What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that allows you to share content instantly with your friends. Messages disappear in 24 hours.

When did Snapchat launch on PC?

Snapchat on PC was launched in 2022. The Snapchat web app can be used as a companion to smartphone app to stay connected.

Can I send Snaps from PC?

Yes, with the Snapchat for Web app, you can send snaps from your PC easily. You can also stay connected with your friends or group chat.

How to react, delete or reply to a message on Snapchat PC?

Move your cursor over the message you want to select and right-click for the chat options. You’ll find those options in this list.

You can make video or voice calls using Snapchat on PC!

You’ll have to grant the necessary permissions before you can make both these calls. Tap the respective Call options in the upper-right corner of the chat for the type of call you want to make.