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How Do Hotel RFID Keycards Work

If you’ve traveled in the last few years, you are likely familiar with Hotel & Resort Key Cards. Many types of keycards are in use today, but RFID keycards are by far the most popular. RFID key cards offer the highest security option for guests and are the most durable of all types.

Most RFID keycards are made from PVC, which is a plastic polymer. It is flexible, durable, and programmable. Wooden RFID keycards are also available, but they come at a higher cost making plastic RFID key cards the preferred option for most hotels and resorts. Here’s a little bit about how they work.

What Is An RFID Key Card?

RFID key cards are a relatively new hotel and resort industry technology. They transmit data using radio frequency waves, typically in the standard credit card size. RFID keycards are usually very easy to integrate with current door-locking systems making them a compatible option that doesn’t require a lot of physical change to implement.

Since RFID key cards use radio waves, guests must merely get the card near the RFID reader to open the proper door. RFID key cards are a secure way for guests to access hotel rooms, elevators, and special areas like the gym or pool. Many guests will choose to stay at a hotel or resort where they feel safe and feel like their belongings are secure. RFID keycards like Hotel & Resort Key Cards provide that security for guests and their belongings.

How Do RFID Key Cards Work?

How Do RFID Key Cards Work

RFID key cards have a small antenna embedded in them. This tiny antenna allows the RFID keycards to store, transmit, and receive data via radio waves with a passive technology that does not require a power source. This means they do not need charging or batteries to operate correctly. Instead, passive RFID technology transmits information using electromagnetic energy in the RFID reader which is attached to the door.

RFID keycards transmit data over one of four frequencies. They may use a low frequency which requires the RFID key cards to be closest to the RFID reader. High-frequency RFID keycards can be read at a higher distance, and ultra-high frequencies allow for the highest distance between RFID keycards and readers. Some RFID keycards can even use a combination of 2 or 3 different frequencies for higher security.

Can RFID Key Cards Be Customized?

RFID keycards for hotels and resorts are highly customizable. They can be pre-printed with specific artwork, such as hotel branding, or even color-coded for different areas of the property. For instance, a guest renting a penthouse suite may get a special-colored RFID key that unlocks the elevator reaching the penthouse.

For special circumstances, some resorts and hotels even add a magnetic stripe to their RFID key cards. They may add barcodes or QR codes for special offers or unique information that may benefit guests. Multiple printing options, such as screen printing or digital printing, offer customizable opportunities for branding and advertising.

Are RFID Key Cards Safe?

RFID key cards are very safe. They are a much safer and more cost-effective option than other alternatives, like magnetic stripes or hole cards. RFID key cards can also be programmed to open only certain doors for a specific time. This heightens security for hotel guests while allowing management to restrict employee access simultaneously.

Since hotel and resort RFID key cards use radio waves to transmit data, the signal can be encrypted, making it very difficult to decipher and nearly impossible to copy. If RFID key cards are lost or stolen, they can easily be deactivated to rule out any security breaches. Only the computer and authorized users know which doors RFID key cards open, further increasing the security they offer.

Why RFID Key Cards Are The Best Option

There are many options for hotel and resort hotel key cards. Whether you are more interested in advertising, branding, security, or any combination of them all, RFID keycards are the best option for hotels and resorts. They offer incredible security for guests without needing a power source, such as a battery or charger. The guest services landscape is evolving, and RFID keycards are the best way to meet the growing demands of the industry while staying within your department’s budget. RFID key cards are also highly adaptable, making them ideal for continuously improving your hotel or resort security system.

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