TikTok Is Divided Over #Girlmath_ But Why Is This Division_

TikTok Is Divided Over #Girlmath: But Why Is This Division?

When the #girlmath trend became popular on TikTok, it was meant to be a light-hearted social media affair. But things did not go well as many found it a trend to promote sexism. The entire TikTok universe is divided over the stance on this hashtag, raising the question of why anything cannot be taken on a lighter note these days. 

But what the hell is #girlmath? Well, have you read Cosmopolitan in the 90s? Then, you know what it is, though it was called fashion math at that time. 

Suppose you will buy any designer accessory costing around $750-800. It will be out of the budget if you do not ensure you use it regularly. If you only use it every day, the cost per wear will be less than $1.

TikTok user Samantha Jones introduced this trend on TikTok. She mocked how women or girls have the tendency to go the extra length in the name of saving money. On Sephora, a purchase of $40 comes with a free shipping facility. To get that, many women shop for another $15-$20 from the site. So, when you need just $2 to get free shipping, you end up spending more than $10.

The #girlmath has been viewed on TikTok more than 488m times. Some find the trend to be proof that women can make fun of themselves, and it’s a trend that can bring women together. But the ones to backlash at this trend see this as a legitimization of women’s spendthrift nature. 

Further, the ones to criticize this trend pointed out how financially irresponsible men are. They find the trend projects women to spend money irresponsibly on frivolous consumptions while men spend money in a planned way.

But it’s unfortunate that a simple TikTok trend to have some fun has become controversial and that TikTok is divided over #girlmath. The trend does not say that women are dumb. On the contrary, as women, it gives us a chance to crack jokes on ourselves, and that’s what only a person with a strong personality can do. 

If we are confident, there should be no insecurities over #girlmath on TikTok.

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