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How To Get More YouTube Views And Subscribers? The Right Way

published on: 07.09.2023 last updated on: 02.11.2023

In the dynamic realm of online content, Boost Social Media’s Online Platforms hold as much sway for creators to showcase their abilities, narratives, and expertise as YouTube. With its vast viewership, YouTube offers immense possibilities; however, it also means facing fierce competition. 

To cultivate your YouTube channel and bolster your views and subscribers, you require a robust strategy. In this exhaustive guide, we will delve into tried-and-true approaches that will aid you in attaining your aspirations methodically.

The Right Way To Increase The Viewers And Subscribers 

 Increase The Viewers And Subscribers 

In this section, we discuss the right way or right approach to steadily increase the viewership and subscription of your YouTube channel. So, let us get started. 

1. The Power Of YouTube’s Algorithm

To increase your YouTube views and subscribers, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of how the platform’s algorithm works. The algorithm plays a crucial role in recommending videos to users, so having knowledge about its functioning is essential.

2. Quality Content Creation

It is often said that content is the king in the market, and therefore, the first step to preparing a quality website is to focus on quality content. 

Choosing Your Niche

One of the foundational steps in attracting subscribers is choosing the right niche for your channel. Your niche should be something you are passionate about and have expertise in. This ensures authenticity in your content, which resonates with viewers.

3. Investing In Equipment

 Creating high-quality videos requires investing in the right equipment. From cameras and microphones to lighting setups, equipment can significantly impact the quality of your content.

4. Video Production 

Proper video production techniques, such as framing, editing, and sound mixing, can make your content more engaging. Subscribers are more likely to stick around when your videos are visually engaging and audibly appealing.

5. Thumbnails And Titles

Thumbnails and titles are your first chance to grab a viewer’s attention. Design eye-catching thumbnails and craft titles that promise value or entertainment to your audience.

You have to take steps to optimize your YouTube video for search. Let us try to find it out in a step-by-step process.

Keyword Research

Engage in researching keywords to pinpoint the terms and phrases your intended audience (target audience)is searching for. Integrating these keywords strategically can boost your video’s discoverability.

Optimizing Video Title and Description

Craft a compelling video title that includes your target keyword and write a detailed, keyword-rich description. Learn About Boost Social Media helps YouTube’s algorithm understand your content and rank it appropriately.

Utilizing Tags

Tags are essential for categorizing your video content. Use relevant tags that reflect the topic of your video to improve its search engine ranking.

Video Transcripts

Including transcripts in your video description can further enhance searchability. Transcripts provide a text version of your video’s content, making it accessible to a wider audience.

7. Consistency And Scheduling

Consistency and scheduling are the key factors to create engagement among the viewers on your YouTube channel. 

Creating A Content Calendar

Creating A Content Calendar

A content calendar helps you plan your video releases strategically. It ensures you have a steady stream of content to keep your subscribers engaged.

Stick To A Particular Schedule While Posting

Continuity is key on YouTube. Stick to your posting schedule so that subscribers know when to expect new content from you.

8. Engaging With Your Audience

Try different ways to engage with your followers so that more and more people know about you.

Responding To Comments

Engage more with your followers by responding to comments on your videos. This interaction builds a sense of community and loyalty among your subscribers.

Collaborations And Shout-Outs

Partnering with the other YouTubers and giving shout-outs can open up your channel to a larger audience.

9. Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Promotion of your YouTube channel is the key to attaining success in the competitive markets. You have to focus on a few things. 

Leverage Social Media

Use the platform of social media to promote the YouTube channel you have created. Share teasers, behind-the-scenes content, and updates to attract new viewers.

Utilize Email Marketing

Building an email list lets you directly reach your audience with updates and exclusive content.

10. Measuring Success

The success of your YouTube channel depends not only on your efforts but also on close vigilance. Its the doorway to attaining success. 

Using YouTube Analytics

Regularly analyze your channel’s performance using YouTube Analytics. This data provides valuable insights into what’s working and what needs improvement.

A/B Testing

Experiment with different video formats, titles, and thumbnails to see which of these video formats resonate best with your followers.

11. Avoiding Pitfalls

Avoiding Pitfalls in your efforts guarantees you success. You can follow some of the strategies here so that things get improved. 

Buying Views And Subscribers

Resist the temptation to buy views and subscribers. These artificial metrics can harm your channel’s reputation and long-term growth.

Clickbait And Misleading Content

Avoid clickbait tactics and misleading content. Building trust with your audience is crucial for sustained growth.

12. Staying Informed And Adapting

You need to stay informed and continuously keep yourself updated in terms of the latest developments that are happening in the tech world. 

Keeping Up With YouTube Updates

YouTube frequently updates its algorithms and policies. Stay informed about these changes to adapt your strategy accordingly.

13. Monetization Strategies

Monetize the strategies to effect, which will keep you ahead in the competitive landscape. 

Adsense And Super Chats

Once you’ve built a substantial following, explore monetization options such as Adsense and Super Chats during live streams.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote products or services related to your niche through affiliate marketing to earn additional income.

14. The Power Of Community

Leverage the power of community building online. Create a dedicated and loyal group of followers. It can speed up your reputation. 

Creating A Fan Base

Nurture a feeling of community among your subscribers. Engage with them, ask for feedback, and make them feel valued.

Youtube Seo Tools

The SEO Tools are effective, and you need to continuously use them effectively. 

Third-Party SEO Tools

Consider using third-party SEO tools to optimize your videos further. These tools can help you identify keywords, track rankings, and analyze your competitors.

15. Case Studies And Success Stories

Explore case studies and success stories of YouTubers who have achieved

significant growth. Learning from their experiences can provide valuable insights.

success stories of YouTubers


What time does it typically take to see significant growth in YouTube views and subscribers?

Achieving significant growth on YouTube varies from channel to channel. Some creators may see rapid growth within a few months, while others may take years to build the same. It depends on factors like niche, content quality, consistency, and marketing efforts.

Is it advisable to buy views and subscribers to start my channel’s growth?

Buying views and subscribers is not advisable. These are often low-quality and non-engaged users, and it can affect the reputation of your channel in the long run. Eye on the organic growth and building a genuine audience.

What should I do if I notice a sudden drop in views or subscribers? 

Sudden drops in views or subscribers can occur due to various reasons, such as algorithm changes or content issues. Analyze your channel’s performance, seek feedback from your audience, and make necessary adjustments to your content and strategy.

How can I effectively monetize my YouTube channel?

 Effective monetization involves using options like Adsense, Super Chats, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. It’s essential to strike a balance between monetization and providing value to your audience to maintain their trust.

What role does community engagement play in YouTube’s success?

Community engagement is crucial for building a loyal and active audience. Engage with your viewers through comments, collaborations, and live chats. A supportive community can amplify your channel’s growth and success.


Growing your YouTube channel with more views and subscribers is a journey that requires dedication, strategy, and authenticity. You can steadily build your channel by understanding YouTube’s algorithm, consistently creating quality content, and engaging with your audience. 

Remember that success on YouTube takes time, so stay patient, adapt to changes, and always strive to provide value to your viewers.

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