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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your First Chatting Discord Server



Whether you’re a gamer, a hobbyist, or simply connecting with a community of like-minded people, setting up your own chatting discord server is exciting. 

In this beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the process from A to Z, starting with understanding how Discord servers work. Plus, all the cool features that will make your server unique. 

OK, so hop on your digital passport, and let’s go on this tour together, entering the Discord of chatting servers!

Knowing the Basics of Chatting Discord Servers

Discord servers are virtual spaces where people can meet to chat, discuss, and network. Once you create a Discord server, you become the admin or “owner” of that “channel space.”

Understanding chatting Discord servers heavily depends on knowing how to navigate channels. Channels are independent areas within a server in which subjects or discussions are held. 

For instance, you can have separate channels for general discussions, gaming talks, music tips, and more. This provides for easier management of conversations.

The other important ones are roles and permissions. From the viewpoint of a chatting Discord server’s owner, you can give various roles to members depending on the level of access or duties in the community. It allows you to manage who can view some channels, send messages, upload files, etc.

Privacy preferences also impact the creation of the perfect chatting experience. It is up to you whether your server is public (open for anyone to join) or private (invite-only). Furthermore, two-factor authentication can be enabled as well.

Finding Inspiration: Top 100 Biggest Discord Servers

Finding Inspiration

 For your very first chatting Discord server, taking inspiration from successful servers can be a good starting point. By analyzing the top 100 largest Discord servers, you can see what works and doesn’t in online communities.

These well-equipped mega Discord servers come with amazing features that have successfully made them very popular. These servers go beyond the basic features with premium ones that offer exclusive benefits to enhanced communication. These are through emojis; they know how to keep their community alive and kicking.

A major part of successful Chatting Discord servers is customization. Using templates, you can give your own style and structure to a server. This makes it more attractive and interesting. Whether you lean towards a minimalist design or something a bit more fun, templates give you limitless options for personalization.

Adding elements like stickers can not only give your members an easy way to personalize but also enrich the general user experience. These simple symbols give personality and charm to messages, helping to make conversations more interactive and pleasant.

But let’s not stop only at appreciating these big Discord Servers. Let’s look further into one of the popular servers in detail. This will give us a better look at the way they generate support in their community. 

This is also a source of valuable resources for their members’ accomplishments.

For this server, members receive rewards in different ways, like badges or roles that set apart active contributors from the others.

Moreover, this flourishing community serves as a meeting point for individuals interested in the same stuff. It acts as a platform whereby people from different backgrounds and locations can meet and interact.

While investigating this popular server more, we found various tiers such as Supporter, Pay-to-Win, or Elitist abilities. Each tier has its own specific advantages, which are meant to cater to various communities’ tastes.

Additionally, exploring the company behind the offered product in this chat-centric environment provides us with an understanding of their values and vision- key variables that contribute to trust development among members.

Premium Features and Benefits

Premium Features and Benefits

If you want your Discord chat server to become one of the best, you must go for the premium packages. These exclusive perks not only make your server more functional but also give your members a singular experience.

Custom URLs

A premium feature that jumps out is the capacity to create custom vanity URLs. What this means is that the server’s invite link now has a short string of meaningful characters instead of a random string of characters.  

It lends you a bit of professionalism and makes it simpler for folks to locate and join your organization.

Bigger Upload Limits

Another benefit of going premium with chatting Discord servers is the bigger file upload limits. The free version of Discord limits its sharing capabilities. 

However, with a paid plan, you will get more freedom to share larger files. It is very useful, especially if you have artists, musicians, singers, or content creators in your community.

Discord Customer Service

Another premium server has priority support from Discord’s customer service. If problems occur or you need help with aspects, access to personal support will ensure that issues will be solved quickly and effectively.


In addition, there are premium servers that can provide more advanced customization features, e.g., animated server icons and banners

Attractive visual elements such as emojis, background art, and other elements add a professional touch to your chatting Discord server. Therefore, it allows you to stand out among other communities.

Search For Collaboration

Search For Collaboration

Upgrading to premium enables partnership deals with brands or organizations in search of collaborations within the Discord platform. 

Upon demonstrating that you have spent on premium features designed to improve users’ experiences, you can attract others to partner. Additionally, these could also be sponsors who may be eager to work with you.

Using Emojis to Enhance Communication

The use of emojis in communication is now the norm in the current digital age. Although tiny, they can show feelings and make our messages more personal. Whether it is a simple smiley face or thumbs-up, emojis help us convey feelings that words alone cannot do.

Emojis also help to make tone and intent distinct and clear in text-based conversations. Occasionally, proper emojis resolve additional issues written words have. For, the smiling-crying emoji after a joke ensures that your message is perceived as humorous instead of serious.

Customizing Your Server with Templates

One of the most exciting aspects of creating your own chatting Discord server is that you have the chance to personalize it to suit your style and preference. 


What else can we use for that, if not templates? Discord provides various templates for different server types – from gaming communities to study groups.

You can make channels, categories, roles, and permissions ready to go using the predefined design templates. You don’t have to worry about repetitive tasks since it saves your time and energy for community development.

Templates also offer creative concepts of the server organization. Whether you need a clean and minimalistic layout or a dynamic theme with custom emojis, there’s a template that matches your vision. You can even combine elements from different templates to come up with something original.

Adding Fun with Stickers

Adding Fun with Stickers

Want to make your chatting Discord server even more personal?

One of the most fun and personal ways to spice up your Discord server is using stickers. That colorful and expressive visualization can make your dialogue funny.

Stickers are virtual emoji counterparts; they are bigger and more pictorial than emojis. There is a vast selection of sticker packs on Discord that go from adorable animals to amusing memes. Don’t you want to amuse someone or to show your joy? 

Adding stickers to your messages is simple; click on the smiley face icon in your chat box and select the sticker tab. There, you have various categories to pass by, or you might search for a sticker based on the mood you feel.

Show Support and Get Rewarded

Discord server support will allow you to interact with other individuals of the same interest and, in addition, may earn you some benefits. A lot of servers provide incentives and rewards for members who show support, increasing the perks of being an active member.

If you decide to support a server in some way by either donating to it or subscribing to it, you will usually get exclusive features and rewards that make your chatting experience much better. 

Rewards vary from special roles or badges that demonstrate your status as a supporter to access to private channels where you can get involved in more intensive discussions.

Imagine a Place for Chatting and Connecting

Imagine a Place for Chatting and Connecting

Think of a place where you can interact and link up with people from all regions of the world. A place for you to air your thoughts and interests and even engage with better dialogues concerning the biggest philosophical questions

The potential of making your chatting discord server a place for meaningful conversation is endless.

In this huge online community, there are plenty of servers for chatting and connecting. You can find servers for different subjects such as gaming, music, art, books, or even just general chat. Regardless of what your hobbies are, there’s a server out there you will like.

Understanding Supporter, Pay-to-Win, and Elitist Features

Knowledge of the various features and settings with regard to running a successful chatting Discord server is essential. Another thing you might see is supporter, pay-to-win, and elitist parts. These traits can further entice your potential members.

Supporter features are created to incentivize those who fund the server financially. Users become supporters to get access to some exclusive perks such as custom roles, private channels, and even special badges that showcase their support. This is not only an incentive to provide their contribution but also creates a sense of community among the various supporters.

Pay To Win

Pay-to-win aspects give players the chance to gain an advantage by using in-game money. For some gaming communities, this is controversial, but such features can be a good way to monetize the platform for server owners and provide more benefits or content for those who wish to invest.

Elitist Feature

Elitist features cater to a higher category of users who have fulfilled the necessary criteria set by the community. This could look like VIP access, special privileges, and something like only long-term members or those with exceptional labor.

It’s critical to implement this kind of feature on your Discord server so that you do so carefully, especially in a way that respects community values and preferences. Achieving the balance of accessibility and exclusivity is a must in keeping a healthy digital space where everyone feels at home.

Exploring Resources & Tools to Improve Your Chatting Discord Servers

Exploring Resources & Tools to Improve Your Chatting Discord Servers

Moving on to your first chatting Discord server, let us investigate the resources and policies that will make the server thrive. Discord provides a great deal of tools and conditions to make sure that your community stays healthy and everyone feels safe.

An important resource is the Discord Developers Portal, where you can get documentation, guides, and tutorials on how to improve your server. This is by utilizing custom bots, integrations, and other features. It allows you to configure your server according to the peculiarities of the community that you serve.

Apart from the developer portal, there are also several online forums and communities where Discord users come together to exchange tips, techniques, and best practices. Such platforms allow you to connect with experienced server owners who can give you some cool tips on how to run and grow a vibrant community.

Equally important is to know Discord’s Community Guidelines as well. This document outlines the acceptable conduct within any chatting discord servers. 

The other component of running a successful server is moderation tools. Get familiar with Discord features like- role permissions settings, filters, and moderation bots. These tools let you oversee your community and prevent spamming, trolling, or harassment.

You can ensure that through learning updates, rapid growth, and strong engagement, your Discord chatting servers will thrive, enriching lives, breaking borders, and connecting people.

So, just go ahead and begin crafting an excellent chat-orientated haven on your Discord server. Do let us know how it went!

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