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YouTube Automation Explained: Let’s Learn In Details

published on: 25.04.2023 last updated on: 06.06.2023

Simply put, YouTube automation involves creating automated revenue streams via the YouTube platform – users who automate their YouTube channels get others to make faceless video content for them. Yep – you can actually earn money with faceless video content as long as your videos are able to attract a mass audience.

For instance, Ryan Kaji earned millions of dollars from YouTube before even turning 10. Ryan’s example should motivate you to do some in-depth research on YouTube and, more importantly, on automation. Of course, there are some drawbacks of automation – but then again, it depends on whether your profits can cover your losses.

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How Does YouTube Automation Work?

How Does YouTube Automation Work

So, what is YouTube automation? When YOU are not creating content, but you are getting others to make faceless video content for you and subsequently generating revenue through your channel, it’s called automating your YouTube channel. But how does YouTube automation work?

YouTube automation works out by simply outsourcing both channel management and content creation to develop an income stream that’s passive. These days, it is considered to be one of the most critical passive income alternatives for many young adults due to its scalability and monetization alternatives.

Understand that YouTube automation is not about automating engagement for different YouTube videos with the help of bots or by randomly copying the content that is being created by other creators or even reposting content from other channels – these are all misconceptions.

Instead, automating your YouTube channel can create legitimate value for all your viewers by giving them original content that’s educational or entertaining.

YouTube enables automation because it develops value for the audience who visits every day – and not just that! The platform also attracts new audiences. As a result, YouTube’s advertising revenue only stands to increase when there’s a regular influx of audience on its platform.

It does not matter how these videos are being made. As long as the videos are made by following the Community Guidelines of YouTube and do not commit any kind of copyright infringement.


What Aspects Of A YouTube Automation Channel Do You Need To Outsource?

Now that you are aware of how an automated youtube channel works let’s find out what are the different aspects you need to outsource. There are six different aspects that you need to outsource to welcome YouTube automation into your life. These aspects are as follows,

  1. Research & Optimization,
  2. Scriptwriting,
  3. Video Editing,
  4. Thumbnail Design,
  5. Channel Management, and
  6. Voice-Over.

1. Research And Optimization:

Research And Optimization

Both research, as well as optimization are vital components for any video on YouTube, especially if you want your videos to perform well. You will need to get someone who will find the right video ideas with a solid probability rate for crazy views. This person also needs to have SEO expertise for optimizing video titles and descriptions needed for conducting an organic search.

2. Scriptwriting:


For successful YouTube automation, you will need a good scriptwriter. Any good scriptwriter will take the topic and other research details to piece together a killer script that will flow well for driving audience engagement. Scriptwriting for faceless youtube automation also includes dialogues for the voice actor and any other information that is needed for the video.

3. Voice-Over:


It is vital that you find a voice actor with high-quality voice-over skills since this is a critical aspect of running a YouTube automation channel. This is because there is LITERALLY no content creator in the video talking to the audience. It is the voice actor’s role to present the content in a captivating way to the audience. You may also use AI voice generator for your YouTube content which is cost-effective and still get natural and human-like voice.

4. Video Editing:

Video Editing

Without a video editor, your YouTube automation dreams will never become a reality. Any good video editor will find relevant stock animations or videos for the background of your videos to give a visual context for your video content. The video editor should have access to editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro will help the editor to add smoother transitions, make necessary cuts, and ultimately produce videos that are better than amateur videos, which entirely rely on free software.

5. Thumbnail Design:

Thumbnail Design

While the factors mentioned above are all crucial aspects of YouTube automation, most people forget about their thumbnails. Don’t forget that your thumbnail is the first thing people see about your video. Moreover, getting people on YouTube to select your content over the other channels can be a challenging affair, especially if you are new to the platform.

When you choose to keep a captivating thumbnail, you will be able to get your audience to click on your video first and then actually watch the same since watching the videos is a crucial aspect of succeeding on a platform like YouTube.

6. Channel Management:

Channel Management

If you do want to automate your channel entirely on YouTube, then you definitely need someone to take care of channel management. You will need a reliable YouTube channel manager to take charge of your channel. Fortunately, channel managers usually take the help of different workflow tools for effectively managing YouTube channels.

A channel manager’s work is to manage your entire automation team effectively. The purpose? To ensure that all planned content is created on time and then published on the platform while adhering to the schedule.

Drawbacks Of YouTube Automation:

Drawbacks Of YouTube Automation

While YouTube automation is certainly a lucrative opportunity if done right, there are a few drawbacks associated with automating your YouTube channel. So without wasting any time, scroll down and check out the drawbacks of YouTube automation.

  1. It takes some time before you can begin to earn a stable income via automating your channel on YouTube, especially if you have just started making videos on the platform.
  1. You might be your own boss with YouTube automation, but you have to make videos that adhere to the community guidelines of YouTube and avoid any copyright infringement, otherwise, your channel might get demonetized if it’s already monetized.
  2. It can be pretty expensive to outsource an entire automation team, especially if you are new to YouTube.

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And It’s A Wrap!

If you are already asking, ‘Is YouTube automation legit?’ the stop – instead, think about all the ways you can make money from YouTube if you don’t have to take responsibility for so many aspects. Of course, there are a few drawbacks, but if you can come up with workable solutions for these drawbacks, then nothing can stop you from making money from automating your channel.

So, tell us, what your thoughts on YouTube automation are? And if you have already automated your YouTube channel, then feel free to share your stories and experiences about automation in the comments below.

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