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Twitch Earnings Leaderboard – All You Need To Know In 2023



With a global rank of over one billion, Twitch is regarded as one of the largest registered streaming platforms with Cloud Flare, Inc. In this blog, we will discuss Twitch streamers and their earnings if you are interested in learning how much they make. You will also find some of the highest-paid Twitch streamers as well. Let’s look at the earnings leaderboard for Twitch.

What Is

What Is

For those who haven’t heard, Twitch has 81 broadcasters at the moment who have made more than a million dollars in three years. There are a lot of channels on Twitch, some of which have more followers than entire nations.

This website is well-known among young people who are always online, and thousands of people use the website to earn money every day. The streaming video service offered by Twitch, where anyone can make and share videos, is unparalleled in its popularity. It has reached almost every nation on the planet and has a large audience.

Sadly, Twitch is known to have leaked many private files showing how much money does a Twitch streamer make? The most popular streamers make more than $5 million a year from this platform. And this is why a recent topic has been trending all over the internet- the earnings leaderboard on Twitch. Also let’s find out How To Build Your Following On Twitch?

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Who Are The Highest Paid Twitch Streamers?

Who Are The Highest Paid Twitch Streamers

According to reports on Twitch earnings from 2019 to 2021, Critical Role is the highest-earning Twitch streamer, with $9,626,712. The Critical Role has made $9.6 million in the last two years. A Twitch channel’s popularity is not the only factor. Subscriptions and views also play a role. Naturally, streamers with millions of subscribers make a lot of money.

Knowing that the best Twitch streamers will still make much money from this platform is important. Streamers can also make money from donations and merchandise. A Twitch streamer can make a lot of money by playing games and streaming them. At this time, the gaming audience is huge, and many people are interested in watching game streaming. And this niche has been trending recently.

Twitch Streamers and Monthly Payout

Twitch Streamers and Monthly Payout

The tabletop role-playing game “Dungeons and Dragons” is the top Twitch earner, and gamers can earn money by subscribing to their videos, which people watch for community, performance, and entertainment. Felix Lengyel is the Twitch streamer with the highest monthly payout of any individual.

With approximately 1300 subscribers, the typical Twitch streamer earns between $3,250 and $5,500 per month. However, there are notable exceptions when looking at the top Twitch streamers and their monthly earnings, for instance, in the event that you take a gander at Breaker, who has a day-to-day gushing of more than 9,000 watchers consistently and gets a complete regularly scheduled payout of more than $20,000 each month. He earns money through sponsorship, merchandise, YouTube, and Twitch subscriptions in addition. Also find out How To Check Twitch Logs?

Twitch Streamers Leaderboard

Twitch Streamers Leaderboard

So what is the highest Twitch leaderboard earnings? The list is not small, instead, the list will go long. Here is the Twitch earnings leaderboard list.

  1. CriticalRole ($9,626,712.16)
  2. xQcOW ($8,454,427.17)
  3. summit1g ($5,847,541.17)
  4. Tfue ($5,295,582.44)
  5. NICKMERCS ($5,096,642.12)
  6. ludwig ($3,290,777.55)
  7. TimTheTatman ($3,290,133.32)
  8. Altoar ($3,053,839.94)
  9. auronplay ($3,053,341.54)
  10. LIRIK ($2,984,653.7)
  11. DrDisrespect ($2,863,780.63)
  12. Gaules ($2,844,985.18)
  13. HasanAbi ($2,810,480.11)
  14. Asmongold ($2,551,618.73)
  15. loltyler1 ($2,490,584.9)
  16. RanbooLive ($2,401,021.84)
  17. MontanaBlack88 ($2,391,369.58)
  18. ibai ($2,314,485.53)
  19. Castro_1021 ($2,311,021.81)
  20. MOONMOON ($2,236,043.55)
  21. TheRealKnossi ($2,157,258.23)
  22. moistcr1tikal ($2,098,742.63)
  23. Mizkif ($2,086,548.21)
  24. CohhCarnage ($2,061,059.29)
  25. shroud ($2,040,503.15)
  26. AdmiralBahroo ($1,985,892.39)
  27. Pestily ($1,961,086.96)
  28. Sykkuno ($1,916,327.43)
  29. ESL_CSGO ($1,903,580.27)
  30. LVNDMARK ($1,902,807.22)
  31. DrLupo ($1,894,615.81)
  32. AdinRoss ($1,854,656.42)
  33. Clix ($1,843,917.31)
  34. TeePee ($1,786,534.47)
  35. Rubius ($1,764,965.15)
  36. PaymoneyWubby ($1,756,486.29)
  37. alanzoka ($1,731,716.65)
  38. Trainwreckstv ($1,572,912.37)
  39. pokimane ($1,528,303.11)
  40. tommyinnit ($1,513,217.7)
  41. Maximilian_DOOD ($1,499,562.93)
  42. GRONKH ($1,481,291.05)
  43. sodapoppin ($1,461,302.14)
  44. ZeratoR ($1,440,221.4)
  45. BobbyPoffGaming ($1,415,247.01)
  46. Ninja ($1,378,791.48)
  47. Philza ($1,364,215.61)
  48. Amouranth ($1,363,346.32)
  49. BruceGreene ($1,360,850.67)
  50. 50.Odablock ($1,354,805.74)
  51. RayNarvaezJr ($1,335,520.12)
  52. Symfuhny ($1,334,485.63)
  53. Dakota ($1,324,198.49)
  54. ZanoXVII ($1,310,925.8)
  55. SypherPK ($1,295,112.63)
  56. Trymacs ($1,288,207.23)
  57. TheGrefg ($1,286,765.09)
  58. Papaplatte ($1,286,004.35)
  59. JohnPitterTV ($1,215,717.01)
  60. RatiRL ($1,214,440.08)
  61. RocketLeague ($1,204,908.7)
  62. NoWay4u_Sir ($1,188,728.95)
  63. GamesDoneQuick ($1,185,456.44)
  64. GarnaderJake ($1,176,353.74)
  65. fps_shaka ($1,173,280.3)
  66. EsfandTV ($1,170,700.02)
  67. buddha ($1,158,170.55)
  68. Locklear ($1,155,665.61)
  69. stylishnoob4 ($1,147,599.76)
  70. ANGRYPUG ($1,146,888.15)
  71. Sintica ($1,075,977.17)
  72. Fresh ($1,073,254.63)
  73. Quackity ($1,065,157.18)
  74. RonnieRadke ($1,063,989.05)
  75. Riot Games ($1,052,571.76)
  76. KYR_SP33DY ($1,052,545.35)
  77. Gladd ($1,045,687.54)
  78. juansguarnizo ( $1,034,709.27)
  79. Bugha ($1,034,227.61)
  80. NickEh30 ($1,027,976.4)
  81. Tubbo ($1,000,504.31)
  82. Pikabbooirl ($994,116.76)
  83. RatedEpicz ($987,866.88)
  84. Swagg ($984,854.8)
  85. Shortz ($984,477.46)
  86. CDNThe3rd ($976,750.53)
  87. Tumblurr ($960,316.77)
  88. Aydan ($953,042.02)
  89. ops1x ($947,355.14)
  90. scump ($946,332.99)
  91. BarbarousKing ($933,633.48)
  92. julien ($918,684.35)
  93. mang0 ($916,857.66)
  94. Kitboga ($915,795.53)
  95. ChocoTaco ($913,022.39)
  96. alexelcapo ($911,427.22)
  97. Anomaly ($908,794.96)
  98. Jerma985 ($906,602)
  99. The8BitDrummer ($895,020.23)
  100. TSM_ImperialHal ($886,999.17)

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Q1. Who Is The #1 Twitch Money?

Ans: The estimated revenue of PewDiePie is $40 million. He has a following playing “Let’s Play” action games and horror games, streaming on YouTube and from his Twitch videos, and selling his own merchandise. He has over 100 million subscribers.

Q2. How Much Does A Top 1000 Twitch Streamer Earn?

Ans: The top 100 most popular Twitch streamers earn at least $32,850 monthly through subscriptions, bit donations, and advertisements. The minimum monthly income of the platform’s top 1000 streamers was $7,063. The platform’s top 10,000 streamers earn at least $904 per month.

Q3. How Much Twitch Streamers Make Leaderboard?

Ans: Subscriptions typically pay 50% of $5, or $2.50, but top streamers typically receive 70%, or $3.75. However, Bloomberg reported in April 2022 that Twitch is also considering reducing the rate for them to 50%.

Q4. How Many Viewers Are Top 1% On Twitch?

Ans: You can verify your identity by searching for streamers on Twitch Tracker; however, the identity of this streamer has been obscured by me. You are probably in the top 1% of all Twitch streamers if you average 20 viewers per stream.

Q5. What Is A Streamer’s Salary?

Ans: Naturally, not all of that goes to individual streamers; however, successful streamers may earn anywhere from $3,000 to $6,500 per month just from subscriptions. There are individuals who make much more than that — and numerous other people who make significantly less.

Final Words

In addition, these impressive figures are not included in their YouTube revenue, donations of Twitch subs, sponsorships, merchandise, and other income. This implies that the real figure or profit may be higher than the previous payout. That provides an answer to the question of whether streaming on Twitch can pay well.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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