TikTok February Favorites

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Love is in the Air

TikTok got into romantic mood with heartfelt challenges such as the so popular “Love Story” trend in which people used Taylor Swift.”Love Story” hit to share snippets of their love stories.

Retro Revival

Nostalgia reigned supreme as TikTokers celebrated throwback trends reminiscent of the ’90s and early 2000s. The pop culture of years gone by was honoured.

#BookTok Boom

TikTok’s literary community prospered through the #BookTok hashtag. Users provided recommendations, book hauls and thoughtful reviews, thus creating an online forum where book enthusiasts of all genres gathered.

Wholesome Challenges

Drowning pool of wholesome challenges which were made to share positivity and laughs. Whether it was the "Make Someone Smile" challenge, the "Random Acts of Kindness" users took the chance to put a smile on each other's faces

Dance Domination

From catchy choreography to viral remixes, users found themselves dancing be it in their bedrooms or a random place.