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WeChat Marketing In China: How To Do It Properly In 2024?



In 2024, if your business doesn’t do any form of digital marketing, it better not exist. Digital marketing, primarily through websites and social media, has become the cornerstone of success for all businesses. However, digital marketing in China is tricky since the number of influencer marketing platforms is limited, with WeChat marketing taking the top spot. 

As the term suggests, WeChat marketing refers to creating content and various posts in WeChat to market your business. However, irrespective of the industry in which you operate, WeChat marketing is essential for all companies trying to create a digital presence in China. 

However, how can you establish a solid digital reputation in China using WeChat marketing as a foreign brand? If that’s what you want to learn – you are on the right website! 

Therefore, read this post till the end to learn how to use WeChat marketing to solidify your presence as a key player in China in 2024! 

Why Is WeChat Marketing Essential In China?

There are many reasons why WeChat marketing is the most effective form of digital and social media marketing in China. The primary reasons are: 

1. Large User Base

Large User Base

Did you know that WeChat (Weixin in China) has over a billion users in China? Therefore, over 85% of the Chinese population uses WeChat daily! 

Moreover, WeChat is China’s biggest instant messaging and social media platform, followed by TikTok (Douyin in China). However, this isn’t the same globally since most countries have Meta platforms as their most-used platforms.  

Moreover, all four Meta platforms – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads – are banned in China. Therefore, this makes WeChat the top digital platform in China – without competition! 

Furthermore, over 35% of WeChat’s users are under 25, while around 20% are over 45. Therefore, you can use WeChat marketing to target every major demographic group in China – or a few select ones! 

2. Different Formats Of Content 

Different Formats Of Content 

Like other social media and instant messaging platforms, you can post content in many formats on WeChat. You can share texts, images, videos, music, links, and more with all WeChat users. 

Therefore, depending on your business type, producing attractive WeChat content is a surefire way to get digital publicity in China. This is why creating marketing content on WeChat is effective in China. 

3. WeChat Moments 

WeChat Moments 

Apart from being an instant messaging platform like WhatsApp, WeChat has robust features that turn it into a full-fledged social media platform like Instagram and Facebook. One such feature is WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments are like Facebook and Instagram stories and statuses. You post a moment, and your friends can see it for a day. Moreover, you can like these moments, comment, and share them! 

4. WeChat News 

WeChat News 

Like Facebook’s News Feed, where you get updates about new posts made by business pages, WeChat has WeChat News

Since 2017, WeChat users can check all the latest updates from their favorite brands. However, only posts by WeChat Subscription Accounts will appear on your WeChat News feed (more on this later). 

5. WeChat Mini Programs 

WeChat Mini Programs 

WeChat Mini Programs are one of the best features of WeChat. You can use These smaller, essential apps inside the WeChat app. Therefore, think of them as an “app within an app.” 

Therefore, if you have a food delivery business, you can create a food ordering and delivery portal inside WeChat! This will boost your user base, and your customers will find it convenient! 

6. WeChat Channels 

WeChat Channels 

Finally, we have WeChat Channels. Like a WhatsApp Channel, you can create channels for your brand. Therefore, you can post promotional content on these channels, which can reach most of the Chinese audience! 

Moreover, people can share your posts with their friends and even comment on them. Therefore, this increases your WeChat reach – a factor necessary for a successful WeChat marketing campaign! 

Best WeChat Marketing Strategies For Promoting Your Business In China!

Now that you understand why WeChat marketing is essential for setting up your brand presence in China, most marketers have one crucial question: how do WeChat marketing the right way? 

Therefore, here are some of the best WeChat marketing strategies you must use in 2024! 

1. Set Up An Official WeChat Account 

Set Up An Official WeChat Account

First, as a business, you can create two different WeChat marketing accounts, which are: 

  • WeChat Subscription Account: These accounts provide all WeChat marketing features except for international visibility. Therefore, only Chinese users can check your posts. These accounts let you post one message per day and a maximum of eight WeChat articles (basically WeChat blogs). 
  • WeChat Service Account: These marketing accounts provide customer support and sales. Moreover, you can learn how to use WeChat Pay and integrate it with this account to set up payment options! However, you cannot message your followers directly except by sending them notifications. 

Therefore, I recommend creating these WeChat marketing accounts for your business. Moreover, I recommend making both since they both serve different purposes. 

Note: For foreign WeChat users, you must pay $99 annually to create and maintain any of these WeChat marketing accounts. 

2. Create A WeChat Mini Program 

Create A WeChat Mini Program

Why don’t you create a WeChat Mini Program if your business sells specific services or products? These are unique WeChat apps that your customer base can use to buy your products and services directly! 

Moreover, you can create WeChat Mini Programs for everything! Want to make a cab-booking service like Uber on WeChat? Sure, why not? 

For example, famous clothing brand Burberry created an online retail app on WeChat. Therefore, by using the Burberry WeChat Mini Program, customers can browse products, place orders, and track deliveries – without exiting WeChat

3. Use WeChat Advertising 

Use WeChat Advertising

Like Instagram Advertising, WeChat Advertising also exists. If you use an official WeChat account, you can create WeChat ads. These ads will be shown to your followers and other users who follow similar brands. 

Therefore, create engaging and attractive ads on WeChat to make your business more recognizable in China! Moreover, make these ads in Cantonese or Mandarin for the best results! 

Furthermore, remember that you can use three types of WeChat Ads, which are: 

  • Moments Ads: These ads appear on your customers’ Moments feed. 
  • Banner Ads: These ads appear while you scroll your WeChat feed and channel. 
  • Influencer Ads: These ads are the same as Banner Ads. However, you feature an influencer here, making this app appear on their and your WeChat channels! 

4. Partner With WeChat Influencers 

Partner With WeChat Influencers 

The profiles and accounts of influencers have become WeChat marketing platforms by themselves. 

Therefore, it’s not surprising to learn that most Chinese influencers have their presence on WeChat. As such, you must create solid Influencer Marketing Campaigns for WeChat to drive your WeChat marketing campaign to success! 

In this regard, I recommend doing your research to find out which WeChat influencers your customer demographic visits the most. Moreover, you have hit the jackpot if you have influencers that market products and services like yours! 

5. Verify WeChat Channels And Post Content Daily

Verify WeChat Channels And Post Content Daily

Like WhatsApp channels, WeChat channels have become popular in 2024. Therefore, you must create channels for your brand to engage with your target customer base. 

However, you must ensure that you do it the right way. One trick to getting more followers on your WeChat channel is to verify your channel. If you verify your channel, you can see the famous “blue tick” beside your channel name. 

Moreover, you must understand your audience’s preferences. Do they prefer written texts, or do they prefer images and videos? You must know what type of content they like and follow it up by posting similar content on the platform. 

WeChat Marketing: The Only Way To Conquer China!

WeChat marketing is the best form of digital marketing brands must use to build their digital presence in this country. Therefore, I hope your brand finds success in China after you read this post and set out to do so! 

Thanks for reading this post! If you need any help, please comment below!

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