activities or events posted by the users.

Social Media Magazine supports a diverse, equitable, and a respectful social environment which is free of harassment and discrimination. Any conduct which is harassing and discriminatory will be blocked, and the user will be banned from using our site. We have the right of not keeping any content you post on the site, and to move, edit, and remove, at any time, as long as the content does not comply with our terms and conditions.

You should avoid posting confidential or personal information because the public can access our social accounts.

Do not ask for or solicit personal information from people through our site. Any post containing personal data will be removed.

If you choose to talk to us through the social media site, note that we do not have any control over the channel and we will not take the liability of how we will treat your information. Please be careful!

Restrictions of Use

You may only use our site for purposes that this site permits. You need to understand that the warranty of Social Media Magazine will not cover you for any purpose which is prohibited or unlawful by these conditions, terms, and notices. You do not have the authority to authorize another party to co-brand our site, or frame this site, or download content from our site without authorization from Social Media Magazine.

For purposes of our terms of use, displaying a name, logo, or trademark is part of co-branding, and other means identification or attribution of parties in a manner that will give them an impression they can publish, distribute, or display the content of the site within site. You, therefore, agree to be in cooperation with Social Media Magazine to remedy or prevent unauthorized use. Additionally, you will not use our site in a manner that could damage, overburden, disable, or interfere with the website or any other party’s enjoyment and use. Do not obtain any content, information, or material that is not made available by the site.

Termination of Access

Social Media Magazine reserves the right to terminate your access in its sole discretion on the site and related services at any time without giving notice.

Links to Other Websites

This site might have links which point to other sites not maintained by Social Media Magazine. These links might be helpful to you, but we need to be clear that by providing a link to these sites, it does not imply that we recommend this site to you. You need to know that such links are given to users as a service, and they do not have an affiliation with our site. Social Media Magazine has not reviewed these sites and does not take responsibility for the content on such sites. Access to these links is done at owner’s risk, and Social Media Magazine makes no warranties or representations about completeness, content, or accuracy of the sites in the links.

We produce this link as a form of convenience and including these links to our site does not imply endorsement by our site. Since these sites are maintained and operated by other people, we do not guarantee that the link will still be operational when you click on it. And so, you need to decide if you will follow the link or agree to rely on the service or content provided by such websites.

Proprietary Information

The content and material accessible from our site plus any other website owned, licensed, operated, or controlled by us is the exclusive info on Social Media Magazine or the party which licensed or provided the content to us has the right to the information. This content, however, may not be distributed, copied, uploaded, republished, or transmitted in any manner without written consent from Social Media Magazine. You may, however, print a copy of this information for personal use or re-post one image and a maximum of one hundred words. When you do so, you will not alter or remove, or cause it to be removed. You will not use or modify the content on the site as provided for in terms of use. Neither intellectual property nor rights are transferable to you by visiting this site.

Limitation of Non-Commercial and Personal Use

Social Media Magazine website is for non-commercial and personal use, unless when specified. You will not use this site for other purposes including commercial purposes without the express consent from us. You will not copy, modify, distribute, display, perform, send, reproduce, license, publish, create derivative works, or sell content, software, information, services or products from our website unless these terms permit.


The site of Social Media Magazine might have bulletin board services, forums, comment boxes, message boards, chat areas, communities, newsgroups, personal web pages, calendars, and other communication facilities for allowing you communicate with groups or the internet community. You will only use the communication service for posting, sending and receiving messages, and content which is related to the specified communication service.

Agreeing to the terms of communication means that you will not send, submit, and post material that you do not have right to post that might belong to other people. You should not post material that advocates for illegal discussion or activity with the intention of committing criminal actions. Avoid posting material which is obscene, vulgar, indecent, or pornographic. Do not post material which does not relate to this site.

Avoid sending messages that threaten, defames, libels stalks, and invades privacy, offensive, racist, and abusive. Do not post information which seeks to harm or exploit children through exposure to inappropriate content. Avoid posting information that solicits funds, advertisers and asks for sponsors. Avoid posting info that advertises a commercial endeavor except when authorized by the site.

Avoid posting information with the aim of disrupting the normal flow of dialogue or information which may cause other parties not to type. Desist from posting information that has mp3 files. Avoid messages which disobey any regulations and policy including the code of conduct guidelines provided by the site. Lastly, you will have to avoid hyperlinks which point to other sites which fall into the above category.

Social Media Magazine reserves the right to monitor site usage to determine terms of use compliance and the right of refusing or removing information for certain reasons. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the communication services at whichever time without providing a notice. We also reserve the right to disclose necessary information to satisfy the application of regulations, law, and legal procedures upon request by the government.

Material posted for communication may be subject to limits on use, dissemination, and reproduction, and downloading. You will remain responsible for all the content you post. The site and any other third party will not assume any liability on submission. Hosts and managers are not authorized to speak on behalf of Social Media Magazine.

Limitation of Liability

Social Media Magazine, its affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, content providers, service providers, agents, officers, employees, and directors will not bear any liability whether direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, actual, consequential, and exemplary to damages. Other losses include loss of income or revenue, emotional distress, pain, and suffering, or any other harm.

We are also not liable for damages that result from costs, expenses, profits, business harm, reputation, business interruption, loss of programs or information, loss of goodwill, loss of intangible and tangible property, legal costs and fees, wastage of office and management time, and damages of any kind.

We will not take liability basing on broken contracts, negligence, tort, or any legal basis arising from or in conjunction with our social site. We will also not be liable for linked social platforms and websites, or any of the content or services of the site even if Social Media Magazine has the advice of such loss or damage, or if the damage is foreseeable.


Unless Social Media Magazine and you enter into a written agreement contract for your content which states otherwise, you grant Social Media Magazine your perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to reproduce, use, publish, modify, and display content that you provide.

Social Media Magazine will not treat any submission as private and confidential and can use any submission in the site without incurring liabilities of any kind. Social Media Magazine will treat your personal information by the terms of use.

Warranty Disclaimer

Using our social media site and contents on it is at your risk. The site and materials are available “as is.” You need to understand that Social Media Magazine does not and cannot warrant or guarantee available files for download from the website will be free of worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and other applications which may contain destructive and contaminating properties. You should not rely on the content linked or published to our site without making personal inquiries do determine if it is current, accurate, and correct.

We expressly disclaim warranties, conditions, any representations, and covenants, implied or expressed, coming from law operation, a course of dealing, course of performance, and usage of trade. We also do not warrant conditions of merchantability, fitness for a certain purpose, quality, safety, non-infringement, merchantable quality, freedom from correcting defects, error-free and virus-free use of our site, or currency, accuracy, reliability, appropriateness or completeness relating to the information content on this site.

You are responsible for putting in place sufficient checkpoints and procedures to satisfy your requirements for data accuracy. You need to have a means which is external to the site for reconstructing lost data. Social Media Magazine does not assume any risk or responsibility to use our site.

All information on this website, whether forward-looking or historical in nature, communicates only as of the date when it was posted on the site, and we do not take an obligation to update this information after posting or removing it from the site, or if it is not complete or accurate any longer.


You will have to indemnify Social Media Magazine, its affiliates, subsidiaries, content providers, licensors, agents, employees, directors, contractors and officers harmless from your breach of terms of use. You agree that the parties named above will not assume any liability if you violate or gain unauthorized access to the site. You agree to indemnify all these parties against damages and loss resulting from expenses, awards, costs, judgments and attorney’s fees. The indemnified parties will also be protected against third party claims that arise from your messages and communication.

Copyright and Trademarks

You will not imitate, copy, or use in full or in part logos, trade names, service marks, that appear on this website. You will also not copy any other website content like scripts, icons, custom graphics, and page headers because they have a copyright. Their copyrights cover the copyrights of third parties found on this website. There will be no element in this agreement that will construe as granting, by estoppel, implication, or the right use the copyright without our written permission. Misusing any copyrighted information is prohibited and might expose you to liability.


Any passwords applied on this site are strictly for personal use. You will take responsibility for your password. Social Media Magazine will monitor your password and require you to change it at its discretion. If the password is insecure, the site will prompt you to change it or terminate your account. You cannot use any facilities or services relating to this site that can compromise or tamper with the security system of the site.  Distribution or use of tools that will jeopardize the safety of users is strictly prohibited. If you violate any security system, Social Media Magazine will release your details to security administrators in the channels to assist in resolving the security incidents.

Social Media Magazine has the right of investigating violations of terms of use. We will also cooperate with law enforcing authorities to disclose identities of users who post messages, e-mails, and publications that violate terms of use. By accepting this agreement, you hold harmless and waive Social Media Magazine from claims arising from your activities.


These terms will be administered and interpreted as per the laws of the country notwithstanding the principles of laws of conflicts. If these conditions are unlawful, enforceable or void, this part will be severable and will not affect enforceability and validity of remaining provisions. You need to agree that there is no partnership, joint venture, agency relationships, and employment existing between Social Media Magazine and you due to this agreement.

These terms include a deal between relating parties in the subject matter and surpasses all contemporaneous proposals and communications, whether oral or written or electronic between you and our site. The printed version of the agreement will be admissible in administrative and judicial proceedings relating to this agreement.

Any additional terms of use on this site will govern the items they pertain. Social Media Magazine may revise these terms by updating this posting at any time without prior notice. The user has an obligation to keep on going through this page to find out whether there are any changes.