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What Is Tiktok Marketing? How To Do Tiktok Marketing?

Recently, TikTok attended became the fastest growing social networking site of all time, and suddenly marketers wanted to find everything about TikTok marketing. The app witnessed fast growth during 2020 when people spent time at home under lockdown. Moreover, Brands also discovered a new platform to engage with their audience.

TikTok’s sudden popularity led to its becoming the most installed application in three years worldwide. In fact, in the first quarter of 2020, TikTok made a record when it became the only social networking platform installed 315 million times in a single quarter. Currently, the app has more than a billion active users globally.

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What Is TikTok Marketing?

What Is TikTok Marketing

When TikTok has first launched globally three years ago, it was nothing more than a platform for digital creators to upload short videos and engage creatively with other users. In this context, understand that it took Instagram nearly six years to obtain the same number of monthly engaged users that TikTok did in half the time!

The TikTok infographics are crazy, which explains why TikTok marketing has become so popular. For instance, a solid 90% of all the TikTok users are on the app every day, and these people spend nearly 52 minutes on the platform, on average. The mind-blowing statistics also explain the birth of ‘the influencer marketing hub TikTok.

Although the platform was initially just a space for users to create casual content like funny lip-sync videos, do trends, and participate in all sorts of fun challenges. But currently, creators are using the popular digital space for creating all kinds of content – from complex subjects to casual, relatable content, the scope has become endless.

About TikTokers

TikTokers are the actual stars today. You might not immediately recognize the names but ask a 19-year-old, and they will tell you. Most of these TikTokers have come to TikTok from other platforms like Instagram or YouTube. And some of them even attended fame almost as quickly as the platform itself.

Additionally, several influencers creatively use TikTok marketing to engage with new audiences. TikTok influencer marketing is fast expanding, especially in lifestyle, F&B, and fitness. Moreover, more prominent brands like Rihana’s Fenty are already investing in ‘collaboration houses’ for housing TikToker together for creating content together, against an aesthetic and lavish background.

For instance, a 16-year-old TikToker, Charli D’Amelio, gained a massive following (100 million-plus) at a collaboration house called Hype House in December 2019. Presently, this young TikToker happens to be the most followed TikToker with big influencers like Addison Rae and Khaby Lame as her followers.

How To Do TikTok Marketing?

How To Do TikTok Marketing

Most businesses make the mistake of focussing on too many platforms without any marketing strategy. If you want to succeed in TikTok marketing, your strategy must be solid. Understand that this platform is different from your usual social media sites. Thus, coming up with an effective TikTok marketing strategy is vital.

If you don’t know how to boost your marketing plans on Tiktok, scroll down and find out how!

1. Come Up With A Branded Channel

Firstly, you need to create a branded channel for your business on TikTok. Now you can start experimenting with different types of content that can be quickly made without little or no budget. For what’s worth, using the platform’s features like sound bytes, filters, effects, and the like for optimizing your posts is a good idea.

While implementing your TikTok marketing plans, you must remember that the potential for obtaining vast reach organically on the platform is enormous. However, that does not ensure impactful engagement. For getting the engagement that matters, you have to create original content that your audience can relate to.

2. Influencer Collaborations

One of the best ways to make the most of TikTok is through collaborations with influencers. The statistics are clear evidence as to the power of influencer marketing. Popular TikTokers and influencers have crazy followers counts and engagement rations because of their ability to create premium-quality content that their audience can relate to.

These TikTokers have managed to crack the algorithm of this application and figured out how to use the platform optimally. You can approach these influencers on their own or take the help of TikTok marketing agencies to connect with them. TikTok also has a space called Creator Marketplace for connecting brands and influencers.

3. Start Your Hashtag Challenge

When businesses come up with fun hashtags, especially during some holiday season, it provides users to join the trend with the hashtags. This is an excellent way of involving your target audience within your holiday campaign and creating some amazing top-of-the-funnel content. They feature the content of your users on your feed for better results.

For instance, when E.I.F cosmetics started the #eyeslipsface challenge, their campaign garnered as many as 5 billion participants with over 4 billion views – it is one of the most successful social media campaigns of recent times. That’s the exciting thing about TikTok marketing. One day you are nobody and the next day, you are famous!

The Future Of TikTok Marketing

In the next five years, it is forecasted that TikTok will expand further to include more user-friendly features. Even from the perspective of businesses, there’s so much untapped potential for TikTok. For instance, the platform is already witnessing success through its advertising feature.

In 2022, two other features that are expected to contribute to the platform’s growth are TikTok shopping and longer video formats. Yes, the similarities with Instagram are striking, but at the same time, you can’t forget that TikTok is growing far more rapidly than Instagram. Thus, as a marketer, it is crucial to invest your time and patience in TikTok marketing to succeed on the platform!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Marketing Strategy Does Tiktok Use?

While marketing on platforms like TikTok, there are no hard and fast goals. What matters are the key performance indicators like profile views, reach, and similar things?

2. Is Tiktok Good For Promoting Business?

Businesses can use Tik Tok for marketing, advertising, and promoting their businesses both organically and inorganically. The recent popularity of the platform is evidence that it is good for running a business.

3. Why Is Tiktok Good For Advertising?

This is because the platform provides various opportunities for running ads under more than one opportunity from overlays to feed-ads.


The success of TikTok marketing in the last three years has shown the world the power of this casual platform. As a result, more and more businesses are flocking to TikTok for using the platform optimally to reach new audiences worldwide. A platform is also a great place for connecting with influencers who matter.

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