WhatsApp now allows users to use two accounts on one phone within the app

You Can Now Do WhatsApp Log In To Multiple Accounts On Your Device: Here’s How To Do It

Have you checked your WhatsApp “updates” yet? If you follow Mark Zuckerberg on WhatsApp, you must be familiar with a new WhatsApp feature that allows you to do WhatsApp log in to multiple accounts on your device. With this upgrade, WhatsApp brings the features of Facebook and Instagram, already allowing users to log in to and manage multiple accounts from the same device. 

Earlier, you could use the same WhatsApp account on many devices. This update makes it easier for you to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts from one device. Further, it will help users strike a work-life balance as you can easily switch between your personal and business accounts.

In addition, you will not need to do a WhatsApp login and log out every time you try to access a different WhatsApp account. You will not even have to carry two phones anymore. The chances of texting the wrong people from the wrong account also become less with this new feature.

Now, how do WhatsApp log in to two accounts from the same device? Let’s get the arrangements and devices on point first. Here are the things you will need to use this feature. 

  • A second phone number for operating a different WhatsApp account
  • A phone or SIM card compatible with multi-SIM or e-SIM functionalities
  • The second phone or the second SIM card for one-time verification

When you want to add your second account to a different mobile phone, WhatsApp will send a verification message with a one-time passcode for verification.

Once you have all these things ready, you can try to do WhatsApp log in to your second account.

  • First, open the WhatsApp application on your phone and go to settings.
  • Then, you will find a small arrow next to your name. Tap on the arrow and select “Add Account.”
  • Enter your second phone number and get it verified through SMS.

The account will have separate notification and privacy settings despite being operated from the same device. You can customize these settings easily. 

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