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5 Ways To Beat Outfox Youtube Algorithm

published on: 14.12.2022 last updated on: 15.12.2022

Social media is a prominent aspect of the digital world. We cannot imagine a day without social media if we have smartphones. The digital world is connecting everything and trying to build a strong base on the same table.

Well, talking about social media will be incomplete with the discussion of YouTube. The world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube, has almost 2 billion users. In addition, it helps people to watch videos endlessly to cherish fun or increase their knowledge of some useful content.

Youtube mainly works with the notion of video performance. But attracting new customers and generating better sales is a primary target for any social media platform.

The powerful ways Youtube works to interact with people and engage themselves are working well for them.

But if you want to gain the advantage of your videos on Youtube and rank at the top, you will need to understand why people watch Youtube content for 1 billion hours daily.

What Is The Youtube Algorithm?

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The main purpose of the uploaders on Youtube depends on their knowledge of Youtube algorithms. Like other search engines, Youtube also works on particular algorithms.

Youtube algorithm works with the notion of finding videos for viewers rather than finding viewers for videos. So, we have to remember that youtube always follows the users.

Every time a user comes to the platform, it follows the user and finds out their particular interests to show ads or recommendations.

The content a ‘user is most likely to watch’ is the focus of the Youtube algorithm. 81% of Americans watch the contents that come to their recommendations.

On the other hand, YouTube’s Chief product officer suggested that 70% of the user’s watch time depends on the videos recommended to them. This indicates the powerful algorithm of the platform.

How Does The Youtube Algorithm Work?

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Is it enough to understand what the Youtube algorithm is?

No, the workability of the Youtube algorithm is important to understand. Well, the Youtube algorithm had various phases over the years.

  • 2005-2011- Clicks and Views
  • 2015 – 2016 -Personalization and Satisfaction
  • 2016 – Present Demonetization and Policy Updates

So, currently, Youtube is working on its strict policies and eligibility criteria to remove abusive and offensive content from videos.

In 2023, Youtube is working on its engagement metrics for better customer experience. For instance, shares, likes, and views are the primary base of the Youtube algorithm. So if you want to know how does youtube algorithm work, you have to concentrate on this article thoroughly.

There are three discovery systems that work for the Youtube algorithm.

  • The system selects the Youtube homepage videos.
  • The system helps to rank the searched video content.
  • The system puts suggested videos below your main search.

In addition, the Youtube algorithm also works on the personalization of the videos and recommendations. While personalization works on the search history of a user, performance works on a user’s interest, watch time, and satisfaction.

Apart from that, topical interests like competitors’ performance and relevance are also related to the ranking process through the Youtube algorithm.

Best Ways To Beat The Youtube Algorithm

Now it’s time to optimize your video performance on Youtube by committing to the algorithm. It might seem cumbersome at first, but if you concentrate on the prominent factors or steps, you will not face any major difficulty in managing the performance.

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Prioritize Ranking Factors

To keep things simple for you, it is crucial to understand that Youtube is a search engine for videos. Considering the ranking factor and leveraging the unique, sophisticated algorithm of Youtube, it’s better to go for fresh content.

The viewers always prefer contents that they do not know about. Be fresh and productive to ensure the interests of Youtube viewers.

On the other hand, it will help you to be up to date with the newest content, and that will significantly increase your rank or position.

Creating Effective Metadata

Creating videos is a creative work of art but ranking those videos is important in this modern world. It takes your understanding of the platform and your ability to grab the attention of the market.

However, metadata is no exception to boosting your ranking on youtube. For instance, titles, descriptions, annotations, and tags are the best ways to deal with metadata. It will significantly increase your visibility in the platform and also helps to enhance your performance through discovery.

You can also use channel keywords for your Youtube channel to let Youtube understand your particular type and category. This is a no-brainer that in the recommendation section, you will get an advantage through metadata.

Research Your Competitors

Creating a prominent rank on Youtube also deals with the particular instances of your competitors. If your competitor is way ahead and you have no idea about that, you will not be able to push your ranking on that platform.

Always try to keep everything under your eyes. Research the market and be prepared for the best competition you can provide by considering the competitor tracking process.

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  • Focus on the type of videos your competitor is providing.
  • Focus on their level of engagement.
  • Consider the particular number of views they have.
  • Evolve your metadata after analyzing their metadata.

Youtube Keyword Research

The traditional way of Youtube identifies the keywords is to look at the titles and descriptions and then follow the recording process manually. But youtube also has an autocomplete process to understand the variation of Keywords.

Apart from that, you can follow the SEO tool available in the market to instantly generate hundreds of useful keywords in seconds. This is a time-saving process to leverage your Youtube integrity and performance.

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Using Long Tail Tags

The tag numbers are limited on Youtube, and thus you may focus on the multiple words which are unique. Such long-tail keywords are effective until you are not using copyrighted materials.

Youtube tags are interesting, and you will find it a new experience to input your video data.

After all, try to make sure that you have managed to put all the information on the same page by involving all related strategies to outfox the Youtube algorithm.


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