TikTok Will Have An Openhouse AR Tool Showcase Event

TikTok Will Have An Openhouse AR Tool Showcase Event On 12th December



This 12th December, TikTok will host an Openhouse event to showcase its AR development tools and other elements virtually. This event will have multiple sessions and those will highlight how the elements and tools are evolving constantly.

Along with sharing the advancements that happened with the Effect House platform, the event will also equip you to create using the latest advancements.

The Effect House AR creation platform of TikTok will allow you to experiment with the AR development elements of the app. This, you will be able to build and optimize your own digital experiences within the application. 

With this Openhouse showcase of the latest AR tools and developments, TikTok is surely taking the Snapchat way. Snapchat took a similar approach with its “Lens Fest.”

Nevertheless, sharing these updates will definitely help you to use the application in a more advanced way. In this context, TikTok says,

In this virtual event, we’ll show you around Effect House – its latest and greatest features and how to use TikTok effects to create, tell interactive stories, and reach millions around the world. Whether you’re a TikTok effect enthusiast, a brand marketer, or an AR designer, we’ve got an exciting lineup of sessions and workshops for you.

Further, with TikTok focusing on AR development tools and their learning, it’s clear that AR is going to occupy massive importance in marketing. In addition, these AR tools are now readily accessible. So, people will have more options to create using these AR elements. Overall, AR is going to be a major consideration for TikTok and other social media platforms in 2024. 

Along with TikTok and Snapchat, Meta and Apple are also nurturing their AR elements. Going one step further, Meta and Apple have also come up with AR glasses. With these AR glasses, you will be able to realize your “real-world perspective” with a digital overlay.

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