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3 Reasons Against Using Your Home Address as A Registered Office



When starting a business, you will likely run into various challenges along the way. One of the biggest challenges for budding entrepreneurs can be finding adequate office space, from securing something that aligns with your budget to find a desirable location; at times, searching for office space can feel like a near impossible task.

As a result of these challenges, entrepreneurs may consider registering their home address as their registered office; however, even if you plan to use your home as a base from which to run your business, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t register your home as your business address. From a lack of privacy to mishaps with your mail, we outline several reasons against using your home address as your registered office below:

1. Lack Of Privacy

When you register your home address as your registered office, your home address will then become public. Since to be an established business, you need to register publicly, which will make your home address visible to all that search for your company using their site.

As well as being displayed online website, you may also want to feature your business registered address on your website, Google business listings, and social media platforms which can also cause a lack of privacy. Yet, at the same time, if you choose not to display your registered address, it can drive potential customers to doubt your credibility as a business. 

2. Mail Mishaps

As well as having the potential to cause a lack of privacy, registering your home address as your business address can also cause mishaps with your post. Everyday posts like bills, informative leaflets, takeaway menus, etc., can be stressful enough to manage, let alone when your business post drops through your letterbox!

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By listing your home address as your registered office, you can expect your daily post amount to double, maybe even triple, if your business accepts much mail. Due to this, you can expect to spend much more time organizing and going through each piece of mail – which can soon add up and distract you from other tasks that require your attention.

Yet, through a virtual mail address, you can eliminate all this time wasted on managing your mail and avoid a surplus of envelopes arriving at your doorstep each morning. By investing in a mailbox address, your chosen provider will govern your mailbox for you and scan over anything of interest via email, making it much simpler for you to keep track of.

Consider learning more about a virtual mail address and how the use of one could help your business by looking at providers’ websites like https://physicaladdress.com/. As well as being able to explore their complete range of services, you can see all their available locations and find out further information.

3. Lack Of Professionalism

Another disadvantage of using your home address as your registered office is that it may put off potential customers and give the impression of a lack of professionalism. As well as deterring customers, you may also put off potential prospects as they’ll be able to tell that the business address is in a residential area.

Registering your business in a city location is much more appealing to clients and prospects, as it adds credibility and professionalism to your business.

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