AI Deepfakes Are Likely To Impact U.S. Presidential Election

AI Deepfakes Are Likely To Impact U.S. Presidential Election In Absence Of Social Media Guardrails



It has been around three years since the violent attacks by a pro-Trump mob shook the U.S. Capitol in the claim of false election procedures. There were allegations about dead people casting their votes, suitcases being filled with false ballot papers, and ballot dumps at night. After three years, similar allegations return with the U.S. presidential election knocking at the door.

Experts warn that the allegations this time are going to be worse, and they are going to impact the election with deepfakes gaining momentum. Further, deepfakes have gained power as social media guardrails have failed to do justice to their remit.

In other words, the safeguards that were likely to negate those false claims and allegations are decaying fast. At the same time, the deepfake tools are becoming stronger to negate those guardrails.

Thanks to former president Donald Trump, many Americans think that the election is not done following a fair process in America. Around 57% of the Republicans think that the selection of Joe Biden was not legitimate. Recently, they have gotten these free generative AI tools that will help them spread misinformation and make people believe in their false claims. As a result, the voters are likely to be influenced by false information, and the reflection of the same will happen in the votes they cast.

Dissemination of manipulative content and videos is not new in the U.S. presidential election. However, the presidential election in 2024 will be the first one to experience the use of advanced generative AI tools to influence the votes and impact the results.

Situations have become worse with the social media platforms that once wanted to protect the authenticity of content shifting their focus elsewhere. Moreover, there are anticipations about these deepfake videos and content getting worse as the election date inches closer.

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