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Best FREE YouTube To WAV Converters And Downloaders

YouTube is perhaps the most popular platform for sharing videos helping users to view, comment, like, and publish any video. Users can easily access YouTube videos from laptops, desktop PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. There are multiple tools that can help users to convert videos from Youtube to WAV.

These tools do not just allow users to convert different video clips into the WAV audio format, but they also store your favorite videos. And the best part? You don’t have to compromise on the quality – the audio quality will be similar to the original video quality on YouTube. You can first convert the video and then share the converted file – sounds perfect, right?

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Best FREE YouTube To WAV Converters And Downloaders:

Before we can start talking about the best FREE YouTube to WAV converters, there’s one important thing that you have to remember – you should only use these tools for converting either your personal YouTube videos or the ones that have the ‘Creative Commons reusable licenses.’

Now, let’s not waste any more time, and instead, find out the best free tools for converting YouTube videos into the WAV format – scroll down to get started!

1. HitPaw Video Converter:

HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw is perhaps one of the best YT to WAV converters – you can convert your favorite YouTube videos into the WAV format in only 320kbps. Additionally, it’s a user-friendly software that supports downloading entire audio and video batches from over 10000 websites.

Top Features:

The top features of HitPaw Video Converter are as follows,

  • Can download audio files and videos at 320kbps.
  • Enables users to download audio files from Spotify Music, SoundCloud, Flac, WAV, Apple Music, and MixCloud in MP3.
  • Has an ultra-quick downloading speed.
  • Has a Vocal Remover that’s built-in for separating the vocals from the music.

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2. iTubeGo:


iTubeGo is another useful tool – you can convert YouYube to WAV files without compromising quality. This is one of those perfect tools that allows users to download as well as covert their favorite YouTube videos to the WAV format in high quality – and the tool also supports multiple video and audio formats such as AAC, Flac, mp3, mp4, AVI, and more.

Moreover, the tool also downloads subtitles and lyrics automatically, which is honestly an bonus.

Top Features:

The top features of iTubeGo are as follows,

  • Enables users to convert playlists, audio files, and videos to any format.
  • Has a fast conversion speed.
  • Has a ‘Private Video’ mode for protecting your audio and video files.
  • Has a YouTube cutter built-in for trimming your videos and audio files.
  • Supports multiple audio and video websites Like Vimeo, MixCloud, VEVO, and SoundCloud.

3. ByClick Downloader:

ByClick Downloader

Nope, you don’t need to google ‘Youtube WAV’ – instead, you can just check out ByClick Downloader or any of the tools mentioned on this list. ByClick Downloader is a solid application – it is sort of a backup tool for backing up your videos online from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and over 40 other sites in AVI, mp4, mp3, and other formats.

Additionally, ByClick Downloader also helps users to download complete channels and playlists from YouTube.

Top Features:

The top features of ByClick Downloader are as follows,

  • Enables users to download videos from multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, and Youku.
  • Allows users to download videos in 8k, 4k, 1080p, and 720p formats.
  • Allows users to download entire Instagram pages.
  • Enables users to trim downloaded MP3s for making ringtones.

4. VidJuice:


One of our favorite Youtube to WAV downloaders and converters is VidJuice. This is one tool that enables users to download multiple videos as well as audio files from over 1000 websites. The tool has a video trimmer that’s built-in to help users to cut and trim clips easily. The best part? The tool provides a bitrate maximum of 320kbps for all audio files.

Top Features:

  • Enables users to convert videos in high resolution.
  • Provides 10X faster speed.
  • Allows users to download content from YouTube as audio or video files.
  • Helps users to manage their stored videos easily.
  • Allows users to extract subtitles.

5. Movavi:


If you are looking for a good ‘Youtube converter to WAV’ tool, then you can definitely check out Movavi. This is one video converter that allows users to convert different YouTube videos to the WAV format. The best part? The tool can automatically detect different devices with the help of its instant recognition feature.

Additionally, Movavi allows users to convert videos with only a single mouse click. And that’s not all – Movavi also helps users to transfer their videos to different platforms.

Top Features:

The top features of Movavi are as follows,

  • Enables users to drag and drop files effortlessly to your working area.
  • Enables users to rotate first and then insert any required watermark in the video.
  • Allows users to convert videos with the help of any device.
  • Allows users to change the format of the video easily for different devices like your TV, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Enables users to extract audio with a single click.
  • Allows users to convert files to over 180 different formats online.

Other FREE YouTube To WAV Converters And Downloaders:

Other FREE YouTube To WAV Converters And Downloaders

The YouTube to WAV downloaders and converters mentioned above are the best in the market. But there are not the ONLY tools that can help you – there are more. And here are the next best FREE YouTube to WAV converters – scroll down to find out more!

  1. UniConverter
  1. VideoProc
  1. Ontiva
  1. Any Video Converter
  1. YTBTO
  1. Snapdownloader
  1. YTD Video Downloader, and
  2. 4K Video Downloader

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And It’s A Wrap!

Moreover, it’s a wrap on the best free Youtube to WAV converters and downloaders. You can download any of the tools we have mentioned above – these are the best in the industry now. But that’s not the best part – the best part? All these tools are either completely free or at least have a free version you can put to good use.

So, tell us, what do you think about these tools? Have you used any of these tools in the past? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences related to using these tools in the comments below.

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