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Top 5 YouTube Social Media Strategies For Brand Success



Do you know? YouTube has over 2.49 billion users every month, which is the joint population of China and India. Also, over 80 million paid subscribers are on YouTube. This shows the platform’s popularity and how it has changed human lives. 

You can find different videos on the platform, from educational to entertainment to lifestyle. That way, you can change people’s thoughts and drive new ideas in society. And the more you are able to bring the audience to your video, the more money you get. 

That is where people today see YouTube as a career platform. However, as you get paid, the competition on the platform becomes tougher. You must bring your elite creativity and critical thinking to crack the code. Hence, you need a strategy to create your brand and success or join an affiliate program for YouTube creators.  

So, look at the next section to know about it. 

Top YouTube Social Media Strategies Crucial for Brand Success 

YouTube is one of the best platforms for marketing your brand and earning greater profit. You can take your brand to the deepest corners of the world and increase your market share and size. 

Here are a few social media strategies that are crucial to take your brand to new heights of success –

Create Your Brand 

One of the first things you should do is create your own brand on YouTube. In other words, you should make your own channel, which will be your home to publish your videos. It can be your music video or educational video, which can be easily accessed by viewers. 

Therefore, you need a unique name and profile picture to enable users to identify your content. Besides, you also need to add other things like – 

  • Chanel Description 
  • Social Links 
  • Channel Trailer 
  • Custom URL

All of these things will create your brand on YouTube, through which you can market your content properly. Lastly, you should add thumbnails to your video and follow the best SEO steps to rank your content on the platform. 

Understand Your YouTube Audience 

Another thing that you need to do is understand your viewers, especially the ones who watch your videos. You can conduct STP marketing, i.e., Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. This will tell a lot about your audience and their demographics, which will further help you to optimize your content. 

You can read your viewers’ comments and figure out the language they use and their gender. This will give you a perspective of your viewers and how they act on your videos, helping you to expand your market. Furthermore, you can conduct a survey to understand 

  • What does your audience like to watch?
  • What are the channels they subscribe to?

That way, you can find the market gap and create your videos accordingly. 

Conduct A Competitors Analysis 

In the next part, you should contact widespread competitors analysis. Your objective should be to understand how your competitors behave and what extra things they do. This will give you an idea of how to optimize your content properly. 

Here are a few things you need to follow – 

  • Look at the number of subscribers your competition has and where you stand compared to that. 
  • Analyze their channels to understand the types of videos they post on YouTube. 
  • Check their top-rated videos to find out how they engage with their audiences. What are the tips and tricks they follow to make the video? 
  • Understand their post schedule, which will tell you about the positioning and gap to maintain between one post and another. 
  • How do they communicate with the audience in the comments? Do they follow their recommendations when making the videos?
  • What kind of thumbnails do they use to increase the click rates?
  • The SEO practices they follow to rank their videos properly. 

All of these things are crucial to understanding the market and how you can create your mark in the platform and get more engagement than them. 

Create High-Quality Content 

This is where your talent and creativity come into play. Creating high-quality YouTube content is necessary as it will create differentiation in the platform. Therefore, you must bring something unique to your content and address it properly. 

Here are a few things to follow while making the video – 

  • Write a script where you dictate your ideas clearly. It should include the pain points you found from your market research. 
  • Find your brand tone to address your videos and maintain it in all your videos. 
  • Arrange your set clearly with proper lights and camera. Declutter your set and remove all the unnecessary things from it. 
  • Lastly, invest in buying good quality equipment. That way, you can shoot your video properly. If you don’t have a camera, you can simply use your iPhone to shoot the videos properly. 

These things will enable you to create your own space in the market. You can build your own story and display your story and content. 

Experiment YouTube Shorts 

The present generation is all about small content videos, especially with the adverse popularity of Instagram reels and TikTok videos. Hence, you should try to make a short YouTube video that will get the most engagement. Every day, over 70 billion views come from YouTube shorts. 

Therefore, you should create a short video that showcases the important things in the full video. You can shoot a 60-second video in a vertical format, which enables YouTube to rank the video higher. Moreover, it will increase your reach and boost your overall engagement on the platform. Lastly, you can do live streams and premier, which are highly appreciated by young generations and give you more subscribers. 

YouTube Brings Money and Popularity 

In the end, things just don’t end with the above discussion. You should use the best SEO practices to optimize your content and let it rank on the platform. Trending keywords can help you rank higher than your competitors. Furthermore, you should engage with the audience and showcase your appreciation, increasing your subscribers. 

Lastly, you can advertise your content in other videos or between your live streams. This will further boost your viewership, give you a bigger audience, and give you a bigger share of the market. Also, you can interact with various other influencers who will help you promote your videos and increase your reach on the platform.

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