Twitter Spaces Help In Branding

Can Twitter Spaces Help In Branding? Let’s Decode And Explore Other Details

Are you an X user? You must have heard of Twitter spaces. This newly launched audio feature of the app has grabbed the attention of all the brands. And that’s for good reasons.

Brands are eyeing for this feature to get bigger and better as the interactions are going to be more authentic and humane. 

So, do you want to make the most of this audio feature for your brand’s growth? This is where it all starts!

What Is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is very similar to Clubhouse’s social media platform. It’s an integrated audio feature of the X platform.

Further, if you are an X user and have over 600 followers, you can host, create, and participate in Twitter Spaces audio chat rooms. 

How Do Twitter Spaces Work? 

How Do Twitter Spaces Work

Let’s discuss how the Twitter spaces work on your device. You can use Twitter spaces on desktop and your iOS and Android mobile phones.

However, if you are using Twitter Spaces on a desktop, you will be only able to listen to the conversations. If you want to host or speak on a Twitter Space audio room, you will have to access the feature from an Android or iOS smartphone. 

I am sharing a step-by-step guide on how to start a Space on iOS and Android devices. Here is also a video for an easier understanding. 

Creating A Space On iOS And Android Devices

If you are creating a Space, you are the host. 

  • Press the “post composer +” from your home timeline and select the “Spaces” icon. 
  • There is also a Space tab at the bottom of your timeline. You can use that to host/create a Space.
  • Twitter Spaces are public. So anyone can access a Space. However, you can also DM the link to people so that they can join the audio conversation. You can even post or share the link. 
  • A Space cannot have more than 13 people speaking (inclusive of the host and the two co-hosts). You can name your Space at the beginning. Along with a live Space, you can also go for a scheduled one. You can schedule your Space up to one month before and have up to 10 Spaces scheduled. 
  • Now, the Space is on. There are two ways to add speakers and co-hosts. You can either select the “People” icon or, within a Space, select the profile picture of a person. Further, all the listeners can select the “Request” button to place their requests to speak in the Space. 
  • Keep your mic off while hosting a Space, and you will be the only speaker in the Space. All set? Then, start your Space.
  • It’s time to give mic access to the speakers with “Allow mic access.”
  • That’s it! Get going with your Space and share the Space link on your post so that more people can join. 

How To Find Twitter Spaces?

How To Find Twitter Spaces

You can easily find active Twitter Spaces and participate in them. 

  • First, open the Twitter app and go to the “Spaces tab.” The tab is on the bottom navigation bar of the application. However, you need to have an iOS or Android mobile phone to find the Spaces. Here’s an easy guide for you.
  • Otherwise, you can use the search functionality of the application. “Type ‘’ in the search bar” to find the Spaces of your interest. 

Why Is Twitter Spaces A Goldmine For Branding?

Why Is Twitter Spaces A Goldmine For Branding

Twitter Spaces is the next big thing for your brand for many reasons. First of all, the platform is safe, and the interactions here are very intimate. So, as a brand, it will help you to keep it more authentic for your target consumers. Overall, when a brand sources Twitter Spaces, the process is very humane and a welcome relief in the crowd of influencer marketing on social media. 

Here are the key factors that make Spaces a powerful feature for brand building.

Building A Community Is Easier With Twitter Spaces

What can be better than an audio feature to build a community centering around your brand? Unlike a Live Video on Meta or other socials, here, you need to make minimum arrangements. 

So, overall, the vibe is very casual or carefree. This is where Twitter Spaces strikes. You can keep the interactions with the target group intimate, authentic, and believable. 

You Can Get A Valuable Audience Reach On Twitter

Your audience on Twitter is valuable, and as a brand, Twitter Spaces can give you a massive reach. 93% of the people following a brand on Twitter end up buying products/services from them. That’s an enviable conversion rate.

You just need to make the most of the audio feature to reach out to more people in a sincere and trustworthy way. 

Social Audio Is Here To Stay

We all are done and dusted with those videos on Twitter, Meta, and Instagram, and Twitter Spaces can surely be a relief from those.

Spaces has taken the Clubhouse way, and thankfully, platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, and Spotify are trying to adapt to this trend. 

Overall, you can use this feature so that the voices of your brand’s thought leaders are heard. Also, it’s a cost-effective medium for brand launches and announcing innovations.  

What Is The Desantis Twitter Spaces Incident?

What Is The Desantis Twitter Spaces Incident

Despite all the potential of Twitter Spaces being the next big marketing tool, it was recently in the news for the wrong reasons. 

Ron DeSantis was to make his electoral campaign on Twitter Spaces, but the same got hampered due to some technical glitches. 

There was a long and awkward silence and disturbing echoes that ruined the first Space started by the Florida Governor.

However, the Republican Governor could make a start after 20 minutes of the schedule after the Twitter Spaces not working initially. Then, Elon Musk closed the first Space and initiated a new one.

The incident was disastrous, to say the least, and garnered many sarcastic comments and roasts. However, Tech investor David Sacks came up with a face-saving explanation for the incident. He said, “We got so many people here that we are kind of melting the servers, which is a good sign.”

Unfortunately, not many users were convinced by his explanation. 

Nevertheless, this incident does not take it away from Twitter Spaces as a powerful place for branding. 

Final Words 

It’s important for your brand to be inclusive and considerate of diverse voices. Twitter Spaces is a great feature to achieve all these. 

With the proven track record of Twitter to transform followers into consumers, you can now use Spaces as a tool to make your marketing efforts yield great results.

Further, Spaces allow substantial and authentic conversations around a brand and its products/services. So, you can keep it real on a real-time basis.

Have you used Twitter Spaces for marketing your brand yet? 

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