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3 Things To Consider When Designing Pins For Your Business

published on: 13.04.2022 last updated on: 02.05.2024

Designing pins and badges are a great way to promote you’re business or charity and can be an excellent way to add a bit of personality to your everyday life, with the ability to add them to clothes, bags, jackets – the possibilities are endless. 

3 Things Which You Must Consider Before Designing Pins

3 Things Which You Must Consider Before Designing Pins

There are so many different designs to choose from to bring your ideas to life.

Whether that’s a company logo with bright, eye-catching colors or designing pins with a little bit of glitter for added sparkle, there is something for everyone. 

Here are a few things you should consider when creating a pin badge.

1. Which Designing Material Is Best?

When designing pins and badges, one of the first things you need to consider is what type of material your badge should be made from – there are five different types of pin badges you can choose from! 

The soft enamel pin badges have raised edges and are great to enhance your badge with recessed areas or hard enamel badges with a smooth and polished surface.

You could choose from a Die Struck pin badge that has no enamel filling, meaning that you can achieve higher levels of detail. Traditional button badges are a more basic option but will still allow you to promote or represent.

2. What Is The Purpose Of Your Badge?

It knows what you want to achieve by designing pins and badges. This is a good place to start when you’re going through the design process. 

If you’re looking for badges, you can give them as a free gift or as a marketing tool. Brightly colored enamel badges with your name or company logo clearly displayed are essential. 

If you’re searching for a more budget-friendly option for event badges, consider our traditional button badges at 4inlanyards. These badges are a cost-effective choice, as they are more affordable to produce, making them an ideal solution for events where durability may not be a primary concern. For high-quality custom event badges that won’t break the bank, click here to explore our traditional button badges.

If you’re designing a badge to wear regularly or to add to a piece of clothing, durability is key, so choosing a material that can withstand regular wear and tear is essential for business pins designs.

3. How Do You Want Your Badge To Look?

Once you’ve decided on your suitable material and you’re clear on what the purpose of your badge is, the last thing to decide is how you want your badge to look.

If you’re looking for durability, enamel badges are resistant to fade, so if your design is particularly colorful. 

You can guarantee that they will stay that way no matter how many times they are worn. For the perfect design pins, you have first to know what type of look you prefer. Not only that, but the preferred look of the badge also depends on the occasion.

There is an option for everyone – if you’re hoping to add glitter for extra sparkle, that is an option with custom pins. You could even choose a design that glows in the dark!

No matter what the purpose of your badge is, with a wide range of colors, sizes, and custom shapes available, you’re sure to design a badge that looks fantastic.

Ways To Wear A Head-Turning Pin

Ways To Wear A Head-Turning Pin

Now your pin badge is created, and you’ve decided on the material, colors, and what you want your pin badge to look like – you can start styling! 

Pin badges can be attached to cotton, denim, nylon, and more. They are great as an accessory on jackets, bags, lapels, lanyards, or backpacks, to name a few. 

Pins can help you stand out from the crowd or represent a group, club, or organization that you’re a part of. But before everything, designing pins needs to be very accurate. You have to select the designs which compliment the occasion. 


For adopting the right way of designing pins, you have to escalate the primary target of the business and goals. For example, the winning and carnival pins’ designs and materials are both pretty different. So before starting to design, know what purpose you need to fulfill. But customized business pins are always needed to be created by professional designers.

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