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Taking A Look At The New Perspective Of UX Design And SEO

published on: 26.02.2020 last updated on: 28.03.2023

If you want a winning SEO strategy, then you will have to know the role of UX in it. This means that you will need to take a look at things from an entirely different perspective. When it comes to user experience, it is something that:

  • Provides the users with relevant answers and solutions to their problems
  • Provide these solutions fast 
  • Ensures that the website is easy to use and 
  • Ensures that it is compatible with any device.

Hard as it may seem to you, there are few easy steps to achieve all these most effectively and efficiently. These are:

  • Know and make the best use of the search intent
  • Answers the queries of the visitors individually and efficiently and 
  • Win more clicks. 

UX affects SEO in several ways, which in turn affects the ranking factor for Google. It is, for this reason, more and more SEO specialists have shown their interest in UX over the years. They have found that the best and easiest way to deliver great UX that will also better the SEO performance is to understand the search intent first and then classify it according to the type of query. These categories are:

  • Informational
  • Commercial 
  • Navigational and 
  • Transactional.

In addition to that, you must also make sure that your site loads fast, and both its readability and usability are good. Remember, the key to winning the hearts of your users and the search engines is to deliver an excellent user experience. 

User metrics and SEO rankings

SEO rankings

One significant aspect of the user experience design jobs is to ensure that the UX design does not rub the user metrics in the wrong way so that the SEO ranking is affected negatively eventually.

Today, the search engines use several data-driven factors in their quest to find the relevance of your website to any specific search query. It is for this reason that the SEO practices have now changed monumentally as compared to those followed about 15 years before. 

  • Now the webmasters cannot manipulate search results by packing or ‘stuffing’ target keywords as many times as possible. 
  • Now low quality and spammy sites cannot outrank relevant and reputable websites due to the multiple rounds of algorithm updates rolled out time and again to change the way websites are ranked permanently.

Therefore, as a UX designer and SEO professional, you must now focus on acquiring quality backlinks using your target keywords more strategically. This will improve the quality of your web interface as well as your user metrics.

The most crucial user engagement metrics that have a significant impact on your SEO ranking and how well you can answer to a particular search query are:

  • The bounce rate and 
  • Page dwell time.

The reasons to have a high bounce rate can be poor web design, slow site speed, poorly formatted or irrelevant content, and confusing UX design. High dwell time can be due to less insightful and irrelevant content. You must make sure that your design does not experience any such things.

Set your goals

You must set your goals specifically to ensure that you achieve success in making your users and the search engines happy. Setting your business goals is necessary irrespective of the type of your industry.

Your goals should ideally be creating a website that will:

  • Build trust in your users 
  • Create awareness among the users 
  • Answer the questions of the users 
  • Provide better services and sell quality products.

This will ensure that you gain a better, stronger, and more holistic online presence. This will, in turn, drive more qualified traffic to your site, thereby increasing the rate of conversions on your website. 

This means that you will need to maximize the visibility of your site in the search engines by optimizing your website. This is because:

  • Your users will inevitably turn towards the search engines like Google and Bing for the answers to their questions and 
  • Once they find your website can meet their individual needs, they will expect to have a great user experience.

This is why it is said that SEO and UX both need to work together for success and more revenue generation – your ultimate goal. In short, SEO and UX are the two sides of the same coin, having a different purpose for the same objective, such as:

  • SEO primarily focuses on the external elements, the architecture of the website, and the ways to drive traffic to your site. This is implemented by following the best SEO practices that ensure better visibility, a high rank in the SERP, and better SEO.  
  • UX, on the other hand, primarily focuses on the engagement factor of the users as and when they visit your website. This is implemented through the design that diminishes distraction and capitalizes on conversions.

This means that your site traffic is worthless unless it is qualified, and, at the same time, the site design is useless if you do not have traffic to convert.

Balancing SEO and UX

UXIf you are wondering how you can balance SEO and UX, well, the ways are simple, only if you know and follow them diligently. 

  • First, make sure that you speed up the load time of your page. This is important because research has found that 53% of users hit the ‘back’ button after just three seconds! This is bad for both UX and SEO.
  • Next, buy an SSL certificate for a single domain or Wildcard SSL for unlimited subdomains. This will not only make your site secure but will also gain the trust of your users. Research has once again found that 82% of users do not browse an unsecured website.
  • Also, make your website mobile-friendly because, in 2020, more than 30% of searches will happen through a mobile device.

Build a clean design that is easy to use, feature the contact info, insert headings on all pages, do away with the pop-up ads, and include videos.


Finally, the content – the king. Make sure that it is legit, high quality, credible, and easy to consume. All these will have a significant impact on your site visibility and organic search.

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